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Downloading Qualys Technology Add-on (TA) for Splunk
SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_1105.tgz) 2eeac2698841ba8a7c7c6ac543dd732de51b4ed2511226100bc93fd2edd651a2 SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_1104.tgz) f7cf505e17dac25d75929be699931968c56c9f293d44cfebb0907811451ba1ef SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_1103.tgz) 5e0fc46d87852458074960277deb2cd6b61ba1121a2677ac25c664025595e573 SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_1102.tgz) 7ec6bea4dbd6125246e15d432c96c81b605d884bbeabf57a52e287e68b5db958 SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_1101.tgz) 72571ee33604497042620446310f8e5f07f298fca07eac5be2f0bdf7d2cbcdf7 SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_191.tgz) 551e6b35b2a42dba4d75203f26703c6ee8793d9048662967944dfb47f14f26e8 SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_190.tgz) cb1318c8cb046598358b4bd618701182a518ebfd8cbca16052b177a231005a56 SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_1811.tgz) 48ef46f3bca8a050b25c6f404865219fcacfeca63f5a2e3221e2efdbe6430009 SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_1810.tgz) edd986ef6bab8f392aa04cced22f4b5eec87a42676db984d5a736b942f206887 SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_189.tgz) c53bf806992a71023af11beab5cdbf2ee86fdc52ec93e9a1c93029ccf075a63e SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_188.tgz) 7e3c9b519d58b7bef896b28f22dc2915483fa1a0638ddb278e146849344bb3f0 SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_187.tgz) faa776481d3d55edb6f1fe685c8a28f91df1c33d45ccdb055dc69931406402d3 SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_186.tgz) 92a04c6936708379c22836f9fcfaae1c4cf250f8449179079c7c417ba9b915d6 SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_185.tgz) 8d74296a3f4e803ba0947674d5568c5ec5f010e229c59f87e4e83d37a78a74cd SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_184.tgz) b96c0e791c1e0a33eb0a5c393efa9dbc2b657e409db3b33b7c7b28917b6453a4 SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_183.tgz) fda288e44a2decf75a856eeb3d0387a8a1978d513982c7cbb571e3b01c73f1ab SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_182.tgz) f43b4ba52115180a3578e840eba989b0519f4df393b513be75b738a1d2140ed5 SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_181.tgz) 43be622705f3876d1996686701c8dda0327c8c6276b77cc8b799a80ef00dbfd4 SHA256 checksum (qualys-technology-add-on-ta-for-splunk_180.tgz) e05be6fea383e3a26809fb96c369331141135a344416be42e6386a7f519cff7e
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Qualys Technology Add-on (TA) for Splunk

Splunk Cloud
The Qualys Technology Add-on (TA) for Splunk is a Technology Add-On for Qualys Cloud Platform data. It fetches Vulnerability Management (VM), Web Application Scanning (WAS), Policy Compliance (PC), Container Security(CS), File Integrity Monitoring(FIM), Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), Security Enterprise Mobility (SEM), Activity Log and KnowledgeBase (KB) data using modular input and indexes it which then can be searched using the Search app, Splunk Enterprise Security app or the Qualys VM App, WAS App or PC App, EDR App, FIM App, CS App , Policy Compliance Reporting Services (PCRS) App for Splunk Enterprise.
Support and resources

For documentation please see: https://community.qualys.com/docs/DOC-4876


In case any assistance is needed, please visit https://www.qualys.com/forms/contact-support/

Release Notes

Version 1.10.5
Sept. 6, 2022
  • Extended the compatibility with Splunk 9.0
  • Enhanced the VM and KB data input for parsing and ingesting of additional fields data into Splunk
  • Minor fixes and improvements
Version 1.10.4
June 30, 2022
  • TA can now fetch and parse CLOUD_PROVIDER_TAGS information
  • Minor enhancements in the Host Detection data pulling

Note: Not compatible with Splunk 9.0

Version 1.10.3
June 3, 2022
  • Fix for STIG Reference Number in Policy Posture data
Version 1.10.2
May 23, 2022
  • Improvements in logging and minor enhancements
Version 1.10.1
April 19, 2022
  • Integration of the Qualys Policy Compliance Reporting Service (PCRS) with Splunk TA
  • PCRS improves the data fetching of the huge data from the Qualys Cloud
  • PCRS fetches data continuously in the streaming manner hence, millions of assets and postures can be pulled quickly as compared to
    legacy PC
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
Version 1.9.1
Dec. 21, 2021
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
Version 1.9.0
Dec. 14, 2021
  • Integration of the Qualys Secure Enterprise Mobility with Splunk TA
  • User can view Diagnosis, Consequence, and Solution information in Knowledgebase data in Splunk by enabling it from the TA setup page
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements
Version 1.8.11
Nov. 19, 2021

Bug fixes
Users can now ingest detected service names in the event along with TCP/UDP ports

Version 1.8.10
Oct. 28, 2021

Users can now ingest detected service names in the event along with TCP/UDP ports

Version 1.8.9
July 15, 2021

1) Changes to the TA setup page for Qualys API credentials: We have added a realm for Qualys API credentials that get stored in 'passwords.conf' file. When you upgrade to TA 1.8.9, please re-enter the Qualys API credentials. The TA won't be able to access the Qualys API credentials until then. We recommend you empty the cache of your browser and do a hard reload before entering the credentials.

2) The Indication of Compromise (IOC) data inputs rebranded as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) data inputs: From this version, the TA will show a deprecation warning in the TA log for IOC data input. Please disable and delete earlier IOC data input and add a new EDR data input. You can use the new Qualys EDR App for Splunk Enterprise.

Other Fixes:
1) Fixed 400 Bad Request issues for certain pagination calls for Container Security.
2) Fixed incomplete API response XML file issue for Policy Compliance.
3) Added milliseconds in the checkpoint file for FIM data inputs to be compliant with API.

Version 1.8.8
May 27, 2021
  • FIM data inputs will accept the date format for milliseconds
Version 1.8.7
May 18, 2021
  • Updated CS Images and CS Containers API version to 1.3
  • Added DISA STIG SV values to PC Data Input
  • Minor improvements on the TA setup page
Version 1.8.6
April 8, 2021
  • The processing logic of Policy Compliance posture information has been changed.
  • The logic of XML file processing has been changed.
  • Help text on the data inputs page has been updated.
Version 1.8.5
March 8, 2021

Host and Detection fields to log are now configurable from the TA setup page
Truncate the Results field at the TA side

Version 1.8.4
Dec. 4, 2020
  • Knowledgebase data can now be indexed as well, by enabling the indexing from the TA Setup page, this feature will mainly help in Splunk distributed setup.
  • Container Security image data input has the capability to index image label info.
  • Minor improvements for fields validation on the setup page.
Version 1.8.3
Nov. 6, 2020

Features / Improvements:
Read the VM data input configuration values from 'qualys.conf' instead of the app configuration file
New logic implemented for policy ids distribution for PC data input

Bug Fixes:
VM host summary logged in Splunk even though excluded in the TA setup
WAS summary events were not indexing while WAS data input was running in multi-thread mode
PC Evidence details were not logged in case 'lastUpdated' attribute not present in the API output

Version 1.8.2
Oct. 7, 2020
  • Enhancements to VM Detection Event, moved the Results field to the end of the event
Version 1.8.1
Sept. 9, 2020

-Fix for byte string present in the data ingested for host detection in Splunk version 8.0.0 or higher which uses Python 3 interpreter
-Added support for activity_log data feed in cleanup.py and run.py scripts
-Added validation for Start date while adding/editing data input

Version 1.8.0
July 28, 2020
  • Splunk Cloud Compatibility changes - Setup xml replaced with Setup view. We have also done visualization changes to the Setup page.
  • New data feed - Activity Log. The user activity log that you see on Qualys UI > User > Activity Log, can now ingest.
  • Added Page Size field on the Setup page for CS, FIM, and IOC to control the number of records returned in API calls

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