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Downloading Dell EMC Isilon App for Splunk Enterprise
SHA256 checksum (dell-emc-isilon-app-for-splunk-enterprise_250.tgz) f5ea966e4718ace52a46b24f4f901aa932ff37461f4f68162793c68a603a373f SHA256 checksum (dell-emc-isilon-app-for-splunk-enterprise_240.tgz) 27bca6721cb144a46a7772f2e3f1cc083b0ccd66f27e3326c1f49728438268fd SHA256 checksum (dell-emc-isilon-app-for-splunk-enterprise_230.tgz) de949bb9e3f37826e483516ef66d8eb4aef700cab007bee4c74a21f7f6bb8a5e SHA256 checksum (dell-emc-isilon-app-for-splunk-enterprise_22.tgz) acff78db8060ca2aa38a63a9fed405696528274ad694106027aefadaeeaf34c8 SHA256 checksum (dell-emc-isilon-app-for-splunk-enterprise_21.tgz) 39b345f2b0cb5310dc615eec4d7a61dffff4a2d79a6876178f8dc55fc21354d6 SHA256 checksum (dell-emc-isilon-app-for-splunk-enterprise_20.tgz) 99a00a3220ba72649ffa9b03881e91c09f462a6f00f2242ff52d03f92bd1ad2b SHA256 checksum (dell-emc-isilon-app-for-splunk-enterprise_10.tgz) 717d27d1ccfd7b9fd01cbe09c9262fc3b71db80ad514d1e0c89ad3f989314b7f
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Dell EMC Isilon App for Splunk Enterprise

The Dell Isilon App for Splunk Enterprise provides the deep operational visibility that IT professionals need in order to gain insight into the health and operation of their Dell Isilon cluster.

The Dell Isilon App for Splunk Enterprise provides enhanced visibility into your cluster including detailed drill-downs, built-in correlation resulting in comprehensive analytics and faster problem resolution. This App collects data from Isilon cluster enabling you to:

- Track Cluster inventory in terms of nodes, SSDs, CPUs, Disks, storage pools, access zones etc.
- Trace Cluster performance data like disk usage, file system throughput, network throughput, CPU usage, Client connections and protocol performance.
- Track Critical events and provide ability to drill down into the events.
- Track Syslogs and Audit events of your Isilon Clusters.


• Splunk version 6.2,6.3 or 6.4

• Splunk search head system should have 8 GB of RAM and a quad-core CPU to run this app smoothly

• This main app also requires Dell Isilon Add-On for Splunk Enterprise


This app should be installed on search head either through UI through "Manage Apps" or by extracting zip file into /opt/splunk/etc/apps folder. Plesae restart Splunk server after this installation

Topology and Setting up Splunk Environment

  • This app has been distributed in two parts.

1) Add-on app, which runs collector scripts and gathers data from Dell Isilon node, does indexing on it and provides indexed data to Main app.
2) Main app, which receives indexed data from Add-on app, runs searches on it and builds dashboard using indexed data.

  • This App can be set up in two ways:
    1) Standalone Mode: Install main app and Add-on app on a single machine.

    • Here both the app resides on a single machine.
    • Main app uses the data collected by Add-on app and builds dashboard on it

    2) Distributed Environment: Install main app and Add-on app on search head, Only Add-on on forwarder system and indexes.conf file from Add-on bundle on Indexer.

    • Here also both the apps resides on search head machine, but no need to configure Add-on on search head.

    • Only Add-on needs to be installed and configured on forwarder system.

    • On Indexer, you can either put complete Add-on without configuring or just indexes.conf from the Add-on bundle that contains definition for 'isilon' index.

    • Execute the following command on forwarder to forward the collected data to the indexer.
      /opt/splunk/bin/splunk add forward-server <indexer_ip_address>:9997

    • On Indexer machine, enable event listening on port 9997 (recommended by Splunk).

    • Main app on search head uses the received data and builds dashboards on it.


No additional configuration is needed for this app.

Release Notes

Version 2.5.0
May 15, 2020
  • Changed branding of the app.
Version 2.4.0
Oct. 1, 2018

Fixed Node Details panel in the Cluster Inventory dashboards which displayed incorrect Uptime.
Splunk 8 support

Version 2.3.0
Feb. 2, 2018
  • Added additional metrics to show IOPs by Protocol and Latency by Protocol in Protocol Details Dashboard
Version 2.2
July 18, 2017
  • Fixed JS issues of Cluster Overview dashboard to make it compatible with Splunk version 6.6
  • Fixed issue of Node details drill down in Cluster Inventory Dashboard
  • Fixed issues of user filter in FS Audit Logs, FS Audit Logs Search Facility and Authentication & Privilege Activities Dashboards
  • Added Distributed search to replicate macros in distributed environment
Version 2.1
Sept. 22, 2016
  • Added support for Active directory user & sid mapping through new REST API.
  • Made changes in Isilon log parser to make it robust & generic for both Isilon version-7 and version-8 Security logs.
  • Replaced Node_IP filter with Cluster_Name filter in existing Security logs dashboards.
  • Security logs have been segregated in two categories - FileSystem Audit Logs and Authentication & Privilege activities.
  • Added new dashboard to provide the user search facility for FS Audit logs across the Clusters.
Version 2.0
Aug. 12, 2016
Version 1.0
March 28, 2015

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