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Downloading Alert Manager
SHA256 checksum (alert-manager_222.tgz) 3c97a73e064688105f5d48704daaf0759cc60c06d3b63296ea6f9e9d66e0ce36 SHA256 checksum (alert-manager_214.tgz) 1f2bb5c2f085ea4282fe85c9a5c4266c8fac49de226af1b0835b6ee99d4cc1cc SHA256 checksum (alert-manager_213.tgz) d4b8bfac78b9827949d72fcea2ac18edefcafa6fe6d816fdbfe709c28e382a88 SHA256 checksum (alert-manager_205.tgz) 2d125e3f0fcba853f6da0ed8950413c1b113acc9edf19d17a577a2928c0ae2f6 SHA256 checksum (alert-manager_204.tgz) ff6d037a0320418954d877d7ce7a36ce9ae5b224feab57f044f28d24fc20763b SHA256 checksum (alert-manager_203.tgz) ed9e8667c73dc062986cb216a911d1fd53ffb40003e6be7add22a78f5b71d05b SHA256 checksum (alert-manager_202.tgz) e61a8d03559182654730be804e543d69a566742c9a59c1e77b1076ee964086ce SHA256 checksum (alert-manager_201.tgz) 5d4970410124b7451cc5028082770e77b2de273f8d886110f1d4de90a3e931f9 SHA256 checksum (alert-manager_20.tgz) 88d6978e90e58c5b2a1c7659cf467c4620229daa46d30ca4a366b5c77d672a4f SHA256 checksum (alert-manager_11.tgz) 949cfaa4bd4ff5c4566a4517e2126b1de9fcd189d5060c1e1db402842b506c09
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Alert Manager

Admins: Please read about Splunk Enterprise 8.0 and the Python 2.7 end-of-life changes and impact on apps and upgradeshere.
The Alert Manager adds simple incident workflows to Splunk. The general purpose is to provide a common app with dashboards in order to investigate fired alerts or notable events. It can be used with every Splunk alert and works as an extension on top of Splunk's built-in alerting mechanism.

- Awareness of your current operational situation with the incident posture dashboard
- Analyze root cause of incidents with only a few clicks
- Review and adjust the urgency of incidents to improve operations scheduling
- Dispatch incidents to the person in charge
- Track and report incident workflow KPIs
- Tag and categorize incidents

Please find the full documentation at http://docs.alertmanager.info/
For Support, please reach out support@alertmanager.info or open a ticket at GitHub (https://github.com/simcen/alert_manager/issues/new)

Release Notes

Version 2.2.2
April 13, 2018

*Important:* There were significant changes in this release. Please refer to the Upgrade instructions: http://docs.alertmanager.info/en/latest/update_manual/

New Features
* External Workflow Actions
* Support for external event ids
* Alert Status Customization
* Quick Assign
* Ability to index alert results instead of writing to KV Store
* Auto resolve informational events

* Search Head Cluster support
* Removed custom alert index / indexes.conf. Default to main index with ability to customize
* Changed permission style from capabilities to roles to comply with certification requirements
* Internal: New Splunkd-style REST endpoints because of deprecated Splunk Web endpoints
* Improved Alert History
* Reduced Alert Metadata footprint
* Added alert_manager_user role with read-only permissions to knowledge objects
* display_fields in Incident Settings is now optional
* Added a check to the incident edit modal to wait for the owner and status dropdown to be ready before save button gets active

Version 2.1.4
Nov. 7, 2016

Re-enabled migration scripts to seed default E-mail Templates and Notification Scheme.

Version 2.1.3
Oct. 21, 2016

* Support for non-admin users to modify incidents from Incident Posture dashboard
* Added capability 'am_is_owner' which is required to be an owner of incidents
* Added new alert_manager_admin, alert_manager_supervisor and alert_manager_user role as preparation for upcoming features
* Added support for 'AND' or 'OR' combinations in Suppression Rules
* Added new dynamic owner selection in Custom Alert Action dialog
* Added auto subsequent resolve option to resolve new incidents from the same title
* Added loading indicator to incident posture dashboard when expanding incident to show details
* Improved incident edit dialog to provide better owner search and selection
* Fixed IncidentContext to support https scheme and custom splunk web port
* Enhanced timestamp display in incident history
* Improved table coloring (Splunk 6.5 Feature)
* Lot’s of bugfixes, code cleanups, enhancements and sanitizations. See changelog for details

Version 2.0.5
May 10, 2016

App certification release only - no functional changes included!

Version 2.0.4
April 25, 2016

App certification release only - no functional changes included!

Version 2.0.3
April 15, 2016

- Fixed wrong file permissions
- Fixed wrong default notification scheme seed format
- Added missing appIcon
- Fixed a bug where e-mail notifications we not sent correctly
- Fixed a bug where e-mails haven't been displayed correctly on iOS devices
- Fixed results_link and view_link in notification context

Version 2.0.2
April 14, 2016

- Fixed a bug to reenable inline drilldown on Incident Posture again (Splunk 6.4 compatibility)
- Merged a pull request to properly support SMTP authentication
- Fixed a bug where an urgency field in results lead into an error
- Fixed wrong modular alert description
- Removed legacy scripted alert action
- Merged pull request for better quotation in incident posture
- Improved alert filter populating search
- Fixed a bug where not all built-in users are shown in the incident edit modal
- Fixed incident posture to refresh single values automatically

Version 2.0.1
Jan. 20, 2016

- Fixed localization support
- Changed alert column in incident settings to read-only
- Fixed a bug where token syntax in notifications didn't work
- Fixed notifications to support multi-valued fields or comma-separated list of recipients

Version 2.0
Nov. 12, 2015

This release is only supported under v6.3 or later!

- Changed from scripted alert action to Custom Alert Action framework
- Added a customizable incident title
- Added support for extended notification schemes
- Added support for incident suppression (False positives, maintenance windows...)
- Added migration script to ingest default data (email templates and notification schemes) as well as migrating old incident settings to Custom Alert Action parameters
- Added new Splunk v6.3 style single values
- Added support to dynamically select a template by referencing a token in the notification scheme
- Added support for multiple dynamic recipients by using multi-valued fields and a token in the notification scheme
- Added a search command 'modifyincidents' to update an incident trough a search
- Added a general default email template
- Changed token reference in e-mail templates to $result.fieldname$ syntax
- Bugfixes and performance improvements

Version 1.1
March 12, 2015

- Fixed support for per-result alert actions
- Added support for search results in e-mail templates
- Enhanced incident details with description form saved search and selectable list of fields
- Bugfixes


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