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Downloading Splunk Cloud Gateway
SHA256 checksum (splunk-cloud-gateway_1132.tgz) 55551002c4507202ceada715f8dc6d2f3371cbb3c44679fc8422bbd59c7fb103 SHA256 checksum (splunk-cloud-gateway_1130.tgz) 5a86924600debd1ebeb3b4e62f6f7f90a80c5a7780e876b699d8b17cd7a5d49e SHA256 checksum (splunk-cloud-gateway_1124.tgz) 5fae608add272e8b8a0f96ab2df90ccb65f345b2b818ebbb522f697bdd6c0a32 SHA256 checksum (splunk-cloud-gateway_1122.tgz) a4c1d5950f430e8a38c3239b8877adf1c2feb71646a64e62370d0c2b806b08b1 SHA256 checksum (splunk-cloud-gateway_1121.tgz) 8eee201bd28d650d9b468a1feb6662e6f4539d2d5d75aae4e5d97bcb32b55ea8 SHA256 checksum (splunk-cloud-gateway_1120.tgz) 348405218acb7271befe28d96dfbd7fe0a9cc1c560d383cd3f2aa7ac28a09101 SHA256 checksum (splunk-cloud-gateway_1110.tgz) 63c94815ea79e67c9115e61ffabcc60cb4f75411aec12745cddabe618707a377 SHA256 checksum (splunk-cloud-gateway_1100.tgz) dc5e2fe11f2cbb1f6e617de2ecc0fe60c240ccb99de3f171ab2b131ee0cf1a37
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Splunk Cloud Gateway

Splunk Built
Admins: Please read about Splunk Enterprise 8.0 and the Python 2.7 end-of-life changes and impact on apps and upgradeshere.
Splunk Cloud Gateway is a required companion app for the Connected Experiences apps. It's a secure, cloud-based bridge for transferring data from your Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud deployment to mobile devices.

Splunk Cloud Gateway is supported on Windows and Linux operating systems.

If running Splunk 8.1, Splunk Cloud Gateway is only suitable for a Splunk Cloud environment.

See the Splunk Cloud Gateway and Connected Experiences documentation for detailed release notes and instructions on how to use the Connected Experiences apps

Release Notes

Version 1.13.2
March 4, 2021

Version 1.13.0
Oct. 21, 2020

What's New
The following are new features in Splunk Cloud Gateway version 1.13.0:

New app selection behavior. Admins now select which apps to show dashboards from on user devices. Only dashboards from selected apps will show on user devices. See Select which apps to show dashboards from in the mobile apps.


Version 1.12.4
July 29, 2020

Version 1.12.2
May 27, 2020

Bug fix.

Version 1.12.1
May 7, 2020

Bug fix.

Version 1.12.0
May 6, 2020

The following are new features in Splunk Cloud Gateway version 1.12.0:
Improved logging
Bug fix. See Fixed issues.

The Splunk AR tab in Splunk Cloud Gateway version 1.12.0 has the following new features:
New Workflow Automation registration flow. See Enable Splunk AR Workflow Automation to learn how to configure your Phantom instance and register devices to use Workflow Automation.
Splunk AR Role Builder. You can grant users the ability to view, edit, or manage specific objects in Splunk AR. See Configure Splunk AR permissions.
Splunk AR Workspace Editor updates. You can now change the workspace editor grid size, invert view control, track the distance between objects, and plane snapping. See Edit workspaces in Splunk Cloud Gateway.

Version 1.11.0
April 6, 2020

You can change Cloud Gateway ID in the Configure tab of Splunk Cloud Gateway. See Change the Splunk Cloud Gateway ID.
The Splunk Natural Language Platform (NLP) feature has reached its end of life. Splunk has removed the NLP feature in the Connected Experiences apps and will no longer develop NLP functionalities.
The release of Splunk Cloud Gateway version 1.11.0 fixes a geofence permissions issue. See the Splunk AR release notes.
More bug fixes. See Fixed issues.

Version 1.10.0
March 16, 2020

Change your Cloud Gateway ID in the Configure tab of Splunk Cloud Gateway.
Load balancing support
Splunk AR workspace editor toolbar: You can now focus on objects, recenter your view, and move and resize objects from the toolbar. See Edit or delete a workspace in Splunk Cloud Gateway in Administrate Splunk AR.
Splunk AR workspace editor asset preview: Preview another asset's dashboard in the workspace that you're editing. See Preview an asset in Administrate Splunk AR.


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