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Downloading WebGL Globe
SHA256 checksum (webgl-globe_203.tgz) 8bb89a832d8ce59a2f3d5e2e91e9dc284cd432fd402779e996a0ddd5b546d3bd SHA256 checksum (webgl-globe_201.tgz) a9e417b19c6fd27c77c27eb040374d20656b8cffa298d9106d1fbf8521c9a06c SHA256 checksum (webgl-globe_200.tgz) d4c1c4a5e70df04384207ba08c70e78c90363e21759abc7ff7bdd5e7f422d024
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WebGL Globe

Splunk Cloud
Visualize data on a 3D globe! The WebGL globe uses the same | geostats syntax as cluster maps and plots data by series. The globe is configurable with nine textures, a starfield or flat color background, and allows you to select static or animated, a default zoom level, and the rotation period, if animated. The visualization includes a configurable control panel and legend.

Please see the Details tab for install and configuration documentation.

Thank you for downloading thge WebGL Globe visualization. Simply install through the UI (or extract into $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps) and the visualization will be available as an option alongside the default Splunk or other custom visualizations:

Splunk Visualization Dialog

If you need to generate events with IP addresses to test the visualization, please use the following search:

| makeresults count=20000 | eval bitA=random() | eval ip=if(bitA<1,bitA+2147483648,bitA) | eval aaa=floor(ip/16777216) | eval bbb=floor((ip-aaa16777216)/65536) | eval ccc=floor((ip-(aaa16777216+bbb65536))/256)| eval ddd=ip-(aaa16777216+bbb65536+ccc256) | eval ipv4=tostring(ddd)+"."+tostring(ccc)+"."+tostring(bbb)+"."+tostring(aaa) | iplocation ipb4 | geostats count by Country

(I found the method for the integer->dotted quad IPv4 segment of this search in this Splunk Answer

The visualization has two tabs of configurable properties. The first tab handles the globe rendering, background, zoom, and UI. You can enable or disable both the control panel in the upper left and the legend in the lower right. If you have selected "Starfield" as the background, the background color option will have no effect. There are eight zoom levels (0-7).

Rendering Configuration

The second tab handles the globe's animation. Static disables rotation whereas Animated rotates the globe at a frequency defined in the rotation period option (number of seconds for the globe to make a complete rotation along its vertical axis). The rotation period option does nothing if "Static" is selected.

Animation Configuration

In the UI, the controls in the upper left pan and tilt the globe, and provide zoom control. You may also drag the globe with the mouse (even if animated!) to pan/tilt/zoom. The legend in the lower right is build dynamically based upon the <by-clause> of the | geostats command. For more information on geostats, view the Splunk Geostats Documentation

Globe UI

The following resources helped me build this app. Attribution for third-party libraries can be found in the second link:

Scott Haskell's Clustered Single Value Map Visualization

Google Data Arts WebGL Globe

Splunk's Custom Visualization Tutorial

Please feel free to reach out to me with comments, suggestions, issues, or ideas! Thank you again!

Release Notes

Version 2.0.3
April 7, 2022

Verified compatibility with Splunk 8.2
Adds macro random_ip_address for generating IP addresses
Corrects startup errors from missing README/savedsearches.conf.spec (2.0.2 issue)
Adds Demo WebGL Globe Search to demonstrate use of the visualization.

Version 2.0.1
Aug. 21, 2017

Verified support up to and including Splunk 8.2.5.

Updated icon location to support app certification.
Added appIconAlt and appIconAlt_2x
Removed savedsearches.conf
Updated initial configuration state of app
Added README with link to online documentation

Version 2.0.0
Aug. 18, 2017

Initial Version

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