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Downloading Splunk Datasets Add-on
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Splunk Datasets Add-on

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The Splunk Datasets Add-on provides an intuitive interface to build, edit and analyze table datasets (tables) without SPL. After you install it, tables become a seamless part of your Splunk user experience.

With the Splunk Datasets Add-On, you can:
- Build tables with initial data from source types and indexes, searches, or existing datasets.
- Quickly shape your tables to fit your analysis and reporting requirements, without needing to learn or use complex SPL.
- Maintain tables over time or share them with others and let them take the tables in new directions.

Splunk Enterprise customers should install the Datasets Add-on as part of any installation of Splunk Enterprise 6.5.x or later. The Splunk Datasets Add-on is preinstalled with Splunk Cloud instances of version 6.5.x or later.


With Splunk 6.5, we are introducing a new type of dataset called table datasets, or tables.

Use the Splunk Datasets Add-on to create, edit and analyze tables.
Create tables: Build and curate sophisticated tables using an interaction-based UI, and without any need to learn or write SPL.
Edit tables: Filter events, edit field values, add fields from lookups and other sources, perform statistical data aggregations, and more.
Analyze tables: The Table Editor provides a "Summarize Fields" view, which displays a variety of analytical details about the fields in your table. You can see top value distributions, null value percentages, numeric value statistics, and more. Open datasets in Pivot to analyze their data and translate their contents into visualization-rich reports and dashboard panels.

Tables and the Table Editor are seamlessly integrated into version 6.5 when you install the Splunk Datasets Add-on.

For Splunk Datasets Add-On documentation go here.

To view a short demo go here.


  1. Download the Splunk Datasets Add-on. The file downloads with a .tar.gz extension. Do not attempt to run this file.
  2. Save the archive in an accessible location.
  3. Log into Splunk Enterprise on the host on which you want to install the Splunk Datasets Add-on.
  4. In the Home screen, select Apps > Manage Apps.
  5. Click Install app from file.
  6. Click Choose file and locate the installation package you just uploaded.
  7. Click Upload. Your Splunk instance installs the Splunk Datasets Add-on.

After installation, the Splunk Datasets Add-on does not appear as a separate app in the Apps menu.

See the Splunk Datasets Add-on documentation for more installation information.

Release Notes

Version 1.0
July 28, 2016


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