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Downloading Excel input/output and send as mail commands - TA-XLS
SHA256 checksum (excel-inputoutput-and-send-as-mail-commands-ta-xls_022.tgz) 54ca580ea05cdc25d407d97d1afeac16503e63cf8a489daac82da4ca30266567 SHA256 checksum (excel-inputoutput-and-send-as-mail-commands-ta-xls_021.tgz) 97a97851fd43a01bc8477e6b747f76ef3916aa53c1ecde72975c6349af821da4 SHA256 checksum (excel-inputoutput-and-send-as-mail-commands-ta-xls_02.zip) aefe91cabce409de781ba1fa4ead737201f036b6275c7201fc16b3d2143e80f4 SHA256 checksum (excel-inputoutput-and-send-as-mail-commands-ta-xls_01.tgz) f35b7f0ab2532552c89987a69ddfb72340069b97ec3786ec4875a33a612eafec
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Excel input/output and send as mail commands - TA-XLS

This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for you here.
Contains commands to generate/export Excel sheets.

You can convert a csv file to a xls for mailing reports as well as a command to convert a worksheet in a Excel file to a csv for using with inputcsv.
Also allows to send fairly nice emails with attachments.

(For security reasons the files need to reside in $SPLUNK/var/run/splunk and be owned by the user in which splunk runs.)

New in Version 0.2:

| outputxls filename.xls

Waits till the output is finished and then writes the Excel document.

| outputxls filename.xls "sender@email.com" "recipient@email.com" "subject of the mail" "body of the mail" "smpt hostname"
directly mails the generated Excel document with the parameters.

It is utf-8 safe.

syntax = | outputxls filename.xls
shortdesc = generate excelsheet
description = this command will take the search results and write them into a excelsheet where the name is specified as parameter
usage = public
example1 = | outputxls myfile.xls
comment1 =
example2 = | outputxls myfile.xls "sender" "receiver" "subject" "bodyText" "smtpHost"
comment2 = generates .xls file and sends it with the specified parameters via email. (wrapps sendfile command).
related =
tags =

syntax = | xls2csv excelfile.xls numOfWorksheet commaseparated.csv
shortdesc = read excel file and output the specified worksheet to a csv file
description = this command will take a filename to a excel file residing in /var/run/splunk, select the sheet in the workbook specified and write it into a splunk-readable csv file
usage = public
example1 = | xls2csv test.xls 0 firstsheet.csv
comment1 = export the first sheet in the file to a csv (zero based enumeration)
related =
tags =

syntax = | csv2xls commaseparated.csv excelfile.xls
shortdesc = read csv file and output the table to a excel file
description = this command will take a filename to a csv file residing in /var/run/splunk and write it into a Excel file
usage = public
example1 = | csv2xls sheet.csv sheet.xls
comment1 = export the table in the file to a Excelfile
related =
tags =

syntax = | sendfile "sender" "receiver" "subject" "bodyText" "attachment" "smtpHost"
shortdesc = send file via email
description = this command will take the file "attachment" which can only be residing in /var/run/splunk and send it via email using sender, receiver, subject via the smtpHost, usually localhost
usage = public
example1 = | sendfile "me@company.com" "you@company.com" "Your report" "See your requested report attached below..." "excelfile.xls" "localhost"
comment1 =
related =
tags =

Release Notes

Version 0.2.2
March 31, 2021
Version 0.2.1
March 28, 2020

Version 0.2.1 - python 2-3 readyness and updated libraries. No xlsx support yet sorry.

Version 0.2
Jan. 13, 2016

New in Version 0.2:

| outputxls filename.xls

Waits till the output is finished and then writes the Excel document.

| outputxls filename.xls "sender@email.com" "recipient@email.com" "subject of the mail" "body of the mail" "smpt hostname"

It is utf-8 safe.

Version 0.1
July 23, 2014

Initial version still lacking formatting templates for the generated excel sheets and non final interface. Really crude but seems to work ok.

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