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Downloading Demisto Add-on for Splunk
SHA256 checksum (demisto-add-on-for-splunk_203.tgz) 98e6f5205ad28a6dbbae333757752a34afe00c1ec82dbefefa69479002d52a68 SHA256 checksum (demisto-add-on-for-splunk_200.tgz) 96a05d2e86986fc767b2878fe5ec15aa7a24b8140a40c33a5d03219c8df95d79 SHA256 checksum (demisto-add-on-for-splunk_107.tgz) 5884ffe765d7c432ba10414a9d7c2b6d089e70c4fd99436fc4826aac72ddbc8d
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Demisto Add-on for Splunk

Splunk AppInspect Passed
The Demisto Add-on for Splunk is used to provide user an option to associate Demisto Alert actions to push information from Splunk to Demisto Enterprise.


Supporting Add-on for Demisto. This application allows a user to create incident into Demisto from Splunk using Demisto Create Incident action.


  • Splunk version 6.3 >=
  • This application should be installed on Search Head.

Recommended System configuration

  • Standard Splunk configuration of Search Head.

Installation in Splunk Cloud

  • Same as on-premise setup.

Installation of App

  • This app can be installed through UI using "Manage Apps" or from the command line using the following command:
    $SPLUNK_HOME/bin/splunk install app $PATH_TO_SPL/TA-Demisto.spl/

  • User can directly extract SPL file into $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/ folder.

Application Setup

  • The user must complete the setup of the application. In order to create incident into Demisto, a user needs to provide following four parameters:
    1) Demisto Hostname/IP Address: This is mandatory parameter Hostname/IP address of the Demisto
    2) Demisto Application Port: This is an optional parameter.By default it would set to 443 if not defined here.The user can define it if running Demisto on any other port than the default (443) port.
    3) API key: This is a mandatory parameter. This parameter is used for authorization with Demsito. In order to generate this parameter, a user should log in to Demisto and then click on Settings --> Integration --> API Keys.
    4) Location to Certificate: This is a non-mandatory parameter. This parameter is used for specifiying a path for the certificate, In case there is a need to authenticate Demisto Host with a specific certificate then, upload the certificate on the Splunk Server where Add-on is being configured and provide path to certificate in this parameter.

Custom Alert Action

  • This application will add custom alert action named Demisto Create Incident Action. The user can configure this action on saved search. The user can pass following parameters to Demisto:
    1) Name: Name of the alert.
    2) Occurred Time: Time when alert was triggered
    3) Type: Type in demisto.
    4) Labels: Comma separated values to be put in the label field.
    5) Severity: Severity of the alert
    6) Details: Details field in the incident.


  • Environment variable SPLUNK_HOME must be set
  • To troubleshoot Demisto application, check $SPLUNK_HOME/var/log/splunk/demisto.log file.


  • Customers can file issues by logging into Demisto support portal (https://support.demisto.com).
  • Documentation on our support process is available in the support portal.

Release Notes

Version 2.0.3
Oct. 28, 2018

- Ability to send an alert to multiple Demisto servers. Please note that if you upgrade to this version you will need to re-define your alarms and select for each a specific Demisto server or to send the alert to all of the Demisto servers.

Version 2.0.0
Aug. 13, 2018

- Supporting HTTPS proxy
- Better error messages
- Ability to send alerts with special characters in their path, such as “my / alert”

Version 1.0.7
Nov. 20, 2017

-- App Certification Failure Fixed - Batch Stanza
-- Timezone changes while creating Incident


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