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Downloading Covid19
SHA256 checksum (covid19_1317.tgz) 627c53be86e32f4d300160bad482065de646ca3f23453f7040493b28aec0d0f4 SHA256 checksum (covid19_1316.tgz) 8b709ff4bd4fa5ad751f544700cd09f5a42d808b399521fc2edc933ed490ab6e SHA256 checksum (covid19_1315.tgz) d0792ec310dfc4d8c5cffe7b463167abde135c1f76a1d7eb8b01e8e80bb71258 SHA256 checksum (covid19_1314.tgz) 29b2fceef3e6e256e94b0b642387d7804234d723cc2bd81a0563c4b0f7aed7b7 SHA256 checksum (covid19_1313.tgz) 446857998348205658548d97dec1b1825ce0a7dda3e3d87c5d1ec93728698729 SHA256 checksum (covid19_1312.tgz) b9f195a161cf54f63269bfc682a78ffe265ff651bad2ac479bd318d69f22655b SHA256 checksum (covid19_1311.tgz) 9ad75e12f9491b95747931758c3c42cf8dec2e840275a0289a7db51e8d348ef2 SHA256 checksum (covid19_1310.tgz) 8a6888bd3941ae0c86aac6c835b26ab4f5dd34350b9dedf185188b8924dc4b1a SHA256 checksum (covid19_139.tgz) 0a0a19c143f5d012db3255692b74c85bde95c6dc09cbc87cdef56d1fa9027374 SHA256 checksum (covid19_138.tgz) 29a67f759906d4015a45db5287a488c535e4341cfcb4c7f948c5f345ca6d501b SHA256 checksum (covid19_137.tgz) 3bc3522c93b16d9a6cb40f3e4c0f857889141d2405a0ceb7fb27e8d8fb99e5eb SHA256 checksum (covid19_135.tgz) 81549c4739b38d9874fe94b58eebb7474544ef9957a5d551cbec0605f2cd51f6 SHA256 checksum (covid19_134.tgz) 07bb907d4e38dbf23e0fc320eb5d120b665af5f20058d3f3f92ea81b435ddb11 SHA256 checksum (covid19_133.tgz) 23a665f654051dd01ece17bb00fe9ca821fe81f04c5df6358a4816781899eabd SHA256 checksum (covid19_132.tgz) 1ebc3643e578ffa08c227ddda2713479a1d9f30f115e67d0b028199d799bb3db SHA256 checksum (covid19_131.tgz) d2d1e1aca93c446bfaae6bc1118efe2730c344448dacd9ad8241be7e4f8ba701 SHA256 checksum (covid19_13.tgz) 76f31683b946d3884e04223bc7a30280cee954d6e19b43a345c9a271caa25f2d SHA256 checksum (covid19_122.tgz) ad4bd809931d42dcd3596bad8c8025bfb63bc782d5771981568a20992d992f53 SHA256 checksum (covid19_121.tgz) e6e7aac901caf1551d44a43bd038f660bf8dcdd41a04a4a52e92f6badd6c7072 SHA256 checksum (covid19_12.tgz) 2f318206788e2f2eaaccd697008455e3f64f296ab87c635e54c5764ed1ba78d3 SHA256 checksum (covid19_1114.tgz) 8637bc47b5ffa01f54054a746a3d9150c84573394ee1219797fedd681e7c0000 SHA256 checksum (covid19_1113.tgz) 4785b130c4479629fa13810ae136468763d760ab70ce5834e48b9bdcf2304e73 SHA256 checksum (covid19_1112.tgz) 1db1330e60438cc9488aa1017cc14a47fadadc0cc770a0476505c1325d12d6a2 SHA256 checksum (covid19_1111.tgz) d797f7be882d1a605d38f844a4b69990832841bd3afce7204751bc8709f55673 SHA256 checksum (covid19_1110.tgz) 60b86932bfc21bc5163c641b4342dadb9abf7c6284ee88006206914b9beae2e7 SHA256 checksum (covid19_119.tgz) 2f49535914215adb3f6735b5b64bcd1a8e0d960ab083bd1e3b72a85c51a171cd SHA256 checksum (covid19_118.tgz) 770e1d6297323c5b32805ec3a6395351b57f256ab78bb330735ef0e26eb86a06 SHA256 checksum (covid19_117.tgz) 4b968a126049dbac7013637ac5fc8d85a33ab90949e7729bb7166773c0982c40 SHA256 checksum (covid19_116.tgz) 3b37e390e03b51fcf545a6273db17145fee390241d4120623258944a0e9d51ae SHA256 checksum (covid19_115.tgz) c96ae389a4cd91af0e12adcf53dfcef596d3d241e88c8173a02afdd90ca522c6 SHA256 checksum (covid19_114.tgz) a060448e46df3723c7a153a44b38341799b078942872de26c7854f56e5a2fe7d SHA256 checksum (covid19_113.tgz) 1d8dee5df284bfd2e35126fac56f626c07164878e03c5f626e630651184b8ae6 SHA256 checksum (covid19_112.tgz) 8d061f61122163f39e3da50ed365b8423c41cc578a201912f02e8421486cdcab SHA256 checksum (covid19_111.tgz) 0f297240797963f8e4350b1f8a5f0ca757a5769ac1f4d95db821a870f1b60cf9 SHA256 checksum (covid19_11.tgz) 465b94f483300d4e63c2c831116bc1cf450afa685d7001df26b6e50095435ba7 SHA256 checksum (covid19_107.tgz) 3101f475777865e6dd237450cac5a00533167fe28a9dc8754a8d225147a4d815 SHA256 checksum (covid19_106.tgz) 3a51927ea683c8510999054f0b89d5fcdde1df2d063a349788a6be4bf1697158 SHA256 checksum (covid19_105.tgz) 48ef19f0fc8e9f860786bfb9368447515c30f01a1de44475646dc30e53ed42d7 SHA256 checksum (covid19_103.tgz) d42a8932d26d2356385ad5fdefac288ca49b2ddf0c8a01cd437e0a326fc1038c SHA256 checksum (covid19_102.tgz) a2ba1e435deb6230384d69a8b019260bb46ff7d29a79c1dda6461f5c3b5e819d SHA256 checksum (covid19_101.tgz) f809994d7914523beb40c029a61afffee0563f65d806fde6fccaff6ae30ed0cb SHA256 checksum (covid19_10.tgz) 8010c29f6ba954a5ce2b9d666154cf4dcddc5461bc2c533bf156cddff9133dc2 SHA256 checksum (covid19_0917.tgz) fd702a010611ff28d30c4014e5496d2994125616be64e22b5af9cede6828cf26 SHA256 checksum (covid19_0916.tgz) f91a0c4de281bbbc6fbbd4beea6f9af51432f566f7175229186773db053aaefd SHA256 checksum (covid19_0915.tgz) c50addb1305df8fc0ba412796c139b40a7b9690b36e6b7f87564040db54f6cad SHA256 checksum (covid19_0914.tgz) 4bf9c8ec4f54ca6f115c1ac209734798cd7e249bb129024609af9b12ffe753dd SHA256 checksum (covid19_0913.tgz) b15b1de28282bafd2a73dec617ad1d06339d5d32390a3f4d35a8cfe44dc9ee1e SHA256 checksum (covid19_0912.tgz) 56f26f22347bf9b14716c7ea60f3ac5cfde5e183b2b13809ffb9bb689990920b SHA256 checksum (covid19_0911.tgz) 9f0497e3c4705ee8299cd6d28366c1ee06c45e117ffd94dc46ef6c686b07d6fe SHA256 checksum (covid19_0910.tgz) 820bf1239ba393f7ba32fa74f9dc10a84fe3f513b7df305988ad164b9a266204 SHA256 checksum (covid19_099.tgz) 29258a58cf6e46ba6a27c0bb4d1507110e331aae1dd38c5d89c52ec15aedb764 SHA256 checksum (covid19_098.tgz) 50f873768c521919f6ce63451e27b15be6208bbade3da9ea42220b09e0ab728f SHA256 checksum (covid19_097.tgz) 099da8ca897e968fa91775a7001c0370279176d3615175190c845a8a5139359a SHA256 checksum (covid19_096.tgz) 7b0499d226a9d794c303f0ba2c30056fcd862cd5fa40ddbff288f29323109cee SHA256 checksum (covid19_095.tgz) a07eaec0eabab4d817f918f60c931f7489f94e85316abfa8d336682db9e568e1 SHA256 checksum (covid19_094.tgz) 1326af5ed05e50a90223fb786e66cf7572da8ff23b8c021e7281f2838b1275c1 SHA256 checksum (covid19_093.tgz) 75111879f6ceeef1937afe418663e4657528cbc810a61a730ad32f1f9921f21e SHA256 checksum (covid19_092.tgz) 8e867645f5205328350d0a22f1bc992e58bbf1dbe8340de51c4bb7aff3262ea1 SHA256 checksum (covid19_091.tgz) b9905a467fa6d3571dcda6fc7628f158d10714cd809bd87f5262c4af3d071e82 SHA256 checksum (covid19_09.tgz) 634eda47fbe0e132da3c9f5989c2f2ec42ab54a098a18e770d2af98f15d3aa6c SHA256 checksum (covid19_083.tgz) 8bed30f8ffc425d937440e4ccf9cbcc597489d94c442a9d7610ec6e59a20a72b SHA256 checksum (covid19_082.tgz) a491f8dd600a08cf2285ef0b87d1f7d858e235477608df108e4dc61601a5e826 SHA256 checksum (covid19_081.tgz) 0c7df16e10e81135041ed9aab9104670e08d8bcc85b2e283445b32a040e2d191 SHA256 checksum (covid19_08.tgz) 4a97a2095782df31bcab515f210bcc058e78d1e01eb21bb40fe0f2c659ecf11c SHA256 checksum (covid19_0715.tgz) cf9f645260c67a4aa054efb850993e6ca769ce7e37dcbb45323843a1047ba1cd SHA256 checksum (covid19_0714.tgz) a7ff3cbb245e9595cc23283d7ece6aa091ada900d020de670229d241aaceb79a SHA256 checksum (covid19_0713.tgz) fd82fa40bd8d67f428d9bb52a11d08a930cbc618ad2d5b61b57964dbd57fd58d SHA256 checksum (covid19_0712.tgz) 32c46dfe9403d6b6f78550ee3001036021286858acba4106f9821f8e59cf28cf SHA256 checksum (covid19_0711.tgz) 5ce02c60441701c1ac5813ca79c8ccab36406e31a39a9fa621039537fa281d5d SHA256 checksum (covid19_0710.tgz) c391869a1e44da0e03b860da59bcb8080c45d66a20a0b9df6bf23a877d3197d0 SHA256 checksum (covid19_079.tgz) ceac7d8af7ece74b05394cb2068f8cd28d09bf1ac107d79898d31c287afefb17 SHA256 checksum (covid19_078.tgz) 1991eae9dc61d464e7d977bea2d9d9f208ebb72367772c565771e52339757b01 SHA256 checksum (covid19_077.tgz) 065b79973405245b753bd84189f6baa9a6edfbb1501145155da078423dff15dc SHA256 checksum (covid19_076.tgz) 8cddaf5f0022aefc4487879be4f6d753d6ab3bfb5fde60586f9aeaf5db01b96c SHA256 checksum (covid19_075.tgz) 7001fcd756a83d166de255204379ffedb6d69808f28644a205115afc6419f8cd SHA256 checksum (covid19_074.tgz) af3b7ccfe9df340f47bb006e238e41a1fb00a9167adf96668cebfbab9c2b09f0 SHA256 checksum (covid19_073.tgz) 45d3882621135c8ca35abb7d74b074d842ba86ffe1f4d68ef2630a9a7b59e8d6 SHA256 checksum (covid19_072.tgz) 95af4c2a9782142acf46e7902fad5357d6c131e9daa3d770798274b0f1007d2f SHA256 checksum (covid19_071.tgz) 98b3a6e713c32435dd0de261987d4a2fe5a90d4a42a50d5ab00f4100f37b3cca SHA256 checksum (covid19_07.tgz) 00997b70f06efaf9006aa4537370392d22b368c447616007911bcc194cfd5170 SHA256 checksum (covid19_06.tgz) d48924de69ee42080ff9a5921d4b7724702e14101f4f3afc25d1f785f346c44f SHA256 checksum (covid19_052.tgz) 7be29810da358025cc253df4ecc0497ca3747c7ac2fe2d5aef145c7b803dde7c SHA256 checksum (covid19_051.tgz) 5268be4aaf6d84b3adf1a0b2924c91ea672f36899000faa302be5b2bac024967 SHA256 checksum (covid19_05.tgz) 92ba76f53b050d38af17ccf906b373d8fd54f9e62ef15f489be0bcaf3e419400 SHA256 checksum (covid19_043.tgz) 561fd2dd714c699c8fa3bbac6f40302030893e383d25fd014060a8d036d5d1af SHA256 checksum (covid19_042.tgz) 44c408e052ec9335cc19782f6b3078c65994522472c0f884e4235748669c3233 SHA256 checksum (covid19_041.tgz) 9dd32389828efa3a5dfb21994523e08e5ba657f91e020dafad9ddc9fc80b444b SHA256 checksum (covid19_04.tgz) 36cdbc0fd81213affb84793884ad65349dd7209d50c3112c7618edabab795165 SHA256 checksum (covid19_034.tgz) 604916c68557d27f8aa3bcde8db9b3925a53c45a6ca83d5dd18f33ffdc75d80c SHA256 checksum (covid19_033.tgz) dd84378cb53aa4cdd1f4b2e296d426708baa08c31c24746fda1375971faeaa23 SHA256 checksum (covid19_032.tgz) 46830c7196dfe108ec0f318c1cf67254f0a38a49747dc665d943ee3bc868ed32 SHA256 checksum (covid19_024.tgz) b18a49ff58fd046236e80806ab000999ea2c27b887ab548400f96f6c551d3c18 SHA256 checksum (covid19_02.tgz) 330279c3d35dde5f300803d22133d065e0c6eee9ec6f98c42a1a523c0c6a71f4
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Admins: Please read about Splunk Enterprise 8.0 and the Python 2.7 end-of-life changes and impact on apps and upgradeshere.
This app is updated about once per day. It contains a snapshot of the latest data from Johns Hopkins University's CSSE group's Covid19 page. ( https://github.com/CSSEGISandData/COVID-19/tree/master/csse_covid_19_data ). As such no setup is required after install - after installation you will be able to fully use the entire app.

NOTE - You will first need to install the "Canary" app and the "Sideview Utils" app, also available on Splunkbase. They won’t run any scheduled searches or use any resources or cause any trouble. Nor will installing any of these apps earn you any email from us or from anyone else.

This app's focus is allowing anyone to keep up to date of the development of the Covid19 pandemic. Specifically it allows you to track and compare statistics split by countries, provinces and states. You choose which countries, states and provinces you are interested in, and which statistics you want to chart. In a nutshell it will give you a way to short circuit many Covid19 discussions by saying "you know I think we can just go look at this stuff and see for ourselves."

2 requests

1) the selfish one -- please consider sending me an email to say hi. It was a fairly large amount of work to create this app, and even tiny anecdotes of people using it does make my day.

2) IF YOU INSTALL THIS APP, PLEASE DO TRY TO UPDATE IT REGULARLY. It does not fetch new data automatically, instead you must update it to get new data.

However, having said that, if you do feel somewhat comfortable running a python script from the shell, there are two ways to update the data without updating the entire app version.
1) On a smaller or more standalone instance (or on a wild-west non-SHC but distsearch instance), you can log into the SH host, cd to etc/apps/covid19_sideview/bin and run

splunk cmd python refresh.py

and that script will reach out to the internet refresh the three datasources.

(I'm pretending splunk is in PATH although this might not be true on your host)

2) You can set up a dev instance of the app on your laptop, do #1 above, and then the end result of that is that you get new slightly larger copies of three csv files in etc/apps/covid19_sideview/lookups. Deploy those lookups to your production instance and the end result is the same.

Release Notes

Version 1.3.17
Aug. 3, 2020

- New data for 7/29 through 8/02, loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.3.16
July 30, 2020

- New data for 7/23 through 7/28, loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)
- Minor change to the default selections. US-New Jersey and US-Washington states are out, and US-Texas and US-Florida are in.

Version 1.3.15
July 23, 2020

- New data for 7/16 through 7/22, loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.3.14
July 16, 2020

- New data for 7/12 through 7/15, loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.3.13
July 12, 2020

New data for 7/4 through 7/11, loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.3.12
July 6, 2020

New data for 6/27 through 7/4, loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)</li>

Version 1.3.11
June 28, 2020

New data for 6/25 through 6/26, loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.3.10
June 25, 2020

- New data for 6/21 through 6/23, loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.3.9
June 22, 2020

New data for 6/16 through 6/20, loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.3.8
June 17, 2020

- New data for 6/15, loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.3.7
June 16, 2020

New data for 6/12, 6/13 and 6/14, loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data) and Aura Vision (lockdown dates)

Version 1.3.5
June 10, 2020

- New data for 6/6, 6/7 and 6/8, loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.3.4
June 7, 2020

- New data for 6/04 and 6/05, loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)
- the us_counties view created in 1.3 was accidentally never committed, so that is now actually shipping. :(

Version 1.3.3
June 4, 2020

- New data for 6/02 and 6/03, loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.3.2
June 3, 2020

- New data for 5/29 through 6/01, loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.3.1
May 29, 2020

- Added new Y-axis options - new tests administered, and new positive tests
- Resolved some recently created CSS layout problems with the header on the main page
- New data for 5/28 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.3
May 28, 2020

- Moved "US Counties" out to its own page and reworekd it to leverage postprocess better. Bottom line - you can now change the selected counties and even change the y-axis option without re-dispatching the entire search
- Added new data for the populations of all US counties. This allowed a new y-axis options in the "US Counties" page, for Total Confirmed Cases by % of population
- New data for 5/25 and 5/27 and loaded from JHU CSSE, covidtracking.com (US testing data) and Aura Vision (lockdown dates)

Version 1.2.2
May 25, 2020

-New data for 5/24 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)</li>

Version 1.2.1
May 24, 2020

- New data for 5/22 and 5/23 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.2
May 22, 2020

- Added buttons to the main tab with which the user can launch the Job Inspector, export results as csv, or print the page.
- New data for 5/21 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.1.14
May 21, 2020

- New data for 5/20 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.1.13
May 20, 2020

- New data for 5/19 loaded from JHU CSSE, covidtracking.com (US testing data) and Aura Vision (lockdown dates)

Version 1.1.12
May 19, 2020

- New data for 5/18 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.1.11
May 18, 2020

- Fixed a bug where if you didn't normalize the _time axis it would give you one bucket per month instead of one per day
- New data for 5/16 and 5/17 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.1.10
May 17, 2020

- New data for 5/15 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.1.9
May 15, 2020

- New data for 5/14 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.1.8
May 14, 2020

- reordered the y-axis options, partly to improve organization but also to make the "remaining patients sick" option not be the default any longer.
- Moving the logarithmic axis primer into the notes section since log axes are no longer the default and since they're only enabled for a couple of the y-axis options
- New data for 5/13 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.1.7
May 13, 2020

- Modified the Logarithmic axis option within the US Counties tab to disable and hide itself if statistics are selected for which it makes no sense. This matches the same fairly longstanding behavior in the main tab.
- New data for 5/12 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.1.6
May 11, 2020

- New data for 5/10 and 5/11 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.1.5
May 10, 2020

- "US Counties" tab - Performance improvements.
- "US Counties" tab - Added new y-axis options of "deaths - per day" and "cases - per day"
- "US Counties" tab - removed the "remaining patients sick" and "patients who have recovered". Since the recovered stats are generally not very well reported at the county level, these were misleading.
- Added new y-axis options to the main tab - "tests - total tests administered" and "tests - percent testing positive"
- New data for 5/9 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.1.4
May 9, 2020

- A little cleanup in the search that feeds the CheckboxPulldown for countries/provinces/states, roughly halving the render time for those options
- New data for 5/8 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.1.3
May 8, 2020

New data for 5/7 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.1.2
May 7, 2020

- Some more cleanup and layout improvement within "Recovery by country".
- pulling in a couple fixes that just went up on covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.1.1
May 7, 2020

- Some cleanup of the "Recovery by country" tab, as well as introducing a second chart for each selected country/province/state, that shows the actual Deaths per day over time, for reference
- New data for 5/6 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.1
May 6, 2020

- A bit of cleanup in the analysis view just makes the entire first tab actually run as a datacube+postprocess pattern. this vastly improves the speed at which the charts render there.
- Fixed a bug where the granularity of the timecharts in the 'recovery by country' tab was snapping to weeks instead of days for some countries/provinces/states with longer histories.
- New data for 5/5 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.0.7
May 5, 2020

- New data for 5/4 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.0.6
May 4, 2020

- New data for 5/3 loaded from JHU CSSE, covidtracking.com (US testing data) and Aura Vision (lockdown dates)

Version 1.0.5
May 3, 2020

- Fixed a CSS bug where the text color and the background color of the navigation menus was the same and you had to mouseover them to read them at all
- Commenting out the exponential-forecast section. There are so few tracks that are still following exponential curves that even with its heavy qualifiers, it's probably misleading more folks than it's helping.
- Changing Deaths and Confirmed y-axis options to default to linear scale instead of logarithmic scale
- Fixed a CSS bug where the bottom paginator of the 'recovery by country' tab was partly hidden behind the last chart
- New data for 5/1 and 5/2 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.0.3
May 1, 2020

- Finished the work to get population numbers into the underlying search result, by country and also for US states.
- added a y-axis option to the UI to display the total number of confirmed cases as a percent of the population instead of as a raw count.
- New data for 4/30 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.0.2
April 30, 2020

- Fixed a cosmetic bug introduced yesterday where the NavBar's links in this app became a dark blue color that was quite hard to see against the grey background
- New data for 4/29 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data) and netlify.com (lockdown dates)

Version 1.0.1
April 29, 2020

- New data for 4/28 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 1.0
April 28, 2020

- The app now checks to see whether the data it has is more than a day old. If it is, it gives the user a warning and tells them about the three ways they can update the app to get newer data
- New data for 4/27 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data) and netlify.com (lockdown dates)

Version 0.9.17
April 27, 2020

- New data for 4/26 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data) (no new lockdown data from netlify.com today

Version 0.9.16
April 26, 2020

- New data for 4/25 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data)

Version 0.9.15
April 25, 2020

- New data for 4/24 loaded from JHU CSSE (JHU didn't post 4/24 numbers last night so it slipped until today) and covidtracking.com (US testing data) (no new lockdown data from netlify.com today)

Version 0.9.14
April 24, 2020

- New data for 4/23 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data) and netlify.com (lockdown dates)

Version 0.9.13
April 23, 2020

- New data for 4/22 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data) (no new lockdown data from netlify.com today)

Version 0.9.12
April 22, 2020

New data for 4/21 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data) (no new lockdown data from netlify.com today)

Version 0.9.11
April 21, 2020

- A new landing page exists.
- New data for 4/20 loaded from JHU CSSE, covidtracking.com (US testing data) and netlify.com (lockdown dates)

Version 0.9.10
April 20, 2020

- Rewrote python scripts to use requests (formerly it was just a quick wget inside popen). Note that the app does not run refresh.py itself, but if the local admin were to manually run it (splunk cmd python refresh.py), then it would pull down fresh data from the three sources.
- New data for 4/19 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data) (no new lockdown data from netlify.com today)

Version 0.9.9
April 19, 2020

- Added a new "Deaths per day, 3 day moving average" option for the y-axis
- Added some plain english statistics to the "recovery by country" tab.
- New data for 4/18 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data) (no new lockdown data from netlify.com today)

Version 0.9.8
April 18, 2020

New data for 4/17 loaded from JHU CSSE, covidtracking.com (US testing data) and netlify.com (lockdown dates)

Version 0.9.7
April 17, 2020

- Fixed a bug where the header for the main chart would get misaligned if certain combinations of options were selected
- New data for 4/15 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data) (no new lockdown data from netlify.com today)

Version 0.9.6
April 16, 2020

New data for 4/15 loaded from JHU CSSE and covidtracking.com (US testing data) (no new lockdown data from netlify.com today)

Version 0.9.5
April 15, 2020

- Fixed a bug in how the default selected countries were being set, that regressed with the fixes last night for France/UK
- New data for 4/14 loaded from JHU CSSE, covidtracking.com (US testing data) and netlify.com (lockdown dates)

Version 0.9.4
April 14, 2020

- The main tab now has an option where you can choose to not normalize the y-axis at all. If you pick this it does give you some options for where you want the time axis to start.
- There is also a new option to normalize the time axis to "days since local state/country locked down", using the lockdown data that the app has been pulling in from netlify.com
- there is a new statistic that you can pick for the Y-axis, "cases - percent growth by day"
- Fixed bugs when you would try to select all provinces for France or UK, and get just the actual provinces, and not the "main country" Province.
- Fixed a minor bug where the US would appear in a slightly wrong place in the sort order.
- The Chart is now vertically resizable
- New data for 4/13 loaded from JHU CSSE -- it seems they corrected a typo for the case count in Okaloosa County Florida today (4/13). Cases were earlier today listed as 102103 instead of 103.

Version 0.9.3
April 14, 2020

New data for 4/13 loaded from JHU CSSE, covidtracking.com (US testing data) (no new lockdown data from netlify.com today)

Version 0.9.2
April 13, 2020

- New data for 4/12 loaded from JHU CSSE, covidtracking.com (US testing data). (The lockdown data wasn't updated today on netlify.com )

Version 0.9.1
April 12, 2020

<strong>0.9.1 (April 11th, 2020)</strong>
<li>New data for 4/10 loaded from JHU CSSE, covidtracking.com (US testing data) and netlify.com (lockdown data).</li>

Version 0.9
April 11, 2020

- Reimplemented how the app gets and uses the JHU CSSE data. The app now ships a) a single lookup that is a merged file containing data from all of the daily report files. b) a script refresh.py that can be used to refresh the master.zip from github and then rebuild this lookup from that zip's daily report files. NOTE - The app itself does not run this script yet daily. That will likely happen in a day or two though.
- Completely rebuilt the "recovery by country" tab to instead display a chart of the "Expected Rise In Deaths" statistic for every selected country, so you can page through one chart for every country you've selected.
- Fixing some inconstencies in how Hong Kong's data was treated.
- Fixed a bug where the "reset selection to..." control only appeared if you were in the first tab.
- Note: Minimum required version of Canary is now 1.2.6

Version 0.8.3
April 10, 2020

- Fixed appinspect failures that were just silly packaging mistakes.
- New data for 4/9 loaded from JHU CSSE

Version 0.8.2
April 9, 2020

- Removed the temporary fix that was in place for the covidtracking.com testing data, and instead now there's simpler code that just makes the file a local lookup directly.
- Adding a new lookup that has lockdown dates by country and state. Although this is not used in the UI, this *is* used in the underlying SPL now. To make a long story short there is a field now in the main base search called "days_since_lockdown_started" for the given Country or State. As such, an intrepid if not necessarily fearless user of this app could click 'see search syntax' and then make the modifications to change the final chart command to use this as the x-axis.
- Updated the search feeding the "Current numbers" tab, to actually display all the things that have been added in the past couple weeks. This means the number of columns is about 3x what it was and it's a big horizontal scroll now to see it all. These are the breaks.
- New data for 4/8 loaded from JHU CSSE

Version 0.8.1
April 7, 2020

- New data for 4/7 loaded from JHU CSSE

Version 0.8
April 7, 2020

- Replaced the new "NetInflux" statistic that was added earlier today, with a similar but more useful one. It is explained at some length by contextual messaging if you select it in the UI. However in a nutshell it uses the region's calculated case-fatality-rate to calculate the number of new confirmed cases that day, that are expected to die. Then it simply subtracts the actual deaths from that day. In the end you have a metric that somewhat looks ahead and tells you whether deaths will be lower in a few weeks.
- Fixed a bug where if you picked one of the test counts as your y-axis, the logarithmic y-axis option wasn't getting disabled

Version 0.7.15
April 7, 2020

- Added a new statistic, for the moment called NetInflux. If you select it in the UI, the app itself gives some explanatory text about what it is trying to do, and how it is calculated.
- New data for 4/6 loaded from JHU CSSE

Version 0.7.14
April 6, 2020

- New data for 4/5 loaded from JHU CSSE

Version 0.7.13
April 5, 2020

- New data for 4/4 loaded from JHU CSSE

Version 0.7.12
April 4, 2020

- Fixed a bug where if you had 'treat provinces/states as countries' set to "no", that the reset links to show all states/provinces within US/Australia/Canada/etc did not work properly
- Bumping up the required version of the Canary app, so as to pull in some important additions from that side.</li>
- Some wording improvements to the form element options
- New data for 4/3 loaded from JHU CSSE

Version 0.7.11
April 3, 2020

-- New data for 4/2 loaded from JHU CSSE
-- The experimental "forecast" panel now only appears if one of the statistics that actually does have an 'exponential' phase, is selected -- ie total deaths, total cases, and total 'sick'. Conversely if something like Case Fatality Rate is selected, it hides itself.

Version 0.7.10
April 2, 2020

New data for 4/1 loaded from JHU CSSE - includes the US data that JHU hadn't put out yet when the normal daily report file was put out at 4:50pm pacific (which is fine. It's amazing this dataset is what it is, and updates every day).

Version 0.7.9
April 2, 2020

- Added a new y-axis option of 'case fatality rate (then-current)'. This option switches you to a linear y-axis and disables the logarithmic y-axis. (h/t to Ari for the conversation that indicated this was a bit of a hot button statistic.)
- Added new y-axis options to allow charting of new deaths per day, as opposed to cumulative deaths. likewise new confirmed cases per day as opposed to cumulative cases per day.
- Fixed a bug - the shortcut links to reset selected countries/and states now preserve your x-axis normalization options
- in the underlying SPL there are new fields in the underlying datacube, of median_age by country (or for US States, for that state), also Population and "Urban_Percentage"
- minor improvements to organize the todos and notes and link to them from the nav
- Added a median_age field to the us_states.csv
- New data for 3/31 loaded from JHU CSSE, but this is a VERY THIN daily report and for instance it includes no new points for any US states

Version 0.7.8
April 1, 2020

- A small change to condense the form elements slightly to help users with smaller monitors.
- Manually preventing France and the United Kingdom from being split apart into province/state values because they only have a couple small province/state values being broken out and since they are far smaller in population than the respective "most of the country" value, the net effect on the UI is a little confusing. and I'm going to revisit this later to find a better solution.
- added a new static lookup for countries, that has population, land area, median age, and 'urban percentage'. This isn't wired up as anything in the UI yet at all, but it will be soon.
- (New data for 3/31 loaded from JHU CSSE)

Version 0.7.7
March 31, 2020

- Edited the 'default' reset link to add Belgium and the Netherlands.
- Fixed a bug in the new US-counties prototype, where the state pulldown was initially selected to "all"
- Fixed a bug where extracting the county names from jan/feb rows, inadvertently trimmed off some city-level rows. Now the group that captures the county names is optional in the regex.
- Added back the testing options to the y-axis pulldown (these pull from the covidtracking.com data, and while the machinery has been in the app for some time, I inadvertently removed the options from the y-axis several releases ago)
- Added a contextual disclaimer about the "PendingTests" statistic, that these numbers are not widely reported so the chart can be misleading.
- (New data for 3/30 loaded from JHU CSSE)

Version 0.7.6
March 30, 2020

- Added some higher numbers to the "by number of days since the" selector. Unfortunately it is sometimes useful to normalize the x-axis to these much higher numbers now.
- Moved the layer of reset links into its own Pattern file.
- Added a new prototype that allows the same sort of interactivity but specifically for the counties within one particular US State. For all non-US users out there, unfortunately the JHU dataset recently started providing this County-level detail only for US States. For what it's worth when similar granularity is available for other countries I will certainly try and expose that as additional functionality, as I've done here for the US.)
- (New data for 3/29 loaded from JHU CSSE)

Version 0.7.5
March 29, 2020

- Added a disclaimer to both "cases over time by country or state" and "recovery by country" to call out that the "Recovered" numbers in the dataset are not broken out by US State. Without this disclaimer it seemed potentially quite alarming. Hopefully the JHU CSSE folks are able to soon break this down by state and I can change this disclaimer or remove it later.
- (New data for 3/28 loaded from JHU CSSE)

Version 0.7.4
March 28, 2020

(New data for 3/27 loaded from JHU CSSE)

Version 0.7.3
March 27, 2020

- Fixed a misconfiguration of the main view, where the main Country/Province/State pulldown would reset to the default every time you reloaded the page (rather than using the selection preserved in the url)
- minor fix so the chart doesn't redispatch when you just change the y-axis type.
- Expanded the 'reset to default' link to also allow you to reset to selecting all the provinces within the few countries that have that level of granularity. This is only a convenience but it saves a lot of time selecting/deselecting provinces and states.
- Also I have added another static lookup to handle normalization of various Province_State names that have typos or inconsistencies.
- (data for 3/26 loaded from JHU CSSE)

Version 0.7.2
March 27, 2020

- Fixed a minor bug where the explanatory note above the main chart always said the xaxis showed days since the Nth "confirmed case", even when that option was set to 'deaths' instead.
- (New data for the past day loaded from JHU CSSE)

Version 0.7.1
March 26, 2020

quick fix for a regression in the 0.7 build just posted, where 'recovery-over-time' tab didn't load.

Version 0.7
March 26, 2020

Splunkbase restricts release notes to only 1000 characters and the notes for this release exceed that number.

However for complete release notes for this and all releases, you can always refer to our website.


Version 0.6
March 25, 2020

- Improved the `get_count_of_days_since_nth_case` further, so now it can take three optional args. See comments in macros.conf
- Added the ability to explode out the countries/provinces and treat them as separate countries. This allows a much more flexible analysis - notably you can compare individual US states or Australian or Canadian provinces to entire countries. The previous tab doing per-state analysis has been deleted.
- Added controls to allow the user to change from the x-axis being "days since the 100th confirmed case" from 100 to any N, and from "confirmed case" to "death".
- Fixed a bug where clicking 'see raw search syntax' on a tabular output would dump you out into a column chart
- Pulled out the primer on logarithmic y-axes into its own page under 'notes'
- Upped the required version of Canary to 1.2.3, and added a little message that appears in the top of the analysis view, if the version is too low

Version 0.5.2
March 24, 2020

Fixed a problem in the "COVID-19 dataset" tab where the covidtracking.com data rows were appearing there, but with most columns blank. As this was confusing and served no purpose I filtered them out
Fixed a regression in the "COVID-19 dataset" tab where the selection of the province/state element had no effect on the results.
Added some text underneath the main tab giving users a primer on exponential curves and how to interpret charts with logarithmic y-axes
Since the JHU CSSE data suddenly has a whole other field for US County, but the field name strangely is "Admin2", I've renamed the field to "County" and made it visible in the Covid19 tab.

Version 0.5.1
March 23, 2020

Fixed an unfortunately bug that only happened on 7.3, but that prevented users from being redirected into the app correctly. Instead they were stranded on a page telling them that "TopNav" and "AppNav" modules didnt exist.

Version 0.5
March 23, 2020

Reviewed and made improvements to how we handle days with missing data at the country and province level. Previously the SPL screened out the duplicate records where the "Last Update" referred to a day before the day-based filename the record was in. Now we let those records get indexed and returned at search time but at search time we override the _time value from the filename. Normally this is a bad practice in Splunk and it's better to set it from the filename at index time with INGEST_EVAL. However here it's quick, its effective and we pull the entire set off disk anyway with each search so there's not much of a downside. Also INGEST_EVAL would force reindexing for all upgrades to this release.

Version 0.4.3
March 22, 2020

Removing the warning message added in 0.4.2 and the app now simply dedups the data explicitly on search.
There is a new health checks page, whereby the app ships stanzas in checklist.conf that get run explicitly on this page. Note the checklist.conf stanzas will also run in the Splunk Monitoring Console if any splunk admins are looking there
(New data loaded from JHU CSSE dataset)

Version 0.4.2
March 21, 2020

JHU recently went back and changed something in the daily data from 2 days ago, which is great. However this comes before I had completed the health check to automatically detect this and bubble up a warning to the user

So this release just has a hardcoded warning at the top to always reindex the data after updating to a new version.

Version 0.4.1
March 21, 2020

Redoing the default country selection. The short version is "I added Switzerland".
The Long version - Previously it was the top 10 total confirmed cases, plus an extra 2 - Hong Kong and Singapore which are low but have extremely interesting curves. New it is the top 10, plus an extra 3 - Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Version 0.4
March 21, 2020

the app now ships a snapshot of the per-day testing data for US States from https://covidtracking.com/api/

some key numbers from the us testing data can now be chosen as y-axis values on the per-province/state chart, although of course they only work for US states at the moment.

In the "by province/state" tab I have marked the "Recovered" yaxis option as "(doesn't work with recent US data)", The reason is that since the "Recovered" numbers in the US are no longer associated with individual states, this means we can't really graph that number in the US split by state. While you might think we can create a fake state called 'unknown', we'd ahve to also determine "on what day the unknown state passed 30th confirmed cases" and that's nonsensical.

Version 0.3.4
March 20, 2020

Altered the app so that even if the user fails to install the Sideview Utils app or the Canary app (or both) this app itself will explain that problem to them on the landing page and give them instructions for how to install the missing apps. (Before this version the app would just load a blank page and leave the user stranded.)

Tested on Splunk 7.3 and since everything seems fine, I am marking it compatible with 7.3 (prior to this it was marked in SB as Splunk 8.X only)

gave the navigation bar a link to the release notes file.

Version 0.3.3
March 20, 2020

- (New data loaded from JHU CSSE dataset. I try to push a new build asap when there's new data on github)

Version 0.3.2
March 19, 2020

unfortunately Splunkbase truncates release notes at only 1000 characters so our notes for this release do not fit in this field.

However you can read the release notes for this release as well as all others over on our website - https://sideviewapps.com/apps/covid19-reporting/release-notes/

Version 0.2.4
March 18, 2020

(i need to backfill release notes but right now since it's still been languishing many days in the SB manual review queue, it's not a pressing task)

Version 0.2
March 16, 2020

Development of this app began on March 14th and is proceeding quite rapidly. I plan on posting daily updates, as this app actually has a current snapshot of the CSSE COVID19 dataset contained inside it.

Once you install the app and restart Splunk, the app will create a new index called "covid19" and index the daily_report data (a copy of which ships within the app itself) into that index.

Check back soon for updates. Email nick@sideviewapps.com with any questions/comments.


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