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Downloading Qumulo Cluster Management for Splunk
SHA256 checksum (qumulo-cluster-management-for-splunk_250.tgz) 2a66be3bacec3f423751fca40123b4ae62efaf32b5fb3ef3df009df03c14514c SHA256 checksum (qumulo-cluster-management-for-splunk_215a.tgz) 864d665f31d02f0c49809f6405003f90d111ba29c2b7b78478e91a3ac0a55a01 SHA256 checksum (qumulo-cluster-management-for-splunk_215.tgz) af8d3331f67fe24dcaa3b590ff963a1ac9f5553e1731638ee6c1756ba6df3ffb SHA256 checksum (qumulo-cluster-management-for-splunk_205.tgz) bdc69b2cccd26d3b689e87bec5372bcad19d4bf114eb4161a2f28619ec033eff SHA256 checksum (qumulo-cluster-management-for-splunk_204g.tgz) 87e6dedf46c39d30ee6ab1b0eb44c8d6439774ab29a9279a3a6c939c6a8cd395 SHA256 checksum (qumulo-cluster-management-for-splunk_204f.tgz) 6f471becae498d66d19e42c60bb573f97fe6c9fdf39e42aa99ed96c53d3ed5d2 SHA256 checksum (qumulo-cluster-management-for-splunk_204d.tgz) 5b0408b5cc16ae760f71df1b785812c4b937de73b013074de09c15f0165b8d09 SHA256 checksum (qumulo-cluster-management-for-splunk_204c.tgz) 0d41836eec781142337d552844e7680dc11095fe763fd30f38dd9ef4114a0db0 SHA256 checksum (qumulo-cluster-management-for-splunk_204b.tgz) c3ebd18a2bf906cf13f50386efa45df59adb215674c653406c13dd8d9b64941d
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Qumulo Cluster Management for Splunk

This app has been archived. Learn more about app archiving.
Admins: Please read about Splunk Enterprise 8.0 and the Python 2.7 end-of-life changes and impact on apps and upgradeshere.
The Qumulo Splunk App (https://github.com/Qumulo/splunk_app) lets Qumulo (http://qumulo.com) customers use Splunk to view metrics and create alerts about their Qumulo cluster.

Qumulo App version 2.0.0


The Qumulo Splunk App (https://github.com/Qumulo/splunk_app) lets Qumulo (http://qumulo.com) customers
use Splunk to view metrics and create alerts about their Qumulo cluster.


Qumulo REST API/ python 2.7 wrapper (https://pypi.python.org/pypi?%3Aaction=pkg_edit&name=qumulo_api)

Supported Qumulo Core / Cluster versions

The Qumulo Splunk App is verified to work with:

Qumulo 2.0.0
Qumulo 1.3.0
Qumulo 1.2.23
Qumulo 1.2.22
Qumulo 1.2.21

Earlier or later version of Qumulo Core may also work with this version of Qumulo Splunk App but have not been
verified with this version.

Open Source Software

Licensed under Educational Community License (ECL) Version 2.0, April 2007


The Educational Community License version 2.0 ("ECL") consists of the Apache 2.0 license, modified to change
the scope of the patent grant in section 3 to be specific to the needs of the education communities using this license.
The original Apache 2.0 license can be found at: http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0

See project file LICENSE for details and terms

Supported Splunk Versions

Verified with Splunk 6.3


Copy files to $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/qumulo_splunk_app and restart Splunk

Installation and Configuration

You'll need to provide hostname, port number and username and password for an account
with access to Qumulo REST API after installing the app.

You can also configure different poll intervals for each endpoint etc.

NOTE that you will need to restart your Splunk server after updating configuration.

Splunk Meta Data

The Qumulo Splunk app creates a new index (qumulo) with three sourcetypes (described below)


Qumulo Splunk App defines three source types:


Distributed deployment

This app is designed to run in context of a Splunk server and communicates via REST
with a Qumulo cluster.

Additional declarations


Clicking on 'Qumulo App' on the left-hand side in the Splunk home screen brings you to the default / provided
Qumulo dashboard. It can be customized as-needed. By default it shows:

Minimum and Average Free Capacity charts
Read and Write Throughput values over time
Most Active Client IPs against the cluster, over time

These are suggested metrics to display in the dashboard. By clicking on the Qumulo Splunk App icon, you can search
any of the Qumulo metrics and create appropriate dashboard components or alerts or replace the existing dashboard

Clicking on 'Search' in the Qumulo Splunk App navigation bar will let you search on any one of IOPs, capacity or

Clicking on 'Setup' in the Qumulo Splunk App navigation bar will let you set up or edit parameters for the app,
enable or disable endpoints, control polling frequency for each of the three REST inputs or view any errors
that have occurred within the Qumulo Splunk App.


Any log entries/errors will get written to $SPLUNK_HOME/var/log/splunk/splunkd.log


Clicking on 'Manage/ Qumulo Splunk App Errors' in the Qumulo Splunk App navigation bar will show any errors that
have occurred while running the Qumulo Splunk App; Errors can be queried and filtered just like any other data in

Contact and Support


Support hours (at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week)
How to get support (email, website, phone):
Michael Murray
855 4-QUMULO (855.478.6856)

Issues with this application are tracked using GitHub issues on the associated project, which
you can find here:


Release Notes

Version 2.5.0
Nov. 29, 2016

Version 2.5.0

Version 2.1.5a
Sept. 12, 2016

removes logging of credentials from qumulo_client per CR


Version 2.1.5
Sept. 12, 2016

updated to pick up credentials from Splunk encrypted storage
updated to Qumulo 2.1.5 REST API

Version 2.0.5
July 8, 2016

version 2.0.5 -- fixes some security certification issues identified by Splunk

Version 2.0.4g
June 10, 2016

re-added endpoint_to_poll to scheme generation.

GH version is here:

Version 2.0.4f
June 10, 2016

certification fixes

Version 2.0.4d
June 8, 2016

removed unused Advanced XML template per cert.

GitHub change: https://github.com/Qumulo/qumulo_splunk_app/commit/199082f5963443f688031d2ace8a835d4771eb56

Version 2.0.4c
June 7, 2016

fixes some Splunk certification issues

Version 2.0.4b
June 7, 2016

works with Qumulo 2.0.4.

Fixes polling issue (thanks Splunk cert folk!)

GitHub version is here: https://github.com/Qumulo/qumulo_splunk_app/commit/4aee15a0135c2e46c497a0ef11be5f02aa117088


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