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Downloading Cisco Intersight Add-on for Splunk
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Cisco Intersight Add-on for Splunk

Splunk Cloud
This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for you here.
The Cisco Intersight Add-on for Splunk (TA-intersight-addon) provides a python-based scripted input to retrieve data from Cisco Intersight. SaaS, Connected Virtual Appliance, and Private Virtual Appliance deployments of Intersight are all supported.

Data that can be imported from Intersight includes Audit Logs, Alarms, Advisories, as well as a variety of Inventory records. Click Details for more information.

Further documentation, sample searches, and known issues are all available at the Github repository.


This Add-on is community developed and is not supported by Cisco Systems or the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC).


The Add-on leverages the Cisco Intersight RESTful API to retrieve various kinds of data. Multiple inputs for different Intersight accounts/appliances are configurable and each account/appliance can optionally retrieve the following data types. Events are in JSON format.

New Inventory types are not automatically added to existing configurations. Please review your input configurations after upgrading to enable the new options.

Option Intersight API Splunk sourcetype
AAA Audit Records aaa/AuditRecords cisco:intersight:aaaAuditRecords
Alarms cond/Alarms cisco:intersight:condAlarms
Advisories tam/AdvisoryInstances cisco:intersight:tamAdvisoryInstances
Compute compute/PhysicalSummaries cisco:intersight:computePhysicalSummaries
Compute equipment/Chasses cisco:intersight:equipmentChassis
Compute cond/HclStatuses cisco:intersight:condHclStatuses
Contract asset/DeviceContractStatusInformations cisco:intersight:assetDeviceContractInformations
Hitachi storage/HitachiArrays cisco:intersight:storageHitachiClusters
Hitachi storage/HitachiControllers cisco:intersight:storageHitachiControllers
Hitachi storage/HitachiVolumes cisco:intersight:storageHitachiVolumes
Hyperflex hyperflex/Clusters cisco:intersight:hyperflexClusters
Hyperflex hyperflex/Nodes cisco:intersight:hyperflexNodes
Hyperflex hyperflex/StorageContainers cisco:intersight:hyperflexStorageContainers
Hyperflex hyperflex/Licenses cisco"intersight:hyperflexLicenses
Licensing License/AccountLicenseData cisco:intersight:licenseAccountLicenseData
Licensing license/LicenseInfos cisco:intersight:licenseLicenseInfos
NetApp storage/NetAppClusters cisco:intersight:storageNetAppClusters
NetApp storage/NetAppNodes cisco:intersight:storageNetAppNodes
NetApp storage/NetAppStorageVms cisco:intersight:storageNetAppStorageVms
NetApp storage/NetAppVolumes cisco:intersight:storageNetAppVolumes
NetApp convergedinfra/Pods cisco:intersight:convergedinfraPods
Network network/ElementSummaries cisco:intersight:networkElementSummaries
Pure storage/PureArrays cisco:intersight:storagePureArrays
Pure storage/PureControllers cisco:intersight:storagePureControllers
Pure storage/PureVolumes cisco:intersight:storagePureVolumes
Target asset/Targets cisco:intersight:assetTargets

Further documentation, sample searches, and known issues are all available at the Github repository.

This Add-on is community developed and is not supported by Cisco Systems or the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

Release Notes

Version 1.3.1
Aug. 3, 2022
  • Found a serious bug in checkpointing that might cause Audit Logs and Alerts to never be retrieved for an input
  • Additional pruning for cisco:intersight:computePhysicalSummaries and a few other items
  • Added cisco:intersight:equipmentChassis to Compute inventory

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