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Downloading Pubnub Modular Input
SHA256 checksum (pubnub-modular-input_148.tgz) a59c0ca937ec034ba4f80c0754853468bfb5440756b8ddec18cc825a4f366409 SHA256 checksum (pubnub-modular-input_147.tgz) 5ecc3d5d2427c67ae8b3464876ca2ed6f5e6b0a9bbbedff5e1ee161f4dfe3f3a SHA256 checksum (pubnub-modular-input_146.tgz) 1b53b366c0866af4aa26199c96958c8c39da8bc0d8b0233e698444a59766aac3 SHA256 checksum (pubnub-modular-input_145.tgz) a625a33e8c8b09400e9c5a1167ef12728dcb8957b104d4faee176fdb8fc3520c SHA256 checksum (pubnub-modular-input_144.tgz) 81f7de751192840d495b0ebe7716e6f8c592a06760096963692de29e2908b4b6 SHA256 checksum (pubnub-modular-input_143.tgz) b11c4b3713d041379df94c892593f0433f1790558c291301a37b207a32a67ad9 SHA256 checksum (pubnub-modular-input_142.tgz) b44d206f4f408990187aec71d7ed1c9631390b44c2d949b02fb012f127deb4bf SHA256 checksum (pubnub-modular-input_141.tgz) d42645dc2da0d4a33a8c46659402b901e094a66d70e3ff3d5921f28ae38d9043 SHA256 checksum (pubnub-modular-input_14.tgz) 98e955fd4a759c8513f78e17fc6b6ef3e82aa2135634cf67446d3fbdfb0f1358 SHA256 checksum (pubnub-modular-input_13.tgz) e9ad7cdec4011edcd3f08a04956d1026f5df40b71b72790d59d8d63848148b51 SHA256 checksum (pubnub-modular-input_122.tgz) 2dd72d0f0cee13405eafbbd38f5ab92e961d3e3f9c3191d18be61ac6ce3f2f49 SHA256 checksum (pubnub-modular-input_121.tgz) b31557ec2b1e8a4c0e0ee12c8c6e6099987c8892315e448723b14cea18679da6 SHA256 checksum (pubnub-modular-input_12.tgz) 5911a72fcb0e47b6bf3a940c6f1a294b52290808e5c9a08bce00db02fb2fc69f SHA256 checksum (pubnub-modular-input_11.tgz) 8efaec4aec7126fc2c53228ab6b33816e2801683883c73cff2fdc0325ef37506 SHA256 checksum (pubnub-modular-input_10.tgz) 37344f01e2290519b527e53b40b5a15469b5a6ab1bec47d83c04c9f0cc8185a3
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Pubnub Modular Input

This is a Splunk modular input add-on for subscribing to Pubnub channels.

The Python code in this App is dual 2.7/3 compatible.
This version of the App enforces Python 3 for execution of the modular input script when running on Splunk 8+ in order to satisfy Splunkbase AppInspect requirements.
If running this App on Splunk versions prior to 8 , then Python 2.7 will get executed.

For details of the support we offer for our Apps , browse to : https://www.baboonbones.com/#support

This App is fully AppInspect passed for installing in your own hosted Splunk Enterprise environments or on your own hosted Splunk Forwarders and forwarding the collected data into Splunk Cloud.

If you want to install this App directly in Splunk Cloud , for our Commercially supported customers on our Ultra plan ( https://www.baboonbones.com/#support ) we provide custom private builds of any of our Apps tailored to the customer's specific requirements and configuration , and these custom private builds can then be uploaded as your own private Splunk Cloud Apps.

For customers that don't have support, we also offer the option to perform ad-hoc custom private builds of any of our Apps.

Browse to https://www.baboonbones.com/#cloud for more details of our Cloud options and offerings.

Release Notes

Version 1.4.8
May 25, 2022

general updates to meet latest Cloud Vetting requirements

Version 1.4.7
Oct. 6, 2020

upgraded logging functionality

Version 1.4.6
Sept. 28, 2020

docs update

Version 1.4.5
Aug. 30, 2020

added a setup page to encrypt any credentials you require in your configuration

Version 1.4.4
Aug. 23, 2020

exception handling around missing Crypto module (not shipped by default)

Version 1.4.3
Aug. 23, 2020

exception handling around missing Crypto module (not shipped by default)

Version 1.4.2
Aug. 23, 2020

enforced python3 for execution of the modular input script.If you require Python2.7 , then download a prior version (such as 1.4.1).

Version 1.4.1
Aug. 20, 2020

general appinspect tidy ups

Version 1.4
May 16, 2020

Dual Python 2.7 and 3+ compatibility.

App will run on :

Splunk Enterprise versions back to Splunk 5 where there is only a Python 2.7 runtime shipped
Splunk Enterprise version 8 where there is both a Python 2.7 and Python 3+ runtime shipped
Future versions of Splunk Enterprise where there is only a Python 3+ runtime

Version 1.3
Dec. 30, 2019

fixed Splunk 8 compatibility for manager.xml file

Version 1.2.2
April 23, 2019

updated docs

Version 1.2.1
April 19, 2019

added trial key functionality

Version 1.2
March 28, 2019

docs updated

Version 1.1
May 27, 2018

Added an activation key requirement , visit http://www.baboonbones.com/#activation to obtain a free,non-expiring key
Docs updated
Splunk 7.1 compatible

Version 1.0
Feb. 29, 2016

Initial release

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