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Downloading custom SimpleXML extensions
SHA256 checksum (custom-simplexml-extensions_130.tgz) cac46f329c26bab46ca8adb48b5131d2cf17d11f4edb8b651a14f76a2391844c SHA256 checksum (custom-simplexml-extensions_1231.tgz) 91967598f727c83181860ded040f53419cd5460cbcf70362bf820fde02a1bde5 SHA256 checksum (custom-simplexml-extensions_123.tgz) 3b9ec14da2e9a60aad2d1c722d71484d3a729d88597b69c77dc8693f93ae3ce7 SHA256 checksum (custom-simplexml-extensions_122.tgz) d380585a6bb0ea56b8b2fc794196443d27a36c4524083c637d9cd5195ba7fe46 SHA256 checksum (custom-simplexml-extensions_121.tgz) 170fb3f9cb33fbf4350de772ad5bc63fe0681f747c1e8f34154edde184408c63 SHA256 checksum (custom-simplexml-extensions_110.tgz) f7e84db3836e28e5286efeda128b0c2d5e36829509212b4f10967a6ae1981e42 SHA256 checksum (custom-simplexml-extensions_10.tgz) b16d62f5dae11cf84085ed6c4b990787851d166ff16731a626b7d4c08ab55f23
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custom SimpleXML extensions

This app has been archived. Learn more about app archiving.
Admins: Please read about Splunk Enterprise 8.0 and the Python 2.7 end-of-life changes and impact on apps and upgradeshere.
This app provides enhancements for Splunk6 SimpleXML dashboard panels
Included are jQuery toggle panel, d3.js sankey and sunburst diagrams and more...

Use and extend the examples to improve your own Splunk dashboards

This app provides SimpleXML enhancements for Splunk 6.X dashboard panels

New in this release -> a sunburst sequence diagram

included are:

  • a d3.js sankey panel for 2-node relationships
  • a d3.js sankey panel for 3-node relationships
  • a d3.js sunburst sequence diagram
  • a toggle functionality for panels www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbNN9Q41kaw
  • an image slider based on jQuery bxslider library
  • a HTML panel that combines static HTML code with dynamic search results
  • an implementation with filter and sorting functionality for html tables
  • a configurable custom drilldown link for charts, tables, etc.

The app itself does not provide any useful content or searches. The implementations are just examples to be used and/or extended for your own apps and dashboards.

If you have ideas for other interesting extensions, please let me know. It would be cool to extend the app with more custom examples

.. get the code on github

Config and use

  • No configuration needed. Just download and restart Splunk
  • The examples are all included in separate dashboards
  • the javascript code is placed in $APP_HOME/appserver/static/components/<..>/


  • Splunk version >= 6.0
  • The App is tested with Google Chrome (Version 35.0.1916.153) only

Troubleshoot and known issues

  • sunburst breadcrump trail doesn't transform correctly after a window resize

Release Notes

Version 1.3.0
July 7, 2014

A first version of a sequence sunburst for path analysis, the example includes
- a colored sunburst for up to 20 nodes
- breadcrump that reacts on mouseouver/out events and shows the full path and percentage information

- a fix in tablesort when using SimpleXML forms (i.e. dropdowns) together with tablesort
- a fix in tablesort when using multiple tables

Version 1.2.31
July 2, 2014

minor bugfix in 2-node sankey.
the title of small nodes at the bottom of the panel have been cut..

Version 1.2.3
June 24, 2014

custom drilldown functionality for charts, tables, etc. added

Version 1.2.2
May 17, 2014

> javascript loading fixed. You only have to include autodiscover.js in the XMLs. All other js files are loaded automatically now
> Static references to the "app-name" removed from all javascript files
> A new panel with a sortable and filterable HTML table added - "TableSorter"

Version 1.2.1
May 17, 2014

> javascript loading fixed. You only have to include autodiscover.js in the XMLs. All other js files are loaded automatically now
> Static references to the "app-name" removed from all javascript files
> A new panel with a sortable and filterable HTML table added - "TableSorter"

Version 1.10
May 13, 2014

Version 1.0
April 24, 2014


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