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Downloading Custom Radar Chart Visualization
SHA256 checksum (custom-radar-chart-visualization_106.tgz) 0f9513ee96cd56218cc27b85479b0353ed031d5f74e276b965ea81fd584b3a92 SHA256 checksum (custom-radar-chart-visualization_105.tgz) 5c08e59b206ec949a7aa3add3f7bfa493247f575f42fd2138d9bd6ed7c795add SHA256 checksum (custom-radar-chart-visualization_104.tgz) 675c372ad117ec0ae255f11f717d7ad5588ed6b8e3c37110e479761f2d5e76e7 SHA256 checksum (custom-radar-chart-visualization_103.tgz) 4e0fede8024bc5725a25948c00cd3190a6220460929babba2f8a06cd9c81c35d SHA256 checksum (custom-radar-chart-visualization_102.tgz) 5fdd275b5b35204ef3310fb60c5c2e9550a9327d9a6e3042f321bbf5b0e1bd25
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Custom Radar Chart Visualization

Splunk AppInspect Passed
Plot multivariate data on a two dimensional chart across axes.

Splunk Custom Radar Chart Visualization


Plot multivariate data on a two dimensional chart across axes.

Required Fields


Key to graph


Axis to plot


Value for key,axis pair

Optional Fields


Append to each key,axis,value row to dynamically style the area color. Must be a hex value.

Sample Searches

| makeresults 
| eval key="current", "Business Value"=.37, Enablement=8.64, Foundations=2.56, Governance=1.68, "Operational Excellence"=4.992, "Community"=9.66 
| untable key,"axis","value" 
| eval keyColor="magenta"| append
    [| makeresults
    | eval key="better", "Business Value"=9.37, Enablement=2.64, Foundations=4.56, Governance=6.68, "Operational Excellence"=9.992, "Community"=9.66 
    | untable key,"axis","value" 
    | eval keyColor="#33FF55"

Formatting Options



Chart Height


Chart Width

Max Value

Maximum value


Number of levels for chart


Format the scale - see d3-format docs


Enable or disable rounded lines between conncting points

Full Screen Mode

Enable or disable full screen mode. Dynamically adjust chart size from browser resize.


Show Legend

Enable or disable legend

Legend Symbol

Symobl used for each legend key

Legend Toggle Symbol

Symbol used when key is toggled

Position X

Position of legend on X axis

Position Y

Position of legend on Y axis


Axes Line Color

Color of line that divides the axes (Hex value)

Circles Color

Color of circles (Hex value)

Circles Fill Color

Fill color of circles (Hex value)


Areas Opacity

Opacity of the area on chart (range: 0 - 1.0)

Circles Opacity

Opacity of circles (range: 0 - 1.0)


Feature Requests

Please submit feature requests through Github using the enhancement label so they can be tracked and discussed.


Please submit bugs through Github using the bug label so they can be tracked and discussed.

Questions & General Support

For general support and questions on using the app, please post to Splunk Answers.

For all other inquiries

Scott Haskell (shaskell@splunk.com)

Code hosted at Github

Release Notes

Version 1.0.6
July 11, 2019

* Fixed bug handling missing axes from key - https://github.com/sghaskell/custom-radar-chart-viz/issues/4

Version 1.0.5
April 12, 2019

* Fixed issue where axes would not properly clear when using form inputs

Version 1.0.4
March 21, 2019

* Fixed bug determining max value for axes
* Updated README

Version 1.0.3
Oct. 24, 2018

* Added three new color controls to change Axes Label, Axes Legend and Legend font colors to help with Dark Mode

Version 1.0.2
June 4, 2018

* Initial release of Custom Radar Chart Visualization


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