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Downloading SSL Certificate Checker
SHA256 checksum (ssl-certificate-checker_402.tgz) f0e1c471f38f4eec7ef4169ff51bb3f8d0330f1d780c9fad929094aa5b880a95 SHA256 checksum (ssl-certificate-checker_401.tgz) f91d81effbc1f55eae22575061d585a00afed4d6df4a122142d6a1730b1dce3e SHA256 checksum (ssl-certificate-checker_32.tgz) 914a1381b5134274f7eb6b0491de6f15cab9542a08c79e5a7c9d88f30c48ec0e
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SSL Certificate Checker


Troubleshooting directions are provided under the details tab here on Splunkbase.

The SSL Certificate Checker Technology Add-on contains scripts and inputs designed to index the expiration date and name of the SSL certificates you want to monitor. From there you can setup a dashboard/report/alert to monitor when your SSL certificates are about to expire. This is a great tool for monitoring Splunk's Web / Frontend & Splunk's Daemon / Backend SSL certificates both if you've specified your own or if you're using the built in certificates.

Now supports automated discovery mode that finds the PEM files you're using to encrypt your Splunk traffic and indexes their expiration date. Use the dashboard provided as an example to configure alerts, and never let a Splunk cert expire again!

Many thanks to Christian Cloutier (https://answers.splunk.com/users/229355/christian.cloutier.html) for the idea behind this app as well as development efforts.


  • Doesnt work on Universal Forwarders / Light Forwarders
  • Requires Splunk's built in Python 2.7 and OpenSSL binaries / libraries
  • Tested on Windows, OSX 10.11.5, and Generic Linux

Installation Instructions

1st - Install the app, and restart Splunk
2nd - Configure the app by opening the app and navigating to setup
- Specify a host, index, and interval / cron schedule
- Unselect disabled
- Specify comma separated list of ssl certificates to monitor
- Click save
3rd - Restart Splunk or reload scripted inputs (./splunk reload exec)
4th - Setup your own Splunk searches, alerts, dashboards over index=indexName cert=*


Be sure the python scripts in /bin are executable ("chmod +x /path/to/ssl_checker/bin/.py")
Be sure to restart Splunk after configuration (Enables scripted inputs)
Check for logged errors ("index=_internal log_level=err
OR log_level=warn ssl_checker")
Contact the author via contact link here on splunkbase or by tagging @jkat54 on answers.splunk.com

Change Log v3.2:

Fixed file permissions for nix users

Change Log v3.1:

Fixed issue with certs on caPaths not being correctly detected in automated detection mode
Added better Instructions to setup.xml
Removed index name from "Certificate Expiration Overview" dashboard underlying search

Change Log v3.0:

Added Automatic Discovery Mode
Added Certificate Expiration Overview dashboard
Changed default CRON schedules to 0 0 * * from * * * *

Change Log v2.0:

Added ssl.conf file & REST endpoints for managing SSL certificates
Added props.conf to force DATETIME_CONFIG = CURRENT
Added setup.xml for enabling inputs and setting paths to certificates on both Window & Linux systems
Changed interval to every minute on all inputs but they are disabled by default

Change Log v1.01:

Disabled inputs by default
Changed interval to 0 0 * * * on all inputs
Disabled logging of duplicate data to _internal index via splunk.mining.dcutils

Release Notes

Version 4.0.2
Aug. 20, 2020

-Updated example dashboard
-Fixed bug in setup.xml
-Python 3 Compatible

Version 4.0.1
Aug. 7, 2020
  • Now with python 3 compatibility
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, I like python 3, how about you?
Version 3.2
Aug. 18, 2017

Fixed file permissions for Linux users

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