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SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_295.tgz) 72ff66df6b29c27627bc54df8fb4699f65a397292209ec8c87e29eccc924b759 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_294.tgz) 2ee572f96d3e550f5a4b86421b2db4143f3891acf8708a14794e6182aa74e904 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_293.tgz) c7af873be95dc718de0cdea8586f14d7295a939735a9d89380fb10aa081c726e SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_292.tgz) f890e290d9d8e4b6d8491fa7add3a261a523cc24de275ea297d4ec88f6b704cc SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_291.tgz) 06069f84ad19a1c3f9b10c07db0f6e63a22821d2e97729653b1a2881c1494e8d SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_290.tgz) afa2559043a0697592e764864e62bd5ec2faf77cdfa782f8831850fcd45d68ae SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_280.tgz) 1ea37dcbf1602a65f1020ae3491dba505176a7ca5827c1baaa38a615cec5bd52 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_276.tgz) 6c2d203e83e7285ea90ac195cae76d485342f4a137ffea8b3a231bceafc6f408 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_275.tgz) 84b3e31194ccdd2e4d2c90d20afebbbfbe277276d7381c88a828efe38a7979e9 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_274.tgz) ba13add7c360e198a8bab8eb5fd6e8e8a86a645c4bf4b4b00f6e5ed3ade6c6b7 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_273.tgz) 6f067ae902e1ef61bee0d48f30e46f8848019ef200190b50eb0ad9a79329a8c0 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_272.tgz) e5bc65f3843515fa0bbaf85cf9ce9dfbcb8c8060b67354786da65f528c9dea80 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_271.tgz) 70335f22ea5e5cf688d93fdd9debe95f666cea15c534b6fad8269b19685862bc SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_270.tgz) 23377e3508c3e331d54601e02d5f7f211c489bea04d21516e99f94094ce6c49f SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_262.tgz) a8af4ab631d51134895e4e5e97613568202d65c3189509497515e2830eb227b9 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_261.tgz) 6e97c22d543f56a6020217ce3382ee36ba313555b4ac7896f42f2cc7806b2a98 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_26.tgz) 36ade704c4d1cf066ac684363f63c12c21bdec71b32f7ebeae0559e8abcf661e SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_25.tgz) c0dc4d1467a9616760c633b910da761af0940d8277c7fd157a148e5574999997 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_241.tgz) c1aedbb87e29828e9abfc2eefee0695474a27aa62cd0e18a3c381bae27e001ce SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_24.tgz) 35fd44fb09bc6e3a0336c5792c125518f7326fe0164691efb074a34918659840 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_23.tgz) c3167f27f7bf0fe1c4a6fb8f316ef7a74bf5ab45c2131dd8a6aa413c894f10dc SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_22.tgz) e5122adef2b0182999a2f052698b9415320d76c42c8dd423708f497945d9df7e SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_211.tgz) 69d316bc23acf6143681228cd732386187baffb1fb7e390c5b8c17ce4798e6b5 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_21.tgz) 0a72e11888af30033d70e61f43a46a82b92d52d3bffbf24be8b52839164a9b8a SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_202.tgz) 90dde71f99da969dd5bd1a8952b95cfbeab1cc272e657f85571d095abf2cc8b0 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_201.tgz) d18ccac86a600d8a3bd22351c4957cd1ad6de28f425f1c302e2a3f55b39cdefb SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_20.tgz) 282bb608f425e5c0b7bb866605536929eaa288329ae40a1839e25eb1cc9c07dd SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_163.tgz) 2ba3a2bd1b1738bf8dadce664d1d2a0547b11845266dcb7e425c2be6d8353a70 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_162.tgz) c869c16f8a659b291bb88cf580cc39120935ceaeda76e7eb91a4d6a2bf7e7243 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_161.tgz) a894e7ebd71ccf7bf2688d24689754f619e86c939220c4348f48c9a0fcd035b1 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_16.tgz) 34531179f6f5aff5c4184e7453ea9c5fbc8c956f7fbde249bfb8d228bf8977b9 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_151.tgz) fef6312733d1bf8e888a3b9fc8c1f27464a061dd44bb5b6f8f388dde64a1ab8c SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_150.tgz) 1c5384facbee5882aa6952e5f33afd2f105d06f6dc9e49ee431df42bb797488c SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_140.tgz) 67cf34750aaa0ac3fb1cdc38a3e8b052c8ff781c4f72b4a541c9a9d1369d1eb4 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_132.tgz) 09af7e8a1d7838d98bc647ce7f267ef6d1e4245134d4e6783281c690cfd2a580 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_13.tgz) 8cd74c546136c11f70448c24a04c9fc2e836b62608e614d9e06de206e21910a1 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_131.tgz) 2d648ec8fa81c24e14e9e232362ef8ca5f086b925405641aa78972bceaee5010 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_121.tgz) 2b42c4ffab0de630c066cc114ffee00e8e5e2a70d13804a99cc2804cf44cb4ff SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_120.tgz) 501a7876fb390abc9b90d546ee4ac88778a1313dd1dbedc3421e8ee2c33a3780 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_113.tgz) 39f432010ce447d5580afcfb993adc297148326a2e83f32bc5a1d0c38454f6e0 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_112.tgz) f93fbf113a968c76eba43e921ac7706a0dffd97ad7efaa1532fc6bdf056520ce SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_111.tgz) 10360506a60539aced106bd143b1be9c4f8ed9015fb09da8da7592928e1d3ad8 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_11.tgz) 9d1938c38279545ec81dd70fde50e4867708ea0c9d2bc55b3b72d20cc4322968 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_105.tgz) e0b944309612450b5ecadc78bd315bcf53c66f60c6931f35f41e4deba9c5c509 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_104.tgz) 98c6951b7b1b026c15d3cef9057c316017c4b19ba2e6cd18c2164ab3c3faae06 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_103.tgz) 1fbe89eed9058019f2b7e45c1551d0f7d25c22b886484cc98986b80b288531c7 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_102.tgz) 512cb96c156095343a446f0b91de1f61e6724cb72a19235b2038f62137a3a257 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_101.tgz) 808de0d5dfe38fb645178256800b8d30a0c64e080f5da4469382e6182f28bb65 SHA256 checksum (website-monitoring_10.tgz) e264ef55a9808243e6ddc11ee26e61574808f0e70ad68db6f1e41067df30ac9e
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Website Monitoring

Splunk Cloud
This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for you here.
Monitor websites to detect downtime and performance problems. This app uses a modular input that can be setup easily (in 5 minutes or less).

Please consider financially supporting me in the developing this app in order to promote continued development; see https://github.com/sponsors/LukeMurphey


  • Uptime Calculation: the Status History dashboard provides information about past failures and calculates the website's uptime percentage
  • Status Monitoring Dashboard: provides the response time for your monitored websites and provides a historical analysis of the site's responsiveness
  • Email Outage Alerting: get an emailed alert when your website is down (responds too slowly or is returning an error)
  • Change History Dashboard: provides information regarding when the monitored pages changed


Initial setup

Once you install the app, it will ask you to set it up on the app configuration page. The setup only contains options related to configuring a proxy server. If no proxy server is used, you can just press save.

Creating an input

You will need to create an input to define the websites that you would like to monitor. You can setup a new input using Splunk's manager at Settings » Data Inputs » Website Availability Check. The input is straightforward. You can ignore the "Configuration" parameter unless you want to use different proxy servers for different inputs.


See the links below for answers to frequently asked questions:

What kind of response time from my website should I expect?"

I configured an input but it isn't working, how do I debug it?

How do I use different proxies for different inputs?

How do I allow non-admins to make new website monitoring inputs?

More Information

This project is open source. See GitHub for the source or LukeMurphey.net for more information.

Release Notes

Version 2.9.5
May 4, 2022

Improving compliance with app inspect

Version 2.9.4
Oct. 8, 2020

Fixing issue where app would not work when FIPS mode was enabled without a corresponding entry in splunk-launch.conf

Version 2.9.3
May 12, 2020

Calls to splunkd for the proxy configuration are now cached and thus are more resilient to connection problems to Splunkd.

Version 2.9.2
March 3, 2020

Fixing issue where executive summary reported incorrect number of sites with failures

Version 2.9.1
Jan. 24, 2020

Fixing exception when checking for SHC support

Version 2.9.0
Jan. 16, 2020

1) Added ability to output the HTTP response headers
2) Fixed "dictionary changed size during iteration" error on Python 3

Version 2.8.0
Nov. 21, 2019

1) Added ability to define a custom timeout
2) Added ability to define the redirect limit
3) Added REST handler logs to health monitoring dashboard
4) Added support for Splunk 8.0
5) Added support for Python 3

Version 2.7.6
Sept. 20, 2019

1) Made inputs provide better error messaging when an input is missing fields
2) Fixing error when reload is called
3) Improving error messaging on the setup page
4) Thread limit is restricted to 25 on Splunk Cloud

Version 2.7.5
July 16, 2019

1) Fixed error on Splunk Cloud
2) Removed requirement of 'edit_tcp' capability

Version 2.7.4
March 25, 2019

Added ability to define a list of hosts to ignore the use of the proxy server when performing a ping

Version 2.7.3
Nov. 9, 2018

Fixed issue where only the first 30 passwords could be accessed

Version 2.7.2
Nov. 9, 2018

1) Fixed issue where timeouts where not detected as unavailability
2) Fixed issue where the executive summary page didn't use the failure definition macro

Version 2.7.1
Aug. 14, 2018

1) Fixed issue where the did not work when using the developer license of Splunk
2) Fixed issue where NTLM log message did not work

Version 2.7.0
April 6, 2018

1) Added an Executive Summary dashboard
2) You can no longer make inputs on an SHC (since they need to be on a forwarder)
3) Inputs on an SHC environment no longer run unless on the SHC captain
4) Fixed the drilldown from "Status Overview" to "Status History" which failed to carry over some arguments
5) Apps should now be self-installable on Splunk Cloud

Version 2.6.2
Nov. 28, 2017

Connection failures now include a lot more detail which makes debugging easier

Version 2.6.1
Oct. 21, 2017

1)Fixed issue where the alert search didn't provide information on some outages
2) Fixed Status Overview dashboard which didn't include all errors when "Include only failures" was selected

Version 2.6
Oct. 4, 2017

1) Fixed issue where the macro for a definition of a failure wouldn't match the friendly name in UI
2) Made REST calls more resilient to transient Splunkd connection errors
3) Added the ability to define the indexes to search by default (see the macro "website_monitoring_search_index")

Version 2.5
Aug. 22, 2017

Added the ability to alert when the response of a web-page doesn't include particular content

Version 2.4.1
Aug. 4, 2017

Disabled the use of a proxy on Splunk Cloud since this is unnecessary on Cloud

Version 2.4
July 10, 2017

Updated so that the app can be certification for Splunk Cloud

Version 2.3
July 1, 2017

1) Added improved setup page
2) Passwords are now stored using Splunk's secure storage

Version 2.2
May 4, 2017

1) Added ability to modify what is considered a failure (response time threshold and response codes)
2) Fixed issue preventing message from didn't appearing on the Status Overview page noting no inputs exist
3) Improved compatibility with Splunk 6.6

Version 2.1.1
April 13, 2017

Fixed btool error due to "thread_limit" not being defined in the spec file

Version 2.1
April 12, 2017

1) Number of executing threads can now be customized
2) Connection failure log messages now include the related URL
3) Status Overview now groups by source not url so that separate results can be shown when using the app to monitor the same URL but with different proxy servers

Version 2.0.2
Feb. 15, 2017

Fixed issue where the link to the configuration page was wrong

Version 2.0.1
Jan. 15, 2017

1) App now supports running on hosts in FIPS mode
2) Added better support for NTLM authentication
3) Fixed issue where users with power user + edit_modinput_web_ping + list_inputs still couldn't make inputs
4) Styling enhancements to the Status Overview dashboard (font icons, cell background colors, etc.)
5) Added the search views to the nav

Version 2.0
Oct. 31, 2016

1) Input now uses a multi-threaded model supporting a vastly higher number of inputs
2) Added health monitoring dashboards
3) Updated the Status History dashboard with new single value widgets
4) UI improvements to the Status Overview dashboard
5) Several bug fixes (see README for details)

Version 1.6.3
Oct. 1, 2016

Fixed issue where batch created inputs were made in the search app as opposed to the Website Monitoring app

Version 1.6.2
Sept. 22, 2016
  • Message indicating that authentication method could not be determined is now a warning.
  • Splunkd connection exceptions are more gracefully handled when attempting to determine proxy configuration
  • Fixed issue where the message indicating that no inputs existed could sometimes be shown more than once
  • Fixed issue where the message indicating that no inputs existed would show when inputs did exist (on other hosts)
Version 1.6.1
Sept. 5, 2016
  • Fixed issue where the input could fail when attempting to determine the authentication type
  • Made input more resilient to errors (restarts upon errors)
Version 1.6
July 29, 2016

Added page to create multiple inputs (batch creation)

Version 1.5.1
July 8, 2016
  • Updated connection error message to make it more clear how to troubleshoot the problem
  • Eliminating error message regarding InsecureRequestWarning
  • Fixed error that can happen when attempting to determine authentication type
Version 1.5.0
May 11, 2016

Added ability to set the user-agent

Version 1.4.0
Dec. 18, 2015
  • Adding HTTP authentication support
  • Added input UI
Version 1.3.2
Nov. 14, 2015

Disabling server SSL certificate verification which is incorrectly failing on valid certificates at times

Version 1.3
Nov. 11, 2015
  • Added support for Server Name Indication (SNI); only works on Splunk installs with Python 2.7.9+ * Added support for client SSL certificate authentication |
  • Fixed issue where multiple log entries were being created for the same event
Version 1.3.1
Nov. 11, 2015

Added more rows to the list of items on the Status Overview dashboard

Version 1.2.1
July 29, 2015

Added capability "edit_modinput_web_ping" to admin and power users so that they can make the input be default

Version 1.2.0
July 21, 2015

Added capability "edit_modinput_web_ping" which can be assigned to allow non-admins to make inputs

Version 1.1.3
July 20, 2015
  • Fixed reference to Insteon app code
Version 1.1.2
July 8, 2015
  • The dialog that tells users how to setup an input is now hidden if an input exists
  • Failure to load checkpoint data due to corruption is now handled more gracefully
Version 1.1.1
May 5, 2015
  • Fixed issue where proxy servers with underscores were not allowed
  • Website monitoring REST handler logs are now source-typed correctly
Version 1.1
Feb. 11, 2015

Added ability to filter out disabled or removed inputs from the status overview dashboard

Version 1.0.5
Jan. 12, 2015
  • Fixed issue where inputs might not have worked correctly
  • Enhanced logging for when interval gap is too large and when checkpoint file could not be found
Version 1.0.4
Jan. 9, 2015
  • Fixed issue where setting the host field on the config page did not cause it to be included in the events
  • Fixed issue where the input would not stay on the interval because it included processing time in the interval
  • Fixed issue where the modular input logs were not sourcetyped correctly
Version 1.0.3
Nov. 10, 2014
  • Updated icon (for Splunk 6.2)
  • Fixed issue where setting and then clearing the sourcetype or index caused an error
Version 1.0.2
June 11, 2014

Status overview page now automatically starts the search

Version 1.0.1
April 17, 2014

Fixed issue where the proxy configuration option was set as required on the modular input screen but is optional

Version 1.0
April 2, 2014
  • Added support for using multiple proxy servers (see http://goo.gl/8pa8Wv)
  • Added logging of the proxy server used when the ping was performed
  • Fixed issue where the titles of ping requests contained spaces were not shown in the interface correctly

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