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Downloading Nest App for Splunk
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Nest App for Splunk

From Nest Thermostats to the Nest Protect, this app can visualize all of your data from the Nest Add-on ( for Splunk.

In addition, this app integrates with the Weather Underground App to provide you a useful dashboard around your Nest Thermostat.

Nest App for Splunk Documentation


Installation for this add-on is fairly straight forward. You can install it through the Splunk GUI.


You do not need to do anything to configure this app other than wait. Usually we recommend waiting about 10 minutes before checking in on this app just due to the nature of how often data is generated from your Nest devices.

If you'd like to speed up the process we recommend doing the following.

  1. Open your Nest App on your Phone, Tablet, Laptop, or other device and do something to generate some data. Usually adjusting your temperature should make this happen.
  2. From the Navigation pane in the Nest App for Splunk, navigate to Setup > Generate Device IDs (this is only found in version 1.1.3 and above of the app). This report runs every 5 minutes. If it is empty, it's likely you don't have any data from Nest in Splunk yet.
  3. You can manually run this search, or wait another 5 minutes to see if the report runs successfully.
  4. If the Report still doesn't work, ensure you have data coming into the nest index by running a search for index=nest.
  5. Lastly, feel free to reach out to us via e-mail or on Splunk Answers.

Weather Underground:

One optional configuration step you can take is to configure the TA-wunderground app. This will allow for some dashboards to populate different panels. For instructions on installing that app visit

If you want to integrate that data into the Nest App for Splunk, you'll need to update the lookup table named home_view_city.

There are two relevant fields in here:
name - this is the name of your nest account. It can be found in your data under data.structures.<account_id>.name
city - this is the City configured in the wunderground TA.

Running the app:

Simply click the app in the App Drop Down and you should be off and running.


There are three reasons you may not see data in the dashboard right away.

  1. You simply just haven't had any data come into Splunk yet. You can attempt to interact with your thermostat in order to generate some data.
  2. The saved search "Generate Device IDs" does take some time to populate an important lookup table. This is the basis for a lot of the dashboards in this app and may be why you don't see data coming in immediately. You can manually run that search the first time if you don't want to wait by clicking on Setup > Generate Device IDs.
  3. Some dashboards will only populate if you have certain nest devices. For example if you don't have a Nest Thermostat, that dashboard won't be relevant to you.

Feature Requests

This app is still very new and there have been a number of great requests so far. If there is a visualization you'd like to see added, please e-mail us and we'll see what we can do.

Application Support

Email support for this app is available during weekday business hours (US, East Coast).

Release Notes

Version 1.1.3
June 17, 2017

Updated Navigation Pane with "Setup" Dropdown. This will allow users to quickly access the search that generates the lookup table used in many of the dashboards and assist in troubleshooting.

Updated Navigation Pane color.

Squashed some minor issues we had as we prepare for Splunk app certification.


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