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Downloading Barracuda Web Filter application for Splunk
SHA256 checksum (barracuda-web-filter-application-for-splunk_18.tgz) f78e25f06d7b12bbb96d3d19597be0fdf810b8dd39e25ab925f6f1c5687670ae SHA256 checksum (barracuda-web-filter-application-for-splunk_17.tgz) 354425773bda896a332d90ed8ee797af1d71588c61a206f50347ee6358c1bb78 SHA256 checksum (barracuda-web-filter-application-for-splunk_16.tgz) 9043b6070f26cbc0a7c8eca5a168f464913cae37804407113f9683f791193200 SHA256 checksum (barracuda-web-filter-application-for-splunk_15.tgz) 1336212bd94036b39930f49b3d2dd70fdcdfadb6585d1580e91e046c3a629e41 SHA256 checksum (barracuda-web-filter-application-for-splunk_14.tgz) c6331e5dfa10d714d3951494c52a406299739d3e7b98a3f3a6d3ada925b09012 SHA256 checksum (barracuda-web-filter-application-for-splunk_13.tgz) 94eee274a0e910b008f325cd1408d0e3b007d100969b975ef4708c87d7b5bd61 SHA256 checksum (barracuda-web-filter-application-for-splunk_12.tgz) 3a731482c92569523af4e38bc6dbda8f7894362c2be6fe51cf13d196aeb0a1de SHA256 checksum (barracuda-web-filter-application-for-splunk_11.tgz) dc67135aad6dc1f53daafb6f4063f0b17507c0aae9d01e41c11ec9ae7469b906 SHA256 checksum (barracuda-web-filter-application-for-splunk_10.tgz) 9896307a5ba0c7eb4637ef500de7013e124b276968d7c36c05869fb78ce16395
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Barracuda Web Filter application for Splunk

Application for monitoring access through Barracuda Web Filters using Splunk.


This application was designed to give users usable data surrounding the requests being sent to their Barracuda Web Filter. The application was designed using data from a Barracuda Web Filter 310, even though the access logs should be universal across the Barracuda Web Filter family of appliances I cannot guarentee it will work with other versions.

Pre-deployment Assumptions:

1. You have enabled syslog logging on your Web Filter appliance.
2. The logs are being absorbed by Splunk and given a sourcetype name "barracuda"
3. You are using LDAP authentication. If you are not you may need to tweak the stanza named barracuda_without_ldap in transforms.conf

Reports in this Application:

  • Top Users by Spyware Type
  • Top Domains by Spyware Type
  • Top Spyware Types
  • Top Source IPs by Spyware Type
  • Weekly Bandwidth Usage
  • Top Ten Bandwidth Consumers by User ID
  • Bandwidth Consumed by Hour of Day
  • Bandwidth Consumed by Day of Week
  • Domains by Bandwidth Consumed
  • Users by Bandwidth Consumed
  • Content Type by Bandwidth Consumed
  • Source IP by Bandwidth Consumed
  • Dest IP by Bandwidth Consumed

Blocked/Allowed Traffic Reports:

  • Domains by # of Requests
  • Domains by Category
  • Top Domains Accessed by User
  • Most Accessed Content Type by Domain
  • Most Accessed Category by Domain
  • Users by # of Requests
  • Categories by # of Requests
  • Top Category per User
  • Top Content Types
  • Source IPs by # of Requests
  • Dest IPs by # of Requests
  • Requests by Hour of Day
  • Requests by Day of Week

You can also use the "Log Search" tab to manually search the logs using the defined categories.


1. Configure a setup screen to change sourcetype name and/or specify an index
2. Add summary indexes for some of the reports

Release Notes

Version 1.8
Feb. 15, 2014

Small fixes for lookups.

Version 1.7
Nov. 18, 2013

Updates in version 1.7:
- New "Threat Intelligence" tab that will be used to collect external threat intelligence feeds and provide insight on any correlations that are found in your event data. Currently has support for phishtank.com through a scripted input that runs every 24 hours. More to be added soon.
- Updates to the regex's in transforms.conf
- Sourcetype renaming was added to match barracuda web filter syslog events and rename the sourcetype to "barracuda"

Version 1.6
Sept. 25, 2013

Some more clean up of the app. No major changes/fixes.

Version 1.5
Sept. 24, 2013

This release addresses two issues:
1. Saved search "Blocked Users by Requests" could not be found
2. Same values were appearing for "Top 10 Blocked Users" and "Top 10 Users by Allowed Requests"

Credit goes to Kirk G. from TekSecure Labs for finding the issues.

Version 1.4
Sept. 28, 2011

Very minor fix that was missed in last release

Version 1.3
Sept. 28, 2011

- Updated the log search page to properly incorporate the Action field and display it in the results.
- Fixed two blocked reports in the activity by domain dashboard that were improperly labelled.
- Changed the bandwidth by day report to be over the last 7 days by default.

Version 1.2
Sept. 27, 2011

- Added Blocked traffic
- Separated menus into "Allowed" and "Blocked" traffic
- Added action type (blocked/allowed) to the log search dashboard
- Reorganized the reports on each dashboard
- Added a specific "Bandwidth Usage" dashboard
- Results will update when a new date/time frame is select from the drop down menu

Version 1.1
Sept. 26, 2011

- Added category definitions so the user can reference what criteria makes up a given category.
- Fixed font type so it's a little prettier
- Changed the title on one of the charts
- Remove the defined time bucket on the Bandwidth Usage search.

Version 1.0
Sept. 26, 2011


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