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Downloading Zscaler Splunk App
SHA256 checksum (zscaler-splunk-app_207.tgz) 40fd689987bc6a1cad4967ac0f21e854ac4335a8c86a82c65f3cfd7ddad70e2e SHA256 checksum (zscaler-splunk-app_206.tgz) 86c9e7d0925a05e23f1034d975cb81a9b6f105d5a92d0d74e37a9950b7cee837 SHA256 checksum (zscaler-splunk-app_205.tgz) c72dcc6209bac8ba586cf39ae65f932eadbeb4b816eddb9ab741d5b354316c8b SHA256 checksum (zscaler-splunk-app_204.tgz) 7da11bcd723e4e83f4043034a748a1c3574987f33ec0adb5263814478593fb84 SHA256 checksum (zscaler-splunk-app_203.tgz) c06916804fc7c907acd33eac93c159b9fcae21f249399fbf3869270de9f3da62 SHA256 checksum (zscaler-splunk-app_202.tgz) a45adfdea40942be31dca86151728763737b0fb072f0927f14cded6fd4483590 SHA256 checksum (zscaler-splunk-app_200.tgz) 44aafda7916392ad22fc1486944bf73a47b6ca6c2278b7776dd7eb6c21dd73ca SHA256 checksum (zscaler-splunk-app_103.tgz) 83c5d94657bc3b4d70e89039ec213035e5e1b7ef6ec6544f494e49f2db325e30 SHA256 checksum (zscaler-splunk-app_102.tgz) 30af6454826cde12cca8d6e06cb99f3ad29ce87d17a1ae5c031bd7b9def41585 SHA256 checksum (zscaler-splunk-app_101.tgz) e7279d580aaba0fb2b2204c7787df12f5566fa1612a381ec6d5aa7e0c7a81cb4 SHA256 checksum (zscaler-splunk-app_10.tgz) a84e6fca64b3c5d26ab08c6a87f453ae01ac26edce58f3d4672e9c33b452d291
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Zscaler Splunk App

Splunk Cloud
The Zscaler App for Splunk provides detailed dashboards and reporting for all Zscaler products using Zscaler Nanolog Streaming and Log Streaming services. The Zscaler App for Splunk can also ingest DLP incident information, bringing full context for DLP incidents directly into Splunk

Pre-built reports exist for Zscaler’s Internet Access and Private Access Platforms, this include:
* Overview Dashboards showing highlights for your Zscaler products
* Focussed dashboards for:
- Threat Intelligence
- Web Usage
- Remote Access usage
- Zscaler DLP - event and incident reports
Zscaler is excited to deliver this tight integration with Splunk and will continue to enhance reports, dashboards and integrations for the Zscaler Splunk App.

Please note this app has a key dependancy on the Zscaler TA for Splunk --> https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/3865/

Full App and TA Documentarian is available here --> https://community.zscaler.com/t/zscaler-splunk-app-design-and-installation-documentation/4728

To ingest logs from the Zscaler Cloud into Splunk, an NSS server needs to be deployed. The NSS feed will send CIM formatted logs to Splunk. The Zscaler Technical Adapter for Splunk normalizes the logs into a common format that can be leveraged by different applications.

The Zscaler Splunk App provides pre built reports and dashboards including:
* Threat Intelligence
* Web Usage
* Remote Access Activity
* DLP events and incidents



For additional documentation, reach out to splunk-support@zscaler.com

Release Notes

Version 2.0.7
Oct. 14, 2021

Update 4/11/22: The sandbox and audit logs is currently unsupported within the Splunk App. Although the functionality to get these logs still exist within Zscaler, the Splunk App does not currently support fetching these logs.

This release upgrades all dashboard to XML 1.1, which will invoke updated JQuery and reestablish compatibility with Splunk Cloud.

Note: new Dashboards for Lateral Movement and Data Protection have been added, some widgets will be searching on new undocumented sourcetypes, full support these sourcetypes (e.g. CIM Mapping, setup instruction) is still be worked on and will be coming in the next TA update, coupled with the needed updates to the Zscaler/Splunk admin/install guide.

Version 2.0.6
Aug. 10, 2020
  • Added new Dashboard for Zscaler Private Access Connecter health (CPU, RAM, Network etc)
  • Minor fixes to Connections dashboard, and general app layout
  • Other small adjustments based on customer feedback
Version 2.0.5
Jan. 9, 2020

Added fix for Tunnel Widget not displaying rules in landing dashboard

Version 2.0.4
Dec. 30, 2019

Added fixes to make macro edit more friendly
Minor edits to some widgets to work better with RBAC

Version 2.0.3
Dec. 24, 2019

Now filtering locations from user oriented reports/widgets.

Version 2.0.2
Oct. 21, 2019

Added exciting new Security and Threat dashboards
- Security overview with Clickable events (pivot based on threats over user)
- Overall Trading info
- Web Traffic overview

Version 2.0.0
July 9, 2019

Version 2.0.0
Added Reports and Dashboard for new Modular Inputs:
- Admin Audit Logs (ZIA)
- Cloud Sandbox detailed reports

Moved all macros into TA, removed from App

Overview Dashboard modified to better reflect summary of all data inputs

New Private Access Health Dashboard

Version 1.0.3
May 2, 2018

V1.0 - Initial Release
V1.0.1 - Changed App name to "Zscaler Splunk App"
V1.0.2 - Removed dependabcy for "IMAP Mailbox" as it's not Splunk Certified
V1.0.3 - updated README.txt to include correct links in deps section

Version 1.0.2
April 16, 2018
Version 1.0.1
Feb. 28, 2018

V1.0.1 - Changed App name to "Zscaler Splunk App"

Version 1.0
Jan. 30, 2018

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