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Downloading Cisco CallManager API - TA-ciscoaxl
SHA256 checksum (cisco-callmanager-api-ta-ciscoaxl_04.tgz) 3465b93236f9e2032c4391561e6fba4593c2498eb41aa923bc6ceb234f1cd70d SHA256 checksum (cisco-callmanager-api-ta-ciscoaxl_03.tgz) cbe2913f380e7a5ec7bb2ab22eb69f33a44818411cb931e725caf9705a66beda SHA256 checksum (cisco-callmanager-api-ta-ciscoaxl_02.tgz) d0f17d98a4f45167274cccdee2e22bd97a6a7e2ef329a5e7a3fcff4f2858541b
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Cisco CallManager API - TA-ciscoaxl

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Admins: Please read about Splunk Enterprise 8.0 and the Python 2.7 end-of-life changes and impact on apps and upgradeshere.
Tools and reports for Cisco Callmanager

Wrapper for the Cisco AXL Interface to run SQL commands against the Cisco CUCM (10.5 tested).
Also includes a custom command for the real time DB (RIS Port). You can get a list of devices via AXL and get the real time information by adding RIS information as a second command (due to the way the RIS port works).

Various commands to work with Cisco Callmanager (9.5)

Commands include |ciscoaxl for using the api, |ciscoaxlquery to run sql statements against the CallManager and | ciscoris to enrich results from axl with risPort information

syntax = | ciscoaxlquery "sql statement"
shortdesc = send inline sql command to call manager via the axl interface. Attention: it seems to be infomix SQL so use something like select FIRST xxx instead of limit x
description = send inline sql command to call manager via the axl interface
usage = public
example1 = | ciscoaxlquery "select * from device where name like 'CSF%'"
comment1 = get all devices matching CSF%
example2 = | ciscoaxlquery "select device.name, enduser.userid from device, enduser, enduserdevicemap where device.pkid=enduserdevicemap.fkdevice and enduser.pkid=enduserdevicemap.fkenduser"
command2 = Get Users' Associated Devices

syntax = | ciscoaxl method [server="stanza", default is [default]] searchkey1="%" searchkey2="%" columns="x,y"
shortdesc = request cisco axl method, see https://developer.cisco.com/media/axl-schema-10-0/AXLSoap.html for more
description = request the method, specify any number of search values, specify columns for the returned attributes, see https://developer.cisco.com/media/axl-schema-10-0/AXLSoap.html for more
usage = public
example1 = | ciscoaxl listPhone name="%" columns="name,description"
comment1 = list all phones returning name and description using the default stanza
example2 = | ciscoaxl listLdapDirectory name="%" columns="name,ldapDn,userSearchBase"
comment1 = get all configured LDAP directories configured and return the name, the DN of the user and the searchbase

syntax = | ciscoris [server="stanza", default is [default]]
shortdesc = take the name of a device in CallManager from the results (expected is the field "name") and enrich with the RIS information
description = for each value in the field "name" request all information available from risPort
usage = public
example1 = | ciscoaxlquery "select name from device" | ciscoris
comment1 = list all devices, and get all the realtime Information for each available device.

Release Notes

Version 0.4
March 17, 2016

new command | ciscoris
takes the values in the field "name" and get the risPort information and enriches it on your results.

Version 0.3
Jan. 5, 2016

More reports, polishing of the wrapper for the CiscoAXL method wrapper.
Sample dashboards. Lookup with all methods.
Blacklist for the query command and whitelist for the method wrapper.
Modified the script so it should work on windows.

Dokumentation in searchbnf.conf

| ciscoaxl listPhone name="%" columns="name,description"
| ciscoaxlquery "select * from device where name like 'CSF%'"

Version 0.2
Dec. 28, 2015

Version 0.2 - Wrapper for the AXL Query command. Includes a number of sample AXL Queries as reports. "Bad" Commands are blocked but i think it is not necessary.

Reports included:
Check Device Pool Provisioning
Check MRM Provisioning
Device Pool Allocations
List Call Forward All Settings
List Call Forwarding
List Fast Dials
List Hunt Pilot and Members
List IP Phone Service Subscriptions
List Phones and Line Appearances
List Phones with no DN association on the primary line
List Primary Line
List Services
List Translation Patterns
List all Translation patterns and the Called party transform mask they are pointing to
List devices and users
List line group membership
List linegroup dnorpattern and hlog
List of Hunt Pilot numbers with the associated line groups
List of all hunt pilots and the Line groups they are using
List route partition, pattern and dnorpattern

A great source is http://www.ucguerrilla.com/ (most queries are from there).

Note: you need to get

from your Callmanager. Do so as follows and place the files in /bin of the app:

Import WSDL
The WSDL files are not included with this library due to licenses terms. pyaxl provides a script to import it and then build a cache directly into the library.

First of all you need to download the WSDL files. The AXL WSDL is included in the AXL SQL Toolkit download, which is available in Cisco Unified CM. Follow these steps to download the AXL SQL Toolkit from your Cisco Unified CM server:

Log into the Cisco Unified CM Administration application.
Go to Application | Plugins
Click on the Download link by the Cisco CallManager AXL SQL Toolkit Plugin.
The axlsqltoolkit.zip file contains the complete schema definition for different versions of Cisco Unified CM.


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