Vormetric Security Intelligence

The Vormetric Security Intelligence application for Splunk (R) provides a number of security intelligence reports and search operations that can be used to extract information from the log streams produced by Vormetric encryption agents and the Vormetric Data Security (TM) Manager (DSM).

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Much of the information required for the reports is extracted from audit log messages generated by Vormetric agents when user programs access files protected by a Guard Point, which is a directory protected by the Vormetric Filesystem agent. This requires that the Guard Point has been set up using a policy where the rules include an audit effect, and that the agent has been configured to send "INFO" level log messages to the Splunk system, either directly from the agent, or forwarded by the DSM.

  • If info-level audit logging of Guard Point accesses is not provided, the Splunk reports might not provide useful results.

  • The log streams provided to Splunk must in RFC5424 Syslog format, else field extraction will not work correctly. This is selected in the DSM when defining the syslog stream formats.

  • The reports and searches might not provide useful information until a sufficient volume of log events has been captured by Splunk.

  • This app by default assumes log data will be received by Splunk via TCP and/or UDP on port 5514.


1.0.8 - updated 13th Nov 2013



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