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Downloading Moogsoft
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Moogsoft provides ITOps & DevOps teams with the streamlined incident resolution capabilities they need to avoid outages, meet SLAs, and help accelerate the digital transformation of their businesses.

By adding a critical layer of intelligence between performance monitoring and IT Service Management (ITSM) systems - including application, cloud service, and infrastructure monitoring systems - Moogsoft allows ITOps & DevOps teams to proactively identify and resolve incidents before they impact business services.

All of this is accomplished by applying patented AI & machine learning algorithms to your log, metric and alert data, resulting in less noise and effective correlation of actionable alerts, reducing the number of incident tickets created and delivering deep contextual insights that enable teams to solve IT problems faster than those relying on rules-based approaches.

Refer Details Section for additional information.

About The App

The Moogsoft App can be used to publish alerts/events from Splunk to Moogsoft Observability Cloud or Moogsoft Enterprise as stream of search results or individually in real-time.

Splunk supported versions
8.2, 8.1, 8.0

Python supported versions
2.7 and 3.8


The Moogsoft App is available on the Splunk Marketplace.

If you do not want to install it from the marketplace, then proceed as follows:
    - Copy the App to any directory on the server, where Splunk is installed.
    - Navigate to the bin folder of Splunk e.g. <splunk_home>/bin
    - Enter the following command:
        ./splunk install app <app path>/<appname.tar.gz>
        <app path> is the path where Splunk App is copied.
    - Restart Splunk:
            ./splunk restart

The Moogsoft App is installed in the Splunk application. The App is displayed on the Splunk application homepage.
Please refer to https://docs.moogsoft.com for more details.

Distributed deployments

Use the following table to determine where and how to install this App in a distributed deployment of Splunk Enterprise or any deployment for which you are using forwarders to get your data in. Depending on your environment, your preferences, and the requirements of the App, you may need to install and configure the App in multiple places.

Splunk platform instance type Required
Forwarders NO
Indexers NO
Search Heads YES


For Default Configuration, URL, Severity, API Key, Moogsoft Certificate PEM Path and select alert attributes to include in the event payload from setup page of the App.

NOTE: Provide the relative path from the bin directory of the App to the Moogsoft Certificate(.pem) file.

If Proxy based configuration is enabled then Proxy Server HostName, Proxy Server Port, Proxy User and Proxy Password will be included in the event payload from setup page of App.


Search results streamed to the Moogsoft Observability Cloud or Moogsoft Enterprise using custom streaming command named moogsoft. Following is the example.

index="LOG_INDEX" host="XYZ" severity="ERROR" | moogsoft

The Moogsoft App has custom alert action named "Moogsoft Alert Integration". User can create alert for the splunk search and select the Moogsoft Integration from actions.

Moogsoft Integration has provision to override the following parameters of the default configuration provided in the setup page.
* API Key
* Alert Severity
* Moogsoft Certificate Path
* Proxy Server HostName
* Proxy Server Port
* Proxy User
* Proxy Password


This App is supported by Moogsoft Inc.

Release Notes

Version 1.0.0
Sept. 7, 2021

Version: 1.0.0


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