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Downloading Airlock Digital App for Splunk
SHA256 checksum (airlock-digital-app-for-splunk_240.tgz) 68b3099fd4e2b5fa334e27f2c2154e6529230957a0993773fb79d2069a9af46a SHA256 checksum (airlock-digital-app-for-splunk_230.tgz) 8f9ec63a56c6ec6fd02e431cc74ab08135d426601f2be843e82f904d178ba924 SHA256 checksum (airlock-digital-app-for-splunk_22.tgz) 77e576f69933eb5c76de8129e9b1186f9e4fec3429c52796a689a87179a4c7cc SHA256 checksum (airlock-digital-app-for-splunk_21.tgz) 1bb321822dbddc18ba92e270b60b8fed89569a09947a153dca8a2409ca9353c5 SHA256 checksum (airlock-digital-app-for-splunk_203.tgz) bb6bbdc7daf9b3f01bff55b733f84ac1628abbdef58fc1edbc238a5614130e39 SHA256 checksum (airlock-digital-app-for-splunk_202.tgz) 827bb6b3c1584c23353a2c9290711f015e81ef77a131572a1358851b7e9b679a SHA256 checksum (airlock-digital-app-for-splunk_201.tgz) 5284d64f91f9c1fe1aa1eaa0e99fbe06ab53006d972f988149dfb16602ccc21c SHA256 checksum (airlock-digital-app-for-splunk_200.tgz) 090019aacff6e34859bf8774442a44d99a4a5972f6ab56aec38e552c37399b54 SHA256 checksum (airlock-digital-app-for-splunk_100.tgz) bd08e87b9283328bf63e928f29fa024e6afeeb0ce644b367b5be77f46850d25d
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Airlock Digital App for Splunk

Splunk Cloud
Airlock Digital App for Splunk provides a rich application for security operations teams to visualize Microsoft Windows, SysInternals SysMon and Airlock Digital Application Allowlisting data.

This application provides interactive dashboards for:
- Airlock Digital's enterprise application allowlisting and execution control product;
- Remote Desktop connections & login activity from across the Windows enteprise;
- Investigating interesting Windows security events such as Log Clearing as described in the NSA Whitepaper "Spotting the Adversary with Windows Event Log Monitoring";
- Identify BSOD events, application and service failures;
- Identify suspicious / malicious Windows PowerShell scripts in your environment and triage them;
- Interacting with Windows Firewall and Windows Defender Events;
- Displaying information from SysInternals Sysmon, including the detection of Mimikatz credential stealing including process injection and other process indicators.

Airlock Digital App for Splunk v2.3.0

== Support ==
If you have any questions or comments please get in touch at support@airlockdigital.com
If you have any ideas for new dashboard views that you would like to see, please let us know!

== Splunk Requirements ==
Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Windows https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/742/
Splunk Add-on for SysIntrnals SysMon https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/1914/
Splunk v6.4+ Required (Some dashboards within this application use post processing for searches)

== Installation ==
1) Install the Add-on in Splunk using the web interface, or by decompressing the application installer into the SplunkHome/Apps directory;
2) (optional) Ensure the Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Windows is installed and writing events to the 'wineventlog' index;
3) (optional) Ensure the Splunk Add-on for SysInternals SysMon is installed and writing events to the 'wineventlog' index.

== Operation ==
The application is divided into three sections. Each section provides dashbords that allow interaction with logs withn your environment. Additional operating instructions can be found at the bottom of each dashboard.

== Airlock Application Whitelisting ==
This section of the application contains dashboards that allow you to work with Airlock Application Whitelisting data.
Setup: The Airlock dashboards assume that the Airlock HTTP input has a sourcetype of airlock.

== Windows Security ==
This section of the application provides easy to use dashboards for visualising windows event logs.
These dashboards have been informed by operational security experience and information provided in the NSA whitepaper: 'Spotting the Adversary with Windows Event Log Monitoring.
The NSA Whitepaper can be obtained here: https://www.iad.gov/iad/library/reports/spotting-the-adversary-with-windows-event-log-monitoring.cfm
NOTE: These Windows dashboards were designed with the intent of never modifying windows event log data contained within your database. This is why some dashboards use extensive regex to parse events at search time.

== SysMon ==
This section of the application provides easy to use dashboards for visualising SysInternals SysMon logs.
SysInternals SysMon must be installed and configured on endpoints. Some dashboards require that image / driver / process access etc is configured. 'Posh-Sysmon' is a fantastic powershell framework designed to assist with the creation of SysMon XML configurations.

== Troubleshooting ==
No data displayed?
1) Please ensure the user account you are searching with has accessed to the desired indexes and these indexes are searchable by default for the user.
2) For Windows & SysMon logs, please ensure the data is being written to the index called 'wineventlog'. If the logs are being written to a different index, please remove the reference to 'index=wineventlog' in each dashboard query.
3) If you are sending data from Airlock, please ensure the sourcetype is set with a name of 'airlock'.

Failed to Load Source for Parallel-Coordinates Visualization
1) Please clear your browser cache which should resolve the issue after the Parallel-Coordinates upgrade;
2) Alternitavely test the plugin by loading the relevant dashboard in your browsers 'incognito' mode.

Release Notes

Version 2.4.0
July 21, 2021
  • Added Field Transformations for Compatibility with the Airlock Digital REST API Logger datasources;
  • Changed the default homepage to Airlock Overview
Version 2.3.0
Oct. 27, 2020

Update language used in app, confirm compatibility for Splunk 8.x

Version 2.2
Oct. 26, 2018
  • Updated Airlock dashboards to support the new logging format in Airlock Digital v3.0
  • Added a new command line view for Airlock data
    Note: This release drops support for the legacy 'TA Airlock Digital Add-on for Splunk'. Airlock now supports native Splunk HTTP logging.
    There are no other dashboard changes in this release, next update will include new views.
Version 2.1
Dec. 5, 2017
  • Added Windows PowerShell auditor. See which PowerShell scripts contain 'suspicious / malicious' keywords and triage them (requires PowerShell logging to be enabled in your environment)
  • Added 'Endpoint Interrogator' which allows you to see a computers event logs in a simple interface
  • Overhauled the 'App Crash Dash' with new views and drill-downs for more detailed application crash information;
  • Changed dashboards to use tstats where possible for performance
  • Fixed some other minor dashboard bugs.
Version 2.0.3
May 22, 2017
  • Upgraded the version of Parallel Coordinates to v1.1
  • Perform post-process searching on Remote Desktop dashboard for improved performance
  • Added Splunk forwarder status section on Windows Overview dashboard
  • Added new Privileged Account Usage dashboard, displays which accounts are being granted administrative tokens in the environment
  • Various additional bugfixes.
Version 2.0.2
March 24, 2017
  • Dashboard Updates
  • Updated Readme
Version 2.0.1
Feb. 28, 2017

Split inputs and indexes from application into separate Airlock Digital TA Add-on.
Improved lookups;
Minor dashboard updates.

Version 2.0.0
Feb. 22, 2017

What's New:
- Improved the Airlock Digital Application Whitelisting dashboard layout;
- Added Windows Security dashboards;
- Added Sysinternals SysMon dashboards.

Version 1.0.0
Oct. 10, 2016

Airlock Digital Add-On for Splunk - Initial Release

Contains the logic required to process events from Airlock. Includes pre-configured dashboards to process data.

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