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Downloading Perseus
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Splunk AppInspect Passed
Admins: Please read about Splunk Enterprise 8.0 and the Python 2.7 end-of-life changes and impact on apps and upgradeshere.
Perseus is an incident response app designed to save you time conducting investigations. This version of Perseus comes pre-loaded with real data from a case study so you can quickly see how Perseus can help make an impact for your organization.

See "Details" for install instructions and more information on how to use Perseus.

Installation Instructions

Single Splunk Search Head

You can either install Perseus directly by clicking the "Browse for apps" button on the Manage Apps page, searching for Perseus, and clicking the "Install" button. Or you can download Perseus from the Splunkbase and install it by clicking the "Install app from file" button on the Manage Apps page.

Splunk Search Head Cluster

To install the Perseus app to a Search Head Cluster, you must use the Deployer. You have three options for how to install Perseus:

1.) Follow the instructions here for deploying a Splunk App with the Deployer: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/latest/DistSearch/PropagateSHCconfigurationchanges

2.) You can download the production version of Perseus (see "How to Use Perseus" for more info) which comes with a deployment wizard that automates installation of Perseus into your environment. Please Note: This will install the production version of Perseus that does not come pre-loaded with the case study data.

3.) You may find it easiest to setup a stand-alone Splunk server and follow the "Single Splunk Search Head" instructions above. A stand-alone Splunk server can be installed in minutes. You can download a free trial here: https://www.splunk.com/en_us/download/splunk-enterprise.html

How to Use Perseus

There are two versions of Perseus. The production version of Perseus allows you to process data from your environment to help you save time investigating incidents. It offers an automated deployment wizard that can install and configure Perseus in under 10 minutes. It comes with a 45 day trial license (90 days if you register) which allows you to process data from an unlimited number of hosts. After that, you can either purchase a license or continue using it for free. if you do not purchase a license, Perseus will be limited to processing data from 50 hosts per day. You can download the production version of Perseus at: https://PerseusSec.com/download-wizard/.

This version of the Perseus is the Perseus Demo. It contains real data from a case study so you can familiarize yourself with Perseus before you collect data from your own environment. While you're welcome to explore it on your own, it's recommended you step through the Perseus Demo Walkthrough to quickly learn about the capabilities of Perseus: https://PerseusSec.com/documentation/perseus-demo-walkthrough/. When you're ready to start using Perseus to help investigate incidents in your environment, download the production version of Perseus at: https://PerseusSec.com/download-wizard/

Release Notes

Version 1.4.4
Oct. 3, 2019

- Updated Help Link to Direct to Walkthrough

Version 1.4.31
Oct. 1, 2019

- Updated Help Link to Direct to Walkthrough

Version 1.4.3
Sept. 24, 2019

- Minor Error-Handling Improvements

Version 1.4.2
Sept. 16, 2019

- Minor Performance Increases to Universal Registry

Version 1.4.1
Sept. 13, 2019

- Added Command-Click Functionality to macOS/iOS

Version 1.4.0
Sept. 10, 2019

- Added Pre-loaded Case Study Data
- Made Minor Performance Enhancements


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