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Downloading Catchpoint Search
SHA256 checksum (catchpoint-search_102.tgz) 573452752adae35d81550e0f17806a18c7c360ba9742e2851d3a622d5d818851 SHA256 checksum (catchpoint-search_101.tgz) 7249ef6ddb15153474e04187d9bf36bed3333d2bc2d7addb9b1c5fa58345a4bb SHA256 checksum (catchpoint-search_100.tgz) aa67a5c1d85742df25512a05f1d32da262bd64c54dede10f2d98b943eea99a58 SHA256 checksum (catchpoint-search_090.tgz) e493ab06147985c338910dc29bdca16b9f45c725f2b8c1c537fd9caa68f34b1d SHA256 checksum (catchpoint-search_089.tgz) 875d52b5f5ab93847967ce62ab762bd13e3f282ece0eee10e6456ee4bb52b2e4 SHA256 checksum (catchpoint-search_088.tgz) b82f3477f8a48da57218f521fa539afc69d5acfa601cc0399c8ad14ef2e9b7f6 SHA256 checksum (catchpoint-search_087.tgz) 9c7cbf6ac20bffa25b374d0e9af37106f68bc6f42e8f8cd89e83886b97cd368d SHA256 checksum (catchpoint-search_086.tgz) 5c2f3b170661bf2ffcc53dfbdb5cc29e3d1bbac6ca2d5f567f8670eb1c8662b7 SHA256 checksum (catchpoint-search_085.tgz) 46d690020ca85679ed864183f0ef03fe8ef43c81168436d4d95e1c861bfba5fb SHA256 checksum (catchpoint-search_084.tgz) 800463730d2200b2357e6d288e84c511143ccb7be3a969529d192633b1e201a7
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Catchpoint Search

This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for you here.
Catchpoint Search allows you to pull Catchpoint performance analytics data into Splunk to help identify and resolve service degradation and outages.

Catchpoint Integration for Splunk Documentation

Developer's Note

Open-Source Software libraries used within this add-on include:

  • Oauth2 version 1.5
  • Httplib2 version 0.8
  • Requests version 2.2.1
  • SplunkLib version 1.6.14


For technical support, questions or concerns on the release --
contact our development team at support@catchpoint.com.

Installation and Initial Setup

Technical Note

app.conf overview: $SPLUNK_HOME/Splunk/etc/apps/search_cp/local/app.conf

Upon initial setup, the parameter is configured located under the stanza install must have a value of 0. This value represents that the application is indeed starting up for the first time and is not configured for use. A user's first use of the Catchpoint Splunk Modular Input should, by default, take the user to the App configuration page when the is configured is 0.

From the home view of SplunkWeb, navigate to the left-hand side and select the grayed Find More Apps icon. In the search bar that appears, search for Catchpoint Search and select Install. Upon completion, select Restart. Once restarted, from the home view, select the Catchpoint Search app found on the left-hand side of the view. On the App configuration page which follows, select Continue to app page setup to continue.

On the setup page, the base URL (Catchpoint API URL) has been automatically set.
Complete the setup by supplying the consumer key and consumer secret within the remaining fields.

Multiple client/division support for performance and alerts data:
1. To pull data from multiple client/division, Navigate to Manage Apps page.
1. Search for Catchpoint Search and select Set up from Actions.
1. Complete the setup by supplying the consumer key and consumer secret within the remaining fields.

Manual Installation

If manually installing the application from its tarball form, it is important to ensure (when the .tar has been expanded) that the base directory's name of the application is search_cp.

The end result of a manual installation should reflect the following folder structure -- where search_cp is the name of the application directory.





Getting Data In

Navigate to Settings > Data inputs and locate Catchpoint Modular Input. On the right-hand side of the located row, select Add New. To begin ingesting Catchpoint data within Splunk, supply the required values for Catchpoint Input Name, Test ID and Client Secret, Catchpoint Input Name is used only for labeling the tests json. Client Secret should match one of the consumer secret key which was supplied in the set up page.

It should be noted that the user should pay special attention to the required format of the Test ID field.
The modular input can be setup with just one test ID, however, if the user chooses to create the modular input with multiple test IDs,
it is required multiple test IDs

  • be of a comma-seperated values form.
  • be of the same test type.


Assume the following Test IDs to be of the same type:

  • XXX
  • YYY
  • ZZZ

Assume the following Test ID to be of a different type of the IDs mentioned above:

  • BBB

As an example,


is a VALID endpoint because

  • the Test IDs provided are of a comma-seperated values form.
  • the Test IDs provided are of the same test type.

As a closing example,


is an INVALID endpoint because although

  • the Test IDs provided are of a comma-seperated values form,
  • the Test IDs provided are NOT of the same test type.


Under More settings, the user is able to set the Index and Host field values.
The Index dropdown sets the destination index for this source. It is recommended users choose catchpoint as the specified index. To finish input setup, select Next toward the top of the page's view.

Closing Note

The frequency or 'interval' of how often the newly created data input is executed has been programmatically determined by using the start and end time values of the initial event json recently indexed into Splunk.

Viewing the Data Within Splunk

Upon completing the Getting Data In section, the user is now ready to view thier data being ingested within Splunk. From Splunk's homepage, select the Catchpoint Search app icon found on the left-hand side.

The user is able to complete searches within the Catchpoint index with the command index = catchpoint.

Release Notes

Version 1.0.2
May 4, 2021

Added support for new dashboards.
Catchpoint - Overview.
Catchpoint - Test Times.
Catchpoint - Response Size.
Catchpoint - Recent Errors.
Catchpoint - Alerts.

Version 1.0.1
Jan. 28, 2021

Fixed bug to allow editing of existing fields under Data Inputs.

Version 1.0.0
Nov. 6, 2020
  • Extended support for Python 3 and SplunkLib version 1.6.14.
  • Added multiple division and client support for performance and alerts data.
  • Changed the parsing logic to pull more metrics from REST API response.
  • Added Catchpoint insight data to Splunk.
Version 0.9.0
May 30, 2019
Version 0.8.9
Nov. 26, 2017

Fixed defect where transaction steps were shown as null.

Version 0.8.8
Sept. 19, 2017

Improved dashboard usability.

Version 0.8.7
May 11, 2017

Added ability to pull Catchpoint alert data.
Removed Catchpoint Index per Splunk guideline that Apps should not create indexes.

Version 0.8.6
Aug. 11, 2016

Improved dashboard visualizations.

Version 0.8.5
Aug. 10, 2016

Fixed defect that prevented authentication to Catchpoint API if credentials initially incorrect and updated to be correct.

Version 0.8.4
July 29, 2016

Initial release allows retrieving Catchpoint raw synthetic test performance data.

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