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Downloading Missile Map
SHA256 checksum (missile-map_151.tgz) 2066f31daac6cf470cccc0fe1963f230c8da2be91b9135f040777be89105db2b SHA256 checksum (missile-map_150.tgz) 87a19f45e7f5d6dc4056ff12464b1f9d5e0e3e2f987e12b8e884af4a82746924 SHA256 checksum (missile-map_130.tgz) 0f4ddfc473b2b2180933a77913ee6f4592b95205bc3fdba34ae7e5aa51270a1c SHA256 checksum (missile-map_123.tgz) 69761b1b749123ddd7d83e5d5af9eb26d4987d8f2157831557fbc194aae9eb14 SHA256 checksum (missile-map_122.tgz) 2a9f704f32e1fcf715b282950cbd69bebacf7d522eecd3959b4e5609c8cca4da SHA256 checksum (missile-map_12.tgz) eabdaa564782e3b46d3a475dcdc5ed881b638e9eb905ac421f88befe7f1a868e SHA256 checksum (missile-map_11.tgz) 0b5b83e4d4e68f7978236f2a7620bad2661bda9cfc9216012625db4a760b13db SHA256 checksum (missile-map_10.tgz) 1c9d3a3afb2714dea8819a82bfb583497c023d931088091f843f82f2a1068385
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Missile Map

Splunk Cloud
Shows data as arcs across a map. Supports changing arc color, line thickness, animating and pulsing the arc and more.

Use cases might be:
* Showing replication link status between sites
* Showing incoming attacks

See the included README.txt for full documentation on how to use.

Missile Map

This visualisation will show connected arcs on a map. Each arc is defined by two geographic points, and can have a color assigned. Additionally the arcs can be animated, with the pulsing animation being either at the start or the end of the arc.

Globally, the arc thickness, default color and map tileset can be chosen, as well as the starting map position and zoom.

This visualisation is based upon leaflet.migrationLayer by react-map: https://github.com/react-map/leaflet.migrationLayer

Some use cases could be:

  • Show data replication links between sites and their status
  • Show a representation of incoming attacks or requests

Note: If any lines are animated this will result in heightened browser CPU usage.

Search and data formatting

The visualisation looks for fields of the following names:

  • start_lat: The starting point latitude (required)
  • start_lon: The starting point longitude (required)
  • end_lat: The ending point latitude (required)
  • end_lon: The ending point latitude (required)
  • color: The color of the arc in hex format (optional, default "#FF0000")
  • animate: Whether to animate this arc (optional, default "false")
  • pulse_at_start: When animated, set to true to cause the pulse to be at the start of the arc instead of the end (optional, default "false")
  • weight: The line weight of the arc (optional, default 1).
  • start_label: A text label on the start point of the arc
  • end_label: A text label on the end point of the arc

The fields must be named in this way, but they are not order dependent.

An example dataset is distributed as a lookup to experiment with.

| inputlookup missilemap_testdata

Customisation options

The following options are available to customise:

  • Lines
    • Default color: The color to use for a line when no "color" field is present in the data (default: #65a637)
    • Weight: The weight to use for a line when no "weight" field is present in the data (default: 1)
  • Map
    • Tile set: The map tiles to use
    • Custom tile set: If you wish to use a tile set not in the preset list (e.g. http://tile.stamen.com/toner/{z}/{x}/{y}.png)
    • Latitude: Starting latitude to load
    • Longitude: Starting longitude to load
    • Zoom: Starting zoom level to load

Support contact

This visualisation was developed at Tesserent.


Software credits

LeafletJS: http://leafletjs.com/
Used under BSD license (https://github.com/Leaflet/Leaflet/blob/master/LICENSE)

leaflet.migrationLayer: https://github.com/react-map/leaflet.migrationLayer
Used under MIT license (https://github.com/react-map/leaflet.migrationLayer/blob/master/LICENSE)

Release Notes

Version 1.5.1
Aug. 9, 2022

Added app.manifest to prevent installations on index layer of Splunk Cloud

Version 1.5.0
April 11, 2022
  • Adjusted the scope of Leaflet JS library so there should not be any conflict with other visualizations also using leaflet in the same dashboard causing errors
  • Contribution from Tomohisa Fujita to add optional text labels on the map points
Version 1.3.0
Sept. 16, 2021

Upgraded jQuery to 3.6.0 and other libraries

Version 1.2.3
Nov. 10, 2020

Splunk cloud compatibility update

Version 1.2.2
Sept. 12, 2018

Added scrollWheelZoom to the XML options (not visible in web UI)

Version 1.2
Aug. 7, 2017
  • New map tile selection to use internal Splunk tiles, no internet connection required
  • Configurable weight of each line
Version 1.1
April 11, 2017

Fixed transposed latitude/longitude fields

Version 1.0
March 7, 2017

1.0: Initial release

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