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Downloading IP Reputation App for Splunk Enterprise
SHA256 checksum (ip-reputation-app-for-splunk-enterprise_11.tgz) 2f5ac04b0445a7ed824dcef7404137893f7598db183ab4156362089b85513eb6 SHA256 checksum (ip-reputation-app-for-splunk-enterprise_10.tgz) a125fe36a31e51b742ea0b5cd551bced2150a3d8f01b82ef5aeaa11ff7a8817f SHA256 checksum (ip-reputation-app-for-splunk-enterprise_091.tgz) 217075c4732144444053538eb84762cd9444f15f7930248abd84873a4a6d263d SHA256 checksum (ip-reputation-app-for-splunk-enterprise_09.tgz) 32e898802d6868b638130ae2bb733bcfc0848e50d0031c1179886417d933b3e4 SHA256 checksum (ip-reputation-app-for-splunk-enterprise_08.tgz) 645aecb61c1e4630971af3ac555edae52d29757996d8a5ab7874064f042656c7 SHA256 checksum (ip-reputation-app-for-splunk-enterprise_07.tgz) 66c2a0473c3998bbc490136012e475db1e2ed87de68c1314bb17ffe86f0f62ee SHA256 checksum (ip-reputation-app-for-splunk-enterprise_062.tgz) ab1baf4e1118658af46d5cd53c8d7ad8c3948ceecc90e390adc56aeaa533adf9 SHA256 checksum (ip-reputation-app-for-splunk-enterprise_061.tgz) d973f755d3b70826a1c59983b2262463d8aabc0d9e04548db5fce3498c8b2ed0
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IP Reputation App for Splunk Enterprise

This app has been archived. Learn more about app archiving.
This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for you here.
This app allows you to enrich your IP Data with realtime threat information by contacting the Project Honey Pot database via DNS-Blacklist requests.

IP Reputation

This app allows you to enrich your IP Data with realtime threat information. Currently it's contacting the Project Honey Pot database via DNS-Blacklist requests.

Getting out value from your machine data:

  • Prioritization of Alerts/Investigation based on IP Scoring/Classification
  • Identify infected machines in your environment (you don't want to have clients who try to connect to a blacklisted IP)
  • Insight what malicious IP's are connecting to your website
  • Insight/Discovery if your current security tools help
  • Insight / KPI Numbers if new implemented configurations improve security.
  • Benchmark different Web-Application-Firewalls
  • Insight/Discovery if it would make sense to implement the http:BL apache blocking add-on on your web server
  • Find attackers who hide them as a Search Bot

Technical Details

  • adds a external lookup script feeding in clientip data, returning threatscore ( ... | lookup threatscore clientip)
  • adds a app interface with KPI Dashboard + Google Maps Dashboard Threatscore >0
  • adds automatic lookup within the App-Search of clientip fields
  • adds lookup command "lookup threatscore clientip" within the standard search app
  • adds workflow actions for clientip field (WHOIS + HoneyPot Lookup)

Make sure to obtain an http:BL Authorization Key from http://www.projecthoneypot.org/httpbl_configure.php

Feedback welcome!

Release Notes

Version 1.1
March 3, 2015

added to the lookup to give back new fields to Splunk. Now the days_since_last_activity and visitor type are available as fields.

Version 1.0
Dec. 3, 2014

Version 1.0 Update to be CIM compliant and using new Simple XML Features of 6.2

Modified Critical Network Analyzer and Threat Map Dashboard to be CIM Compliant (tag=network tag=communication
Added field inputs to both dashboards to filter data including default values
Added "How it Works" html tags for descriptions
Added new bubble chart visualization to the critical network traffic analyzer for multible dimension risk investigation

Version 0.91
Jan. 21, 2014

fixed issue with wrong threat score for search engine ip's

Version 0.9
Dec. 13, 2013

App cleanup to make it more stable
Removed the automatic lookup within the IP Reputation App to avoid to much lookups
Removed the Report Acceleration for several reports
* Changed several objects from Global to App only sharing

Version 0.8
Oct. 10, 2013

Updated the Threat Map to Support Splunk's Version 6 native maps and iplocation command as well as pie charts on the map splited by Fields. Additional some Form Inputs to ensure users better understand how to use the App, what's behind the scene, which search is running and make it customizable on the fly to change fieldnames or custom filter down of events to lookup
Update the Icons + Graphics to be compatible to Splunk's Version 6 including bar images

Version 0.7
Sept. 9, 2013
  • Created new Dashboard - Critical Network Traffic Analyzer.
    Displaying bad network communication from the last 60 minutes, designed for Firewall logs. Dashboard is in simple xml to allow easy edit and customization in case some field names need to be corrected. Dashboard displays data which has event type "check_ip".

  • based on community feedback, disabled scheduled searches for the KPI Dashboard, to avoid any performance impact if the dashboard is not used.

  • compatible with Version 6.0 - new Dashboards, Integrated Map + Form, Icons etc. in the next upcoming Version

Version 0.62
March 25, 2013
  • fixed default permission to allow using the enrichment with ... " |lookup threatscore clientip" within the default search app and other apps, too.
Version 0.61
March 22, 2013
  • Improved Navigation Bar
  • Added Info Page within the App
  • Disabled in the Lookup script the text output for the lookups
    If you want to activate it again you can activate it within the script by removing the comments - line 35,89,90,137
  • moved all config files etc. to default config to make sure further updates do not overwrite local user configurations

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