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Downloading MetaFlows Network Security Event Viewer
SHA256 checksum (metaflows-network-security-event-viewer_12.tgz) 79c3766c1ff4da09f6efa3bc9361d6051c9a767b7598f90ae0cb3c4f5be313be SHA256 checksum (metaflows-network-security-event-viewer_11.tgz) 939661d76f1ce8b5fa772a643b115260c388e191b3b2979c5621d288498425f0 SHA256 checksum (metaflows-network-security-event-viewer_10.tgz) 99b6096d3d6c3a6144883ab59549a4139c55909dae90d39ccbd03b5e77bd9465
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MetaFlows Network Security Event Viewer

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This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for youhere.
Once you deploy a MetaFlows passive sensor on your network, this app provides an unprecedented amount of security information aimed at catching Malware and other dangerous uses of your network that could destroy your operations. Receives and correlates different types of network security events generated by the MetaFlows Security System's sensors: IDS, Network Logs, Multisession Incident Reports, Suspicious Files In/Out/ URLs, Mod Security, User Discovery, New MAC Discovery, Host Discovery, Service Discovery, Application discovery, etc. Offers drill down links to fetch packet payloads from the MetaFlows sensors and perform further forensic analysis.

MetaFlows developed a splunk application to receive all sensor events on Splunk through an SSL encrypted channel called metaflows-syslog. The events are automatically categorized as follows:

Multisession Analysis
High Priority Events
IDS Events
Network Logs (3rd party logs sent to the sensors)
File Transmission Analysis
User Discovery
Service Discovery
Host Discovery
Mac Discovery
Suspicious URL Transmission Analysis
IPS Notifications
User Rankings

Events volumes are also broken down by addresses, ports and other important invariants like sensor names, domains types, applications, etc.. It is possible to click on all summary records fileds to either drilldown on Splunk or drill down on the MetaFlows' web application to obtain more detailed forensic information like packets payloads.
Splunk app Installation

-- App Installtion --
The app is available from SplunkWeb[2]. Please download and install the application using your Splunk application manager. The app receives syslog messages on tcp port 3015 encapsulated using SSL. The default installation includes a generic self-signed SSL certificate in the cert directory. This certifcate was generated using the commands:
export OPENSSL_CONF=$SPLUNK_HOME/openssl/openssl.cnf
$SPLUNK_HOME/bin/genRootCA.sh -d $SPLUNKHOME/etc/apps/SplunkforMetaFlows/certs
$SPLUNK_HOME/bin/genSignedServerCert.sh -d $SPLUNKHOME/etc/apps/SplunkforMetaFlows/certs -n splunk -p

We recommend you generate a new SSL ceritificate using your own phassphrase by repeating the commands above.
The passphrase you enter when generating the certificate should then be placed in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/SplunkforMetaFlows/default/inputs.conf under the [SSL] stanza as:
password = <yourpassword>

-- Sensor Configuration --
In order for Splunk to receive MetaFlows's sensors event you need to add the following line to your /nsm/etc/mss.sh startup script

export SYSLOG2=<splunk_host_ip_address>:3015

where <splunk_host_ip_address> is the ip address of the host where Splunk is running. After this, restart your sensor(s) with the command

/nsm/etc/mss.sh restart

Make sure that tcp port 3015 is open and the sensor can communicate with your Splunk host.

Release Notes

Version 1.2
June 27, 2017

Added documentation regarding SSL certificate.

Version 1.1
June 5, 2017

Placed Build number in correct stanza

Version 1.0
June 2, 2017

Version 1.0
Must process events originating from metaflows sensors on port 3015
Drilldown only supports SaaS accounts on nsm.metaflows.com


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