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Downloading AMQP Messaging Modular Input
SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_177.tgz) a39df6368774dae9bfa038b8fcc17f5aaa124b1b46a76e63fb6b633b9fbfe7a0 SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_176.tgz) e3be2dae396ae2204013d8936de601860a77b197b7aba54e81ef0659a33ed68a SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_175.tgz) 4d9889ebd35aa5daca64d2430a2f704ff84cd7def95c98c23636106a724be86f SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_174.tgz) 94738e29dd1512f155b9f275d3172092cacba36acb437d8bbceb29d14eefa58f SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_173.tgz) 45fcdef69f748a81d7708a0e94be1344c49e7090189f096c2a068ae712f4d313 SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_172.tgz) 57bd8126b2b1b296f0c9465f05a314d51f43fddf86b5f61317fb1aebddc880e0 SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_171.tgz) d66c39b001c60ffa44b07e3782242926d2700b9ea32b6cf9e04fe64482eaceb8 SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_170.tgz) 2622c4508b41701354820764b7a4a8e8626923559a19e17f9a7132ecddf5a954 SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_163.tgz) 7b97507c5d07a93781bf7c028c2e653546e200de0bc234931ca66134ffc69514 SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_162.tgz) 8fa17973ace4118d489c48b1f1bb3df44e8fc7b6f4e5581eaff5f36511df1b70 SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_161.tgz) d1002700e12d25c08fd9cc73ee1494bba0ffc793e97523ae0cde54a49706393e SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_16.tgz) de770b54fc388bdca9f4ef5a2e2c17a435df725d43dc34e69025434959bb6a3f SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_15.tgz) 192e1a42b1b655e2ed8072e4ef51cc12366abc48f8f766a1768e654bf5d1a919 SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_14.tgz) 9f95d4aa760e122eb22690a0b80166f9ed51ab1004140c169b42366f1f47d896 SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_133.tgz) 15877af9a38926ab2e4b161f6f636ed233d3ff8c12278e0fdadcdab641c6cb98 SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_132.tgz) 41974af0057db62a0605916b6a475df8d6693bd31b7b15beadd901b251fc5ec1 SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_131.tgz) 1b5d193a5c6a9978e399b216d97fa203ae39584b49d3684230e03ff920cb353e SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_13.tgz) 3a1a0c7a3868aba69b6e5436dc6021198442755185964b0369297fae909d3ef9 SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_12.tgz) 4699d34c8b3db7c85f6a0b9afe4c2da01b8e24bcdbd33785bcb0f5b3b75c7cbb SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_11.tgz) 35e583bd18ee117223e285b2702dc8ea93c65107014765863ecd98198f886bbc SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_10.tgz) 10fd4653a767f729a02570eee5d8ea693db145e9352e668694d9128f4a870df4 SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_09.tgz) 2514a347611feae8332191503482f886aeed5561013ec276eb84429c93e7dc6d SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_08.tgz) 079a0f0ef5c306507522964b5f34f6e2a45d16bb30a9e9e491fb911f8ec53703 SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_07.tgz) f2ecf7a39e003f0fc3320d87dc2033990760957373a8ce2d666d807712fed5a1 SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_06.tgz) 2ad9f252262dc11fb0fe160a4647174be445069d932a2d43710a99c0cc344194 SHA256 checksum (amqp-messaging-modular-input_05.tgz) 923680026ad01828f1b59ce53df859170868b4885d392e90f2d465c8824cdf12
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AMQP Messaging Modular Input

Splunk Cloud
This is a Splunk Modular Input Add-On for indexing messages from an AMQP Broker.It utilizes the RabbitMQ Java client library , but can be used against any AMQP v0-9-1, 0-9 and 0-8 compliant broker.

The Python code in this App is dual 2.7/3 compatible.
This version of the App enforces Python 3 for execution of the modular input script when running on Splunk 8+ in order to satisfy Splunkbase AppInspect requirements.
If running this App on Splunk versions prior to 8 , then Python 2.7 will get executed.

For details of the support we offer for our Apps , browse to : https://www.baboonbones.com/#support

This App is fully AppInspect passed for installing in your own hosted Splunk Enterprise environments or on your own hosted Splunk Forwarders and forwarding the collected data into Splunk Cloud or installing directly in Splunk Cloud.

Release Notes

Version 1.7.7
June 18, 2022
  • in order to support huge modular input configuration xml strings when users want to run a very large number of inputs on 1 single instance of this app , we had to change the way that the child java process is invoked. Previously the xml string was passed as a program argument which could break the max argument size in the Linux kernel. Now we changed the logic to pass the xml string to the java process via the STDIN pipe.

  • The app performs periodic socket pings to the splunkd management port to determine if splunkd is still alive and if splunkd is not responding , usually because it has exited or is not network reachable, then the app self exits it's running java process.The default timeout is now 300 seconds. You can change this timeout value in bin/amqp.py by setting the SPLUNKD_TIMEOUT_SECS variable.

  • upgraded internal logging libraries to Log4j2 v2.17.2

Version 1.7.6
Feb. 17, 2022

added some more verbose informational logging
made some performance improvements around threading and general usage of AMQP resources

Version 1.7.5
Dec. 23, 2021

fixed a bug in getting credentials from storage/passwords

Version 1.7.4
Dec. 23, 2021

upgraded internal logging libraries to Log4j2 v2.17.0

Version 1.7.3
Dec. 15, 2021

upgraded internal logging libraries to Log4j2 v2.16.0

Version 1.7.2
Dec. 11, 2021

upgraded internal logging libraries to Log4j2 v2.15.0

Version 1.7.1
Oct. 21, 2021

minor tweak to acking/auto acking logic

Version 1.7.0
Oct. 19, 2021
  • general updates to meet latest Cloud Vetting requirements
  • moved password out of inputs.conf , browse to the Setup Credentials menu tab and enter any usernames/passwords you require.
  • activation key is now setup globally via a menu tab
  • removed the HEC output option, default is now stdout
Version 1.6.3
June 13, 2021

upgraded the AMQP java client library to version 5.12.0

Version 1.6.2
Oct. 6, 2020

upgraded logging functionality

Version 1.6.1
Sept. 29, 2020

docs update

Version 1.6
Aug. 23, 2020

enforced python3 for execution of the modular input script.If you require Python2.7 , then download a prior version (such as 1.5).
added a custom setup page for encryption of credentials

Version 1.5
May 16, 2020

Dual Python 2.7 and 3+ compatibility.

App will run on :

Splunk Enterprise versions back to Splunk 5 where there is only a Python 2.7 runtime shipped
Splunk Enterprise version 8 where there is both a Python 2.7 and Python 3+ runtime shipped
Future versions of Splunk Enterprise where there is only a Python 3+ runtime

Version 1.4
Dec. 30, 2019

added JAXB dependencies for JRE 9+
fixed Splunk 8 compatibility for manager.xml file

Version 1.3.3
May 10, 2019

cosmetic fixes

Version 1.3.2
April 23, 2019

updated docs

Version 1.3.1
April 19, 2019

added trial key functionality

Version 1.3
March 28, 2019

docs updated

Version 1.2
June 3, 2018

minor manager xml ui tweak for 7.1

Version 1.1
May 27, 2018

Added an activation key requirement , visit http://www.baboonbones.com/#activation to obtain a free,non-expiring key
Docs updated
Splunk 7.1 compatible

Version 1.0
Nov. 24, 2015

Minor HEC data handling tweaks

Version 0.9
Sept. 28, 2015

Adjusted pre fetch logic

Version 0.8
Sept. 22, 2015

Added support to optional output to Splunk via a HEC (HTTP Event Collector) endpoint

Version 0.7
Feb. 11, 2015

Enabled TLS1.2 support by default.
Made the core Modular Input Framework compatible with latest Splunk Java SDK
Please use a Java Runtime version 7+
If you need to use SSLv3 , you can turn this on in bin/amqp.py


Version 0.6
Aug. 20, 2014

Added configurable basic qos parameter

Version 0.5
June 25, 2014

Initial release

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