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Downloading Google Apps for Splunk
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Google Apps for Splunk

This App pulls the data from your Google Apps for Work Domain using OAuth2 specifications. Please read the instructions CAREFULLY, and promptly report issues to the author.

Table of Contents


  • About GoogleAppsForSplunk
  • Release notes
  • Performance benchmarks
  • Support and resources


  • Hardware and software requirements
  • Installation steps
  • Deploy to single server instance
  • Deploy to distributed deployment
  • Deploy to distributed deployment with Search Head Clustering
  • Deploy to Splunk Cloud


  • Key concepts
  • Data types
  • Lookups
  • Configure GoogleAppsForSplunk
  • Troubleshooting
  • Upgrade
  • Example Use Case-based Scenario


About GoogleAppsForSplunk

Author Kyle Smith
App Version 1.1.3
Vendor Products Google Apps for Work utilizing OAuth2
Has index-time operations true, The included TA add-on must be placed on indexers
Create an index true
Implements summarization Current, the app does not generate summries

GoogleAppsForSplunk allows a Splunk® Enterprise administrator to interface with Google Apps for Work, consuming the usage and administrative logs provided by Google.

Scripts and binaries

This App provides the following scripts:

  • This python file controls the ability to interface with the Google APIs.
  • This Python custom endpoint allows the authorization of the App to Google Apps for Splunk from the command line.

Release notes

About this release

Version _VERSION of GoogleAppsForSplunk is compatible with:

Splunk Enterprise versions 6.2, 6.3, 6.4
Platforms Splunk Cloud, Splunk Enterprise
New features

GoogleAppsForSplunk includes the following new features:

  • Ability to consume log information using OAuth2 of the Google Apps for Works APIs
  • Converted the lookup files to KV Store lookups
Known issues

Version 1.0 of GoogleAppsForSplunk has the following known issues:

  • Google Apps Administration Dashboard
  • The lookup editors do not scale to 100% of their respective panels.
Third-party software attributions

Version 1.0 of GoogleAppsForSplunk incorporates the following third-party software or libraries.

Support and resources

Questions and answers

Access questions and answers specific to GoogleAppsForSplunk at Answers


Support is available via email at You can also find the author on IRC (#splunk on Feel free to email or ping, most reponses will be within 1-2 business days.


Hardware and software requirements

Software requirements

Splunk Enterprise system requirements

Because this App runs on Splunk Enterprise, all of the Splunk Enterprise system requirements apply.


Download GoogleAppsForSplunk at

Installation steps

To install and configure this app on your supported platform, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Core app onto all Search Heads.
  2. Install the TA on all Indexers
  3. If you are using a Heavy Forwarder to pull external data, install the IA on the heavy forwarder and configure either through the GUI or on the server.
Deploy to single server instance

Follow these steps to install the app in a single server instance of Splunk Enterprise:

  1. Deploy as you would any App, and restart Splunk.
Deploy to Splunk Cloud
  1. Have your Splunk Cloud Support handle this installation.


Key concepts for GoogleAppsForSplunk

Configure GoogleAppsForSplunk

  1. Enable the Google Apps APIs and Authorize Splunk with Google Apps so that the modular input can pull data.
    a. Enable these APIS: Admin SDK, Apps Activity
  2. EDIT and enable the provided Data Inputs, replacing the domain with your domain information.

Troubleshoot GoogleAppsForSplunk

Not seeing data?
Probable misconfiguration
Check to make sure the APIs are enabled, authorized, and available to Splunk.

Release Notes

Version 1.1.3
Sept. 14, 2015

Fixed: Failure to create local folder on creation of credentials.
Fixed: App will only pull last 1 day of data. This prevents a memory killer on large domains that pulled 1 year of data.
Fixed: enforcing lowercase domain name on credential.


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