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Downloading SecKit for geolocation with MaxMind
SHA256 checksum (seckit-for-geolocation-with-maxmind_609.tgz) 7c514b46fa53cc9730944d9dbbae47486a28a0be2b644ffe3b9b30014618f85f SHA256 checksum (seckit-for-geolocation-with-maxmind_607.tgz) 49ce0ecc8ccb30a09fd650950b29eea279558de766a0ec5d4ca7220ba5ed7762 SHA256 checksum (seckit-for-geolocation-with-maxmind_605.tgz) 05becc9e0fc7562801757a17cc45d8aae96cbe5c85d25625f5e9ee939e48210d SHA256 checksum (seckit-for-geolocation-with-maxmind_604.tgz) bda6d299fa70e4ca52dbdcdb6ceeecec9814a16dfe007172e9dc8b7e0f2f084f SHA256 checksum (seckit-for-geolocation-with-maxmind_601r4822dd9.tgz) 592d64eaff5a097f02e2de3df11aa6a1b537c1469513969d6d878378eb0b89fb SHA256 checksum (seckit-for-geolocation-with-maxmind_507.tgz) 02dd64d53fc5866922a41d664791f44a14f51931652fe4a16206150f5eaae461 SHA256 checksum (seckit-for-geolocation-with-maxmind_506.tgz) 4418e29b8f786fd6a4e36e63f36fd06c806e126dbece13b22675ca1659a0668b SHA256 checksum (seckit-for-geolocation-with-maxmind_504.tgz) 46b7e0a21a7303b261ac655814184c5c5d7cb1c1825f174e51abcc9a3023795f SHA256 checksum (seckit-for-geolocation-with-maxmind_410r059fc1a.tgz) f625227239efce6bc00b1bf4a0168085c1ecd4ce38229e5b4cb0f90238032e93 SHA256 checksum (seckit-for-geolocation-with-maxmind_205.tgz) e6ff6b8792ef5a5a1b1b2ef49f0e3eadbc8f092a4f923bd3459bf1c156e99eec
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SecKit for geolocation with MaxMind

Splunk Cloud
Splunk Labs
This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for you here.
This supporting add-on (SA) for Splunk advanced IP information enrichment using the MaxMind family of databases.


This supporting add-on (SA) for Splunk advanced IP information enrichment using the MaxMind family of databases.

City2 (optional)
ISP (optional)
ConnectionType (optional)

Installation search head only

  • Install the SecKit_SA_geolocation app
  • Configure the geoipupdate input with your account details this is now required even for free usage
  • Note: Account ID is the numeric account number do not use your account id or email

USAGE Note "fieldname" must be actual field

| `seckit_iplocation(fieldname)`
| `seckit_iplocation(fieldname,prefix)`

Where fieldname is the name of the field containing the IP
prefix is the prefix to assign to the output fields

Example 1

| NOOP | stats count | EVAL src="" | `seckit_iplocation(src)`

Example 2

tag=network tag=communicate | `seckit_iplocation(src,"geo")`


  • city (City/CityLite)
  • country (City/CityLite)
  • lat (City/CityLite)
  • long (City/CityLite)
  • connection_type (ConnectionType)
  • isp (ISP)
  • isp_organization (ISP)
  • isp_ip (ISP)
  • isp_asn (ISP)
  • isp_asn_organization (ISP)




  • Splunk is a registered trademark of Splunk, Inc.
  • MaxMind is a registered trademark of MaxMind, Inc.

Release Notes

Version 6.0.9
Feb. 13, 2021

## [6.0.9](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/compare/v6.0.8...v6.0.9) (2021-02-13)

### Bug Fixes

* Minor fix release ([#50](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/issues/50)) ([5ea99b4](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/commit/5ea99b4c0694b46d6a832a33d710b5f57860d3a4))

## [6.0.9-develop.5](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/compare/v6.0.9-develop.4...v6.0.9-develop.5) (2021-02-12)

### Bug Fixes

* timeout ([e42986a](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/commit/e42986acb15a4318fe42728434ac7a6dbc34b918))

## [6.0.9-develop.4](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/compare/v6.0.9-develop.3...v6.0.9-develop.4) (2021-02-12)

### Bug Fixes

* venv ([bf30852](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/commit/bf30852eecbceabc50c14b11639008f421fcf3e6))

## [6.0.9-develop.3](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/compare/v6.0.9-develop.2...v6.0.9-develop.3) (2021-02-12)

### Bug Fixes

* shebang ([61b73c5](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/commit/61b73c53c3f1012ad1cf3f642977cf54304c6d37))

## [6.0.9-develop.2](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/compare/v6.0.9-develop.1...v6.0.9-develop.2) (2021-02-12)

### Bug Fixes

* missing crud ini ([393e5bc](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/commit/393e5bcda04e94523ff6e8b06d59a799950db628))

## [6.0.9-develop.1](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/compare/v6.0.8...v6.0.9-develop.1) (2021-02-12)

### Bug Fixes

* Publish Release notes ([fafe1bf](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/commit/fafe1bf29893ac9542f0016220fe39fb0e40e902))

## [6.0.8](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/compare/v6.0.7...v6.0.8) (2021-02-12)

### Bug Fixes

* new release config ([7aab4ab](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/commit/7aab4ab6dab1c49d6ce69391d33e7e246f65bc37))

## [6.0.8-develop.4](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/compare/v6.0.8-develop.3...v6.0.8-develop.4) (2021-02-12)

### Bug Fixes

* config ([e622b5b](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/commit/e622b5bde733d8a6ab624c76dffdc3237e70eead))

## [6.0.8-develop.3](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/compare/v6.0.8-develop.2...v6.0.8-develop.3) (2021-02-12)

### Bug Fixes

* changelog ([ab97d6a](https://github.com/splunk/seckit_sa_geolocation/commit/ab97d6a5346d292e5f18f7fb39134d72cae82869))

Version 6.0.7
Feb. 11, 2021


Version 6.0.5
Feb. 10, 2021

* Update for app cert issues

Version 6.0.4
Feb. 5, 2021

- Fixes for Splunk Appcert/cloud
- Support ASN mmdb file

Version 6.0.1R4822dd9
Nov. 14, 2020

- Update the geoipupdate utility
- Update geoip2 library
- Add new fields from the anonymous IP DB
- BREAKING CHANGE: Drop support for Splunk Enterprise <8.0 due to python3 requirements of Geoip2

Version 5.0.7
March 12, 2020

Version 5.0.6
March 3, 2020

Minor update missing JS files due to misconfigured gitignore

Version 5.0.4
Feb. 19, 2020

- Update maxmind geoip update utility
- Require account and token now that MaxMind is suspended anonymous downloads of mmdb
- Python2/3 support

Version 4.1.0R059fc1a
Aug. 12, 2019

- Update geolocation utility to version 4.0.3
- Ensure +x is set on geolocation utility

Version 2.0.5
Sept. 1, 2016


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