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Downloading Splunk OVA for VMware
SHA256 checksum (splunk-ova-for-vmware_403.ova) 7451bd12b9ae0a4df981435380aef4a03964920a53eb993f72e1ce8cd0c52adb SHA256 checksum (splunk-ova-for-vmware_402.ova) bab732f3f96dbbc3c476ed184674337b3f64f8fd6ac5214f14241acd2427c3e8 SHA256 checksum (splunk-ova-for-vmware_401.ova) 7e933f1928d858b3c5eb4a4c65e0bf3d0109d59d56a217889ee2807f5e6c3c0b SHA256 checksum (splunk-ova-for-vmware_400.ova) 48dc42a671ae1749f1e1d1cd32721a13ed1222f1821787cd913d56bfb31ac61d SHA256 checksum (splunk-ova-for-vmware_347.ova) e05d8e3e618fe8f5551aa933e95ad3b7aefe47af5d32b90ce3f4ecc362d22a7f SHA256 checksum (splunk-ova-for-vmware_346.ova) 501f186f2b2e562ed53309f16985473025fcbd07def5515269b1c50d9a38a455 SHA256 checksum (splunk-ova-for-vmware_345.ova) 2dce627623095dca99f8752bf6bd0c5abfe4341b2f4a41368b2be2ced8fa4e98 SHA256 checksum (splunk-ova-for-vmware_344.ova) b78d7d68e8f23f24f81789ca1b6f7e86411cc6596111e359b6c5ff1e6a60709e SHA256 checksum (splunk-ova-for-vmware_343.ova) 8428991a848109cca9ac91a81fb896110360a6151f60c0bf72633c54f2f8a2fc SHA256 checksum (splunk-ova-for-vmware_342.ova) 448919a1c9eddc46272ac7e1e46fa4bd31ffce9826187b7fd0590654f6ec8b8f SHA256 checksum (splunk-ova-for-vmware_341.ova) 45c7ed379f4a83f5792189fe19d956893f3d66e5245375cb7f3479a0fbcbe6f8 SHA256 checksum (splunk-ova-for-vmware_340.ova) 9b2703d361cbc9b844ad57c0397939993bffe698514985fd38251c62ecb4e340 SHA256 checksum (splunk-ova-for-vmware_332.ova) c8186f7e3ce704f1a8769e07de6fa703c6e7880c4e85d619870626d862da443d SHA256 checksum (splunk-ova-for-vmware_331.ova) 7968c68211095d3124c2bb7d1e7b04570209a15998a4325fe599957a7baf2292
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Splunk OVA for VMware

Splunk Built
The Splunk OVA for VMware is a preconfigured Splunk platform software bundle, that is distributed as an OVA. It contains a Splunk platform heavy forwarder, preconfigured to serve as a data collection node (DCN), that collects API data, such as performance, inventory, hierarchy, task, and event data from your virtualized environment.

The Splunk OVA for VMware is not compatible with the Splunk App for Infrastructure (SAI). To monitor VMware vCenter Server data with SAI, collect data with the Splunk VMware OVA for ITSI (https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/4760/).

The Splunk Add-on for VMware is a standalone app that collects data from VMware ESXi, and is used to ingest and normalize data (For example: eventtypes and tagging) for use with the ITSI Virtualization module and the Splunk App for VMware.

For documentation, see the [Splunk OVA for VMware documentation manual.]https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/OVAVMW/4.0.1/OVADCNVMW/Whatisnew#What_is_new_in_Splunk_OVA_for_VMware

Release Notes

Version 4.0.3
July 20, 2021
Version 4.0.2
Jan. 8, 2021
Version 4.0.1
Sept. 22, 2020
Version 4.0.0
Aug. 28, 2020
Version 3.4.7
May 6, 2020
Version 3.4.6
Oct. 24, 2019
Version 3.4.5
June 7, 2019
Version 3.4.4
Dec. 7, 2018
Version 3.4.3
Oct. 19, 2018
Version 3.4.2
June 11, 2018
Version 3.4.1
Jan. 2, 2018
Version 3.4.0
June 13, 2017
Version 3.3.2
Jan. 11, 2017

The Splunk OVA for VMWare 3.3.2 is intended for easy deployment of a standalone Splunk forwarder for use as a Data Collection Node responsible for making calls to the vSphere API and forwarding responses to your Splunk indexers. The OVA contains the following:

Virtual Hardware v7
CentOS v6.4
Disk Size 16gb
VMWare Tool v5.1
A Splunk Enterprise v6.4.1 heavy forwarder
Splunk Addon for VMWare 3.3.2

The Splunk OVA for VMWare is compatible with the Splunk Add-on for VMWare 3.3.2

Version 3.3.1
Oct. 23, 2016

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