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MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_158.tgz) 47b53cc25060a1d7642cd786c978e865 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_157.tgz) c809f0b7072bdba9822d61186060a6b6 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_156.tgz) 23ec455717a70a548c40761f52489211 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_155.tgz) 1cb7754ec82a532e2f6edaac40fc1d24 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_154.tgz) 5fdf4c6d9d60cc585c23c0f6ffd563bb MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_153.tgz) 2698f05443928d83c38dc0ab99abdda8 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_152.tgz) 735d9cb047195090e9ea0e7391b3cefa MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_151.tgz) 42d592e21088d7be778044fd03c28ec0 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_150.tgz) d07ec744edb73689efada4ae03c3c031 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_145.tgz) 7c6cc3f730110d356d7b33ed387bfb01 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_144.tgz) f426d661416dda5c42d9902b0cdac837 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_143.tgz) df0c0d88e9917d76608c39926f40a3e2 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_142.tgz) 6c75b2e63cd46cbff36f81c9b190f204 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_141.tgz) 4edcaad7de1bc1f7d9235e038437cb1b MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_140.tgz) 260318a8ad21dcea9f02a3a2dca1bcd8 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_1313.tgz) 838106dc632fdbea59f868217154c173 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_1312.tgz) 22e5ebcfb692dbe7a6da55632664dd41 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_1311.tgz) 5a6bc872d04ffb6017495c99fb0964d7 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_1310.tgz) 949513849e94487635465cf74fecf570 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_139.tgz) e3771d853b4bcecea0e9ba12a684f5fe MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_138.tgz) c5b640bc5483b524d8bf6951d4e2c022 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_137.tgz) 13826c1f99940031b05c917330b559f6 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_136.tgz) b7e1bd65e7f968369771b5d19044e64c MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_135.tgz) 51899a9ed29f02c4fc1785d2ff47c053 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_134.tgz) 73483ae0a8d85caefb97b5b01406aba4 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_133.tgz) ca4f6818c63e550e513cef1872256744 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_132.tgz) a5c6e780d47b4b58b3d2c9794159d408 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_131.tgz) 78886910e2f883179fb242fccaeff8a0 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_13.tgz) ca7abc758184a545474f424b86770eff MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_12.tgz) b7887e159ac4b94070cf4a1933c5dd87 MD5 checksum (clustered-single-value-map-visualization_11.tgz) 58b3d488b07c4a541329cc2bd556507c
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Clustered Single Value Map Visualization

Have you ever wanted to plot massive amounts of single value lat/lons with clustering and drill-down to individual markers? Use this app! No geostats aggregation at all! Tested with 1.7 million individual points. Lots of configuration options including the ability to add description popups with HTML support, color and style markers, add icons, disable clustering and plot nothing but single values. Native splunk maps can't do that!


Please visit Github for full documentation. The documentaiton has exceeded Splunkbase's character limit.


Feature Requests

Please submit feature requests through Github using the enhancement label so they can be tracked and discussed.


Please submit bugs through Github using the bug label so they can be tracked and discussed.

Questions & General Support

For general support and questions on using the app, please post to Splunk Answers.

For all other inquiries

Scott Haskell (

Code hosted at Github

Release Notes

Version 1.5.8
Oct. 11, 2017

* Fixed a bug where the visualization failed to load in IE 11 - See for details.

Version 1.5.7
July 13, 2017

* Reverted event processing logic to old method due to reports of inconsistent behavior
* Supports version 6.4+ again

Version 1.5.6
July 10, 2017

* Added Google Places Search integration
* Added Auto Fit & Zoom Delay to fix issue with inconsistent behavior
* Refactored logic for processing events using data.meta.done flag
* Removed support for Splunk 6.4 since it does not support new data.meta.done flag

Version 1.5.5
July 6, 2017

* Added new tooltip field that enables a tooltip hover over for markers
* Deprecated (with backwards compatibility) title field
* Added Marker format menu panel with Permanent Tooltip and Sticky Tooltip options

Version 1.5.4
July 6, 2017

* Added format menu option 'Auto Fit & Zoom' to dynamically set map view that contains all markers with the maximum zoom level possible when search finishes.
* Added context menu option 'Auto Fit & Zoom' for easier map navigation

Version 1.5.3
June 26, 2017

* Fixed bug where Cluster Warning Size was failing to alert users of large clusters causing the browser to hang

Version 1.5.2
May 5, 2017

* Added default styling to KML to fix issue with map failing to render when no style exists

Version 1.5.1
April 4, 2017

- Fixed bug where map fails to render when all popups or multiple popups are enabled with context menu disabled.

Version 1.5.0
March 16, 2017

- Version 1.5.0 introduces the ability to trace paths along the map. If you have a dataset that contains multiple coordinates for each point (think cars, trains, planes, bicycles, anything that moves and can be tracked) you can now trace the path of the object.

Version 1.4.5
Feb. 16, 2017

- Added compatibility for hex values prefixed with '0x' for markerColor field using SVG based icons and iconColor field for SVG and PNG based icons. Added for compatibility with Splunk's tostring eval function which returns '0x' prefixed hex values.

Version 1.4.4
Feb. 10, 2017

- Added feature to use SVG based markers. This allows for dynamic resizing and styling using any HTML color code name or hex value.
- Added Marker Priority feature that renders markers on top of or underneath others based on a numerical value.
- Updated ionicons to version 2.0.1

Version 1.4.3
Feb. 1, 2017

- Updated Leaflet to version 1.0.3
- Updated Leaflet.markercluster plugin to version 1.0.2
- Code simplification and general cleanup.

Version 1.4.2
Jan. 31, 2017

- Fixed styling issue with KML/KMZ overlays.

Version 1.4.1
Jan. 29, 2017

- Added dialog box to display information when clicking 'Show details' from the context menu. This allows you to directly copy and paste center lat/lon coordinates into the format menu without disruption.

Version 1.4.0
Jan. 27, 2017

- Added feature to enable/disable context menu when right clicking the map. Use to show details (pointer lat/lon, map center lat/lon), center map or zoom in/out. Center lat/lon coordinates can be copied and used to set 'Center Lat' and 'Center Lon' settings. The custom visualization API does not currently support programmatically setting format menu options so you must manually set them yourself.

Version 1.3.13
Jan. 20, 2017

- Fixed a bug where the font size in CSS was overriding the *extraClasses* field.
- Fixed a bug with the *title* field where appending *title* to the final table command didn't apply the title when hovering over the icon.
- Fixed a bug where a trailing slash was missing in the the Leaflet default image path causing the default Leaflet icon to fail rendering.
- Fixed an issue with ajax call when fetching KML files to specify the file format as XML so the browser doesn't incorrectly guess and cause an error.

Version 1.3.12
Dec. 21, 2016

* Added drilldown capability. Add any non-standard fields to the final table command to have those fields available as a drilldown tokens. Enable drilldown in the format menu and simply double-click a marker to execute the drilldown. See the docs for details and an example.

Version 1.3.11
Nov. 2, 2016

- Set is_configred = 0 in app.conf

Version 1.3.10
Oct. 12, 2016

- Fixed a bug where loading multiple instances of the visualization on the same dashboard fails

Version 1.3.9
Sept. 28, 2016

- Fixed bug in logic of creating markers that caused the visualization to fail when handling basic case of latitude and longitude.

Version 1.3.8
Sept. 26, 2016

- Added new feature that allows you to interactively measure paths and area on the map. See documentation for details.

Version 1.3.7
Sept. 23, 2016

- Added new Overlay feature. Copy any KML or KMZ files into the app so they can be displayed on the map. See documentation for details.
- Fixed bug where changing default height of map would fail to render the map tiles in the additional space beyond the default 600 pixels of height.

Version 1.3.6
Sept. 21, 2016

- Added new layer control feature that groups marker/icon styles into their own layer. A layer control widget (enabled by default, but optionally hidden) is presented in the upper right hand corner that displays a legend for each icon class with a checkbox to toggle visbility of the markers on the map. This control works for both clustered and single value visualizations.

Version 1.3.5
June 15, 2016

- Added new clustering option 'Cluster Warning Size'. See documentation for usage.
- Added new clustering option 'Distance Multiplier'. See documentation for usage.

Version 1.3.4
June 6, 2016

- Added support for backwards compatibility in checking argument values with older versions. Saw issues with upgrades and older arguments in savedsearches.conf.

Version 1.3.3
June 2, 2016

- Fixed syntax errors in formatter.html that was causing some options to not get set by default
- Fixed issue with parsing config options and default option settings that was causing clustering to be disabled by default on saved searches.
- Fixed issue where default icon marker wasn't configured with the correct defaults if not set by user in search.

Version 1.3.2
April 27, 2016

- Fixed bug with full screen mode and default height options that were affecting multiple instances of this visualization on the same dashboard.

Version 1.3.1
April 27, 2016

- Fixed bug with full screen mode and default height options that were affecting other panels in the same dashboard.

Version 1.3
April 25, 2016

- Added options to customize cluster marker foreground/background color and cluster thresholds
- Added option to enable full screen mode for map
- Added option to set height of the map
- Changed configuration menu layout and renamed 'Tiles' to 'Map'

Version 1.2
April 21, 2016

- Added three new Stamen Maps tiles
- Added new optional field 'title' to customize icon mouse hover over
- Added options to override provided map tiles and attribution
- Added option to open multiple popups at the same time
- Added option to open all popups for non-clustered maps on page load

Version 1.1
April 19, 2016

- Added ability to customize marker color and add icons based on fields in the search
- Reduced number of fields to use visualization to two; latitude and longitude
- Added option to disable scroll wheel zoom
- Styled clusters with bold font to increase visibility


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