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Downloading TA For SplunkStart Basic Security Essentials for Splunk
SHA256 checksum (ta-for-splunkstart-basic-security-essentials-for-splunk_101.tgz) 714a26f68e82e8bd0423ab653b40b6ee5218822dfda67d5e6ec4abe5ba04bb03 SHA256 checksum (ta-for-splunkstart-basic-security-essentials-for-splunk_10.tgz) 126e7740326c033105e40489daf6f8f438786db39d974970b634a7cb7329d322
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TA For SplunkStart Basic Security Essentials for Splunk

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This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for youhere.
This TA is an add-on for the SplunkStart app hosted on Splunkbase.

It has two key Security Essentials searches (First Time Seen and Time Series Outlier) that you can use with YOUR own data by simply editing a form on SplunkStart to use your own index, sourcetype, and field names.

First install SplunkStart. Then, download this TA and gunzip/untar (tar -zxvf) it somewhere on the same machine as SplunkStart. The TA does not need to be in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps. Next cd into the SplunkStart/bin directory and execute the create_content.sh and it will copy the contents of this TA to SplunkStart. For complete details, read the README.txt or the details section of this TA.

Author: Nimish Doshi

This Add-On Requires the user to download and install the SplunkStart App
from Splunkbase. It is at:


After installing SplunkStart, you can use this TA. Note, although SplunkStart and this TA are platform independent, the script to copy content from this TA to SplunkStart is based on Bash Shell script. You will have to copy files manually on other platforms to the appropriate places in SplunkStart if you are using Windows.

Installing the TA

Unpack the downloaded TA to any directory on your search head. Then from the
command line, cd to the SplunkStart/bin directory. It is located in

Run the script:

./create_content.sh <path to directory of this TA>


./create_content.sh /opt/tmp/TA_SplunkStart_SecurityEssentials

This will append the necessary files from the TA to the local directory of
SplunkStart and append the default.meta in the TA to SplunkStart's
metadata/local.meta directory.

You may now restart Splunk.


Go into the the SplunkStart App from SplunkWeb. Click on Configure Splunk
Start App->Modify Dashboard Macros and click on the Basic Security Essentials
Tab. There are two macros that you can modify to use your own data with the TA.
The common fields you would enter are your index name, your sourcetype,
earliest time (-15m, -1d, -2Y, etc) and latest time (now).

For the First Time Seen Macro, at the end, you'll need two tokens that
represent a pair that you want to know if is the first time seen as combination
within 1 day of the latest event. This could be username, dest_ip OR user, GIT
OR anything that has a subject accessing an asset. The pattern is a
stats ... split by token1,token2 pair.

For the Time Series Outlier Macro, the last two fields represent a numeric
field, which is used to find the outlier (number of logins, number of login
failures, etc) and a field representing a subject to split by such as username.
This will find outliers for the numeric field split by the subject. For
earliest time, use at least -1d, but earlier time could be used.

Release Notes

Version 1.0.1
March 4, 2020

Changed names in src to titles1_sse.csv, titles2_sse.csv and macros_sse.txt so they can be copied over to SplunkStart's src directory using the create_content.sh script that comes with SplunkStart.

Version 1.0
Oct. 26, 2017

Initial Release. This requires the SplunkStart App from Splunkbase to be installed first.


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