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Downloading SPL Copilot for Splunk (beta)
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SPL Copilot for Splunk (beta)

Splunk Cloud
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This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for you here.
* Description *
SPL Copilot for Splunk (beta) empowers users to search their data using plain English. Now you can write a description of what you want in plain English, and Copilot translates the request into query ideas that you can execute or build on, all within a familiar Splunk interface. Under the hood, SPL Copilot for Splunk uses machine learning to translate plain English instructions into an executable SPL query. SPL Copilot for Splunk makes SPL more accessible and helps you answer questions about your data faster.

* Setup *
See the Details tab for dependencies and setup instructions.

* Help *
While this app is not supported by Splunk, the development team can be reached at mlsupport@splunk.com or via the splunk-usergroups Slack in the #machinelearning channel. Responses are made on a best effort basis. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated!

Learn more about the splunk-usergroups Slack here: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Community/current/community/Chat#Join_us_on_Slack)

This beta release is solely for internal testing and evaluation and not for production use.



Before installing this app, you must have the following downloaded from Splunkbase and installed in your Splunk instance:
- [Required] Install Python for Scientific Computing (PSC) add-on, version >= 4.0.0 (Linux | MacOS | Windows)

Note: The installer for version 4.0.0 of the PSC add-on is bigger than the default upload limit for Splunk Web. Follow these instructions to increase the Splunk Web upload limit to at least 1 GB.
1. Create a file called $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/local/web.conf with the following stanza:

max_upload_size = 1024
  1. To restart Splunk from the Splunk toolbar, select Settings > Server controls and click Restart Splunk.
  2. On the Splunk toolbar, select Apps > Manage Apps and click Install App from File.
  3. Click Choose File and select the PSC add-on file.
  4. Click Upload to begin the installation.


This app should be installed on the search head only. We currently do not support distributed search and search head clustering. Installing the app via browser is recommended; CLI install is not required. For Splunk Cloud, refer to Install apps in your Splunk Cloud deployment. For customer managed deployments, refer to the standard methods for Splunk Add-on installs as documented for a Single Server Install or a Distributed Environment Install.


No special configuration is required to run this app.


Navigate to the SPL Copilot for Splunk (beta) app by selecting it from the left-hand app panel or the app-selector dropdown menu. Once in the app, you will see a demo index in the dropdown menu and an accompanying query pre-populated in the search field below. Use this index or input another index you want to search with plain English. Click “Data Preview” and confirm your data is loading correctly. Next, you can select some example queries in plain English using the dropdown menu, or you can write your own. Click “Translate to SPL.” Next, select the query that looks closest to what you want to do. You can modify this query as-needed in the search bar below. Once your query is ready, click “Run Search.”

Known Issues

There are no known issues at this time.

Troubleshooting Steps

If you run into any issues with the app, try refreshing your browser, or clicking the SPL Copilot for Splunk (beta) tab in the app bar at the top, and trying again.


There are no special instructions for upgrading this app to a newer version.


While this app is not supported by Splunk, the development team can be reached at mlsupport@splunk.com or via the splunk-usergroups Slack in the #machinelearning channel. Responses are made on a best effort basis. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated!

Learn more about the splunk-usergroups Slack here.

Release Notes

Version 0.1.20
June 14, 2022


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