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Downloading Getting Started with Splunk Security
SHA256 checksum (getting-started-with-splunk-security_1038.tgz) 3f1b603741f816f3a788577eff80cfb60ecf933d03f6c64c4cb377d9a7f616fd SHA256 checksum (getting-started-with-splunk-security_1037.tgz) bfcdde1f4f3be079ba588996ea5832b5181deee5f51becd133d3c36fa52bac6e SHA256 checksum (getting-started-with-splunk-security_1036.tgz) 34949422d19c10e6dc35aeda0d0248e58901422e2005cc207c67fc19e58fb048 SHA256 checksum (getting-started-with-splunk-security_1035.tgz) 471d0d3c7a8712b3ec8a654c67a16951ddc19dbd0d6007f3521b002954022f2a SHA256 checksum (getting-started-with-splunk-security_1034.tgz) db9d46294f132bba3416a0ef3aadb1cff3d3b92ebae1865b58dedc3d8e9bd6df SHA256 checksum (getting-started-with-splunk-security_1033.tgz) 287e1caccb644357c58e09b55d486a49ed85f715bc3a98b312143a428ab59314 SHA256 checksum (getting-started-with-splunk-security_1032.tgz) 76359f12a4acd9c5c5743b741bae5227a766b7b9b03ce67f9d92bbf3a6a77912 SHA256 checksum (getting-started-with-splunk-security_1031.tgz) c1d00b04f5ffe335a5d06ed925881877a1cfa17e580e3cd734c86c1968a91473 SHA256 checksum (getting-started-with-splunk-security_1030.tgz) cae3ba5913771e7658fa1a98ca48fde68c9303663a4c67130be58ad632fc26bb SHA256 checksum (getting-started-with-splunk-security_1029.tgz) 82a4727d20d5f8bde31c4bad562f9d4e1dfe93cbbf72b739d6d1309d42eff6e8
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Getting Started with Splunk Security

Admins: Please read about Splunk Enterprise 8.0 and the Python 2.7 end-of-life changes and impact on apps and upgradeshere.
Get started with security investigation and analysis in Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud with the Getting Started with Splunk Security app. This guided experience walks you through using simple searches to identify, validate, and analyze security events in your environment. Rapidly gain insight and situational awareness to remediate threats quickly.

This app includes sample data and includes step-by-step tutorials for constructing security-relevant searches for specific use cases.

Getting Started with Security

Splunk enables security analysts to quickly identify the root cause of security incidents and make informed decisions about how to remediate an issue. This hands-on experience enables you to use Splunk in a set of security-relevant real-world exercises.

Three exercises cover three key components of a security investigation :

Exercise 1 : Detection – Identify whether there is a potential security issue.
Exercise 2 : Validation – Determine whether there is a need for further investigation.
Exercise 3 : Scoping – Discover the impact of a discovered issue.

Install this app on a lab, development, or test server. Do not install it on a production server as it includes demo data.


  1. On this page, click Download to download the app file.
  2. Save the app file in a location that you can access.
  3. Log in to Splunk platform on the host on which you want to install “Getting Started with Splunk Security”.
  4. From Splunk Home, select Apps > Manage Apps.
  5. Click Install app from file.
  6. Click Choose file and locate the app file.
  7. Click Upload. Your Splunk platform instance installs “Getting Started with Splunk Security”.
  8. Restart Splunk platform to start using the app.
  9. After Splunk platform restarts, “Getting Started with Splunk Security” appears as an app in the Apps menu.

Release Notes

Version 1.0.38
Feb. 13, 2020

Version 1.0.37
Jan. 21, 2018

Version 1.0.36
Jan. 18, 2017


Version 1.0.35
Jan. 6, 2017

Version 1.0.34
Jan. 6, 2017

Version 1.0.33
Nov. 17, 2016

Version 1.0.32
Nov. 17, 2016


Version 1.0.31
Nov. 15, 2016


Version 1.0.30
Nov. 15, 2016


Version 1.0.29
Nov. 15, 2016



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