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Downloading Config Explorer
SHA256 checksum (config-explorer_115.tgz) 4eabfb8723113d1c23556adde58e69f7eaa87595bb61742ac81c2371e0b764a4 SHA256 checksum (config-explorer_114.tgz) 64dba6107664647f08069d3c6c36e025ccfe04f1a7a874c26ae2c741c69aee4c SHA256 checksum (config-explorer_113.tgz) 9352172407b6b124386fa9ba150c313f22d49119dbd25920ac47b2106a2d6527 SHA256 checksum (config-explorer_101.tgz) 5b445b2b7f58878335e6f89e87035d679a1967f58b7e83c22a452122ff9b3ad7
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Config Explorer

Splunk AppInspect Passed
This app provides a editor interface for viewing and editing Splunk files. It has the following features:

* Code completion and tooltip hinting for '.conf' files (by loading the Splunk '.spec' files)
* Code gutter highlights if the line can be found in btool and if it is valid according to spec files
* Displays the spec files relevant to your Splunk installation
* Diff files
* Provides a syntax-highlighted interface to btool, and allows diffing against the currently running config
* Embeds the excellent Microsoft Monaco editor (Visual Studio Code) - with three themes
* Provides useful developer hooks (bump, debug refresh etc) that can be customised and extended
* Optional version control of all changes by committing them to a git repository before and after changes
* Works on Linux and Windows (it is quite slow on Windows)

By default, the app is not able to save files, but this can be enabled from the "Settings" link.
As this app provides unrestricted access to Splunk files, users must have the "admin" role to see the app.

Please read the warnings on the "details" page.

Source code | Feature requests and bugs | My other apps

Important warnings:

This app allows changing of files just like you are on the filesystem; it should be used very carefully in any environment that you care about.

  • Do not use this app on Search Head clusters to change files becuase it won't sync changes to cluster members
  • This app does not automatically update the Splunk running config (except for properties like search-time extractions which
    Splunk does regularly re-read)
  • There are no built-in restrictions on viewing secrets files or passwords. Don't make this app available to
    users who should not see that sort of thing
  • There are also no restrictions that prevent editing files in default/ folders. You should follow normal Splunk
    best practices and only edit the /local/*.conf files or files in default/ if you are the developer of that app
  • When performing file operations, this app inherits the permissions of the user account that is running Splunk.
  • All Splunk apps inherit the permissions of the Splunk user and can do things without your knowing. If
    you care about your Splunk instance, you should code review all apps before installing them
  • Don't run Splunk as root. If you do, this app can allow you to run commands as root which is very dangerous
  • Please don't waste time trying to get this installed on Splunk Cloud

There is some basic audit logging here:

index=_internal source="*config_explorer.log"

Copyright (C) 2019 Chris Younger
I am a Splunk Professional Services consultant working for JDS Australia (https://www.jds.net.au), in Brisbane Australia.

Using git auto-commit

Before enabling the git auto-complete feature you must first create a git repository somewhere. For example:

$ cd /opt/splunk/etc
$ git init

You will probably also need to set a username and email address for config_explorer to use for commits:

git config user.name config_explorer
git config user.email config_explorer@example.com

If you wish to use a non-standard git repository location, you can set these environment variables:

export GIT_DIR=/opt/splunk/.git/
export GIT_WORK_TREE=/opt/splunk/

You will need to consider your .gitignore file. If your directory already has .gitignore files in it, you
may instead need to make a .gitignore file that ignores deeper nested .gitignore files.

Finally, if you want to push changes to an external repo, I would recommend you create a script input
to do so, or alternatively, see my custom git app here: https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/4182/

Locking it down

In order to prevent file editing semi-permanantly, set write_access = false and hide_settings = true.
This will prevent being able to change settings until someone changes files directly on the filesystem.

Third party software

The following third-party libraries are used by this app. Thank you!

Release Notes

Version 1.1.5
July 2, 2019

New right-click option to download file

Version 1.1.4
May 19, 2019

* The "post-save" can now reuse tabs and can run in the background so it doesn't interrupt development flow.
* You can now add custom actions as buttons on the home tab. Including actions that require splunk authentication.
* Added preferences screen for setting word-wrap, visible whitespace and any other monaco editor settings.
* Added a "reload from disk" right-click option.

Full change log here: https://github.com/ChrisYounger/config_explorer/commits/master

Version 1.1.3
March 4, 2019

Full change log here: https://github.com/ChrisYounger/config_explorer/commits/master

* new feature to set an action to run after every save of a file
* improve btool gutter matching of stanzas with windows paths in them
* support for mac
* fix some logging issues

Version 1.0.1
Feb. 3, 2019


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