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Downloading Network Toolkit
SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_151.tgz) 9b278af9aa5104a098eeffc5140fb86f7c0460cd5c88f0d8cad463682993e8f6 SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_150.tgz) 6a924053cbc84e827ddb2f001e00c097cfa2a05693c95605e38e7f6ca27d2d5c SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_143.tgz) 64ae3442865994d34c96ac72c351d710ce0d50dec8652a147face80da80de6af SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_142.tgz) 1381eee20a2defc9405af16a8f10dbada0c8d98c245e313b2958e839c5831d35 SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_141.tgz) fc774eb6a8e1142485bbe090575d397a228b0ae7b46104445857247ba33bf017 SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_14.tgz) 0dfed3bcf46eb2e2e45874e98b9e67742f51dc569e93d51d05be57f5bfb82537 SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_13.tgz) 80f9a8f427798bec924c22e917ed9c6e17666ce9f798a5827890a7fe4723e4b6 SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_129.tgz) e85d358223896038c3168b613e84992cf50ee43ff4b003a8100dc3374e14bc51 SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_128.tgz) 10f98965622473cd983d3fe9aa2721c3dc35517d4d3ecb4328a3e38ab6621d69 SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_127.tgz) ccce0f1a9d79eefcebcfa049ba12a0742b8f051cd0eae4e505f425b5ad91e892 SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_125.tgz) 030d75794300da62dae50bc8f0a50e5220a0a0a72bb4d9181b716a8408c0eba3 SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_124.tgz) 509909504f3e2b3a32501084991a54c0e0cc247677aeafdec8de8404e092a800 SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_123.tgz) 898809522b30fdf4fd11cf4bef91cd04135ac5b232af09356c6e19e8ffe69a05 SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_122.tgz) 5ee0e006d3329d3c9848bee52a3234765dfbe19d95963be52e4713e268cdca6c SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_121.tgz) e7abda1e7d24f16c578c4002722b94812d097524667f13e8d4dea8e2cf37023f SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_12.tgz) a31b54ed0104e06737f53e34b5a1375a0837e7caa7dc443db4cda9e8fdf68d70 SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_111.tgz) 03a9b68a78867407d100f366ea49440b3b3adc4bd09488bc61f63594e22302ac SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_11.tgz) 7ff5d8f73c8523c865f2cbce869815ed0bf63331b806ebede17d8ef340d3b20b SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_10.tgz) b79c251d9572d70d6ad8a4dab184cdefa8485f7ccf8572390afa6c82316a6adb SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_010.tgz) f4b9f962750dbfa35f01fba1b3b6ccde030de1678c1c8aecc4c14649fe40e2de SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_09.tgz) d38f27d564dde39d47d1f4d7ef630ddd9403ce99308ca330c5348d6f4326ddc2 SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_08.tgz) ed3e863d12e9f9b272fabb2d76f107c7dd72fff4383d9c5e50e6b4e0ab56f3cd SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_07.tgz) 6ec82a3c3f81369eb53e1da206bddda0499b4b095117e7c17970e40d93d5f7fd SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_06.tgz) edd9888aabde4fa9f52fef6aae004db1912da84126bc3022f2659c65823c893d SHA256 checksum (network-toolkit_05.tgz) eb60f2441f3b96b3276423a3146d5b0f3ab4946244d425e069691a7db34c5b70
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Network Toolkit

This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for you here.
The Network Toolkit app provides a series of tools for troubleshooting networks. It includes tools for evaluating internet connection bandwidth, performing pings, traceroutes, DNS lookups, whois record checks and waking sleeping computers (via wake-on-lan).

Please consider financially supporting me in the developing this app in order to promote continued development; see https://github.com/sponsors/LukeMurphey


  • Stored results: the operations performed are persisted so that you can view the output later
  • Search commands: you can run the operations from within SPL directly (like "| ping google.com")
  • Result dashboards: you can view the output in the dashboards

Below is a list of the operations you can do:

  • Whois (on both domain names and IP addresses)
  • Ping
  • Traceroute
  • Wake-on-LAN (to wake sleeping hosts)
  • NSlookup
  • Speedtest (of the internet connection)

More Information

This project is open source. See GitHub for the source or LukeMurphey.net for more information.

Getting Support

If you need help, consider using one of the following options:

Release Notes

Version 1.5.1
Aug. 26, 2020

Fixing error when running on Python 3

Version 1.5.0
Jan. 23, 2020

1) Adding portscan lookup command
2) Fixing exception in the modular input library

Version 1.4.3
Dec. 10, 2019

Fixing search commands that generated an error

Version 1.4.2
Nov. 14, 2019
  1. Fixing tabs that didn't work on Splunk 8.0.0
  2. Adding support for Python 3
Version 1.4.1
Oct. 3, 2019

1) Fixed bug that prevented some errors from being reported
2) Increased the maximum size of the network hosts that can be scanned to 1024
3) Fixed issue where the pinged destination was not included in the output
4) Removed requirement of "edit_tcp" capability since it is no longer required

Version 1.4
June 19, 2019

1) Added ability to perform port scans
2) Added colorization of historical results on the history page

Version 1.3
May 10, 2019

Adding ability to perform TCP pings

Version 1.2.9
Dec. 21, 2018

1) Fixed issue where the ping input accepted a value of "0" for the number of runs
2) Fixed ping lookup which didn't work on Splunk 7.2.1
3) Updated modular input library to 2.1.4
4) Lookup commands are now multi-threaded in order to gain a dramatic performance improvement

Version 1.2.8
Oct. 9, 2018

1) Fixed speedtest command
2) Improved styling for Splunk 7.1 and 7.2

Version 1.2.7
Sept. 20, 2018

1) Add contact information for the whois command
2) Reducing the volume of informational log messages to reduce license usage

Version 1.2.5
July 19, 2018

Fixed issue where the setup page didn't list all indexes

Version 1.2.4
April 25, 2018

1) Fixing issue where ping search command was too restrictive with domain name validation
2) Fixed uptime monitoring failing to record a response when the DNS name cannot be resolved
3) NSlookup search command now correctly uses the DNS server option
4) Drilldown from the Status Overview dashboard now correctly carries the time-range to the search page
5) Fixed uptime calculation which didn't consider DNS resolution failures as ping failures

Version 1.2.3
Jan. 26, 2018

Fixing overly conservative domain name validation that rejected some valid domain names

Version 1.2.2
Jan. 24, 2018

1) Fixing issue where batch creation of inputs could fail
2) Status overview dashboard now refreshes every 30 seconds

Version 1.2.1
Dec. 18, 2017

1) Fixing issue where some needed macros were not included
2) Minor enhancements to the batch input UI

Version 1.2
Dec. 18, 2017

1) Fixing minor styling issue where an icon was the wrong color
2) Added ability to restrict the index used via a URL parameter; see http://bit.ly/2zqcN67
3) Fixed an issue where the ping view attempted to run even when no input was provided
4) Added ping modular input and related dashboards so that you can monitor system uptime

Version 1.1.1
Nov. 7, 2017

1) Fixing some minor styling issues on Splunk 7.0
2) A more informative message is displayed if a command could not be found
3) Improving error messaging when the whois lookup was performed without a host field

Version 1.1
July 28, 2017

1) Added lookup commands for performing operations on results (see http://bit.ly/2uHxRm8)
2) Fixed issue where hosts we sometimes displayed as online on the wake-on-lan list when they were not
3) Fixed issue where unnecessary fields showed up on the whois dashboard

Version 1.0
May 18, 2017

Added modular input for scheduling Internet connection speedtests

Version 0.10
May 4, 2017

1) Fixed incompatibility with the Website Input app
2) Improved compatibility with Splunk 6.6
3) Added workflow actions for performing operations on hosts from the search view

Version 0.9
April 14, 2017

Fixing issue where users couldn't get past the setup page

Version 0.8
April 14, 2017

1) You can now globally define a default index for results to go into
2) nslookup now supports reverse DNS lookups

Version 0.7
March 26, 2017

1) Fixed issue where some invalid MAC addresses were accepted on the Wake-on-LAN page
2) Fixed dialog on Wake-on-LAN page that would sometimes act as if the input was invalid when it wasn't
3) Fixed issue where users could sort the actions column on the wake-on-LAN dashboard

Version 0.6
Feb. 24, 2017

1) Added Windows support for the traceroute command
2) Fixed excessive CPU usage on the wake-on-LAN dashboard
3) Fixed execute button which was on the wrong line on Splunk 6.4

Version 0.5
Feb. 17, 2017

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