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Downloading Splunk for Stocks Monitoring
SHA256 checksum (splunk-for-stocks-monitoring_109.tgz) 6b2953c351bc3cd16d3125e82544cd004fc366c4dfa5b0d3c0dac74670a7b185 SHA256 checksum (splunk-for-stocks-monitoring_108.tgz) 03d10e50e298cebbdac5b9f069713a856e7a3661438a69c7180e713202aecf8d SHA256 checksum (splunk-for-stocks-monitoring_107.tgz) 82c0ed2b421376c42e550b8bbbe00ef857df6b1eb9d5dbad08dc931d1e29dc98 SHA256 checksum (splunk-for-stocks-monitoring_106.tgz) a4bdf5f66d31da72d40f6d7d40537c542e57564ae5c636c1f821ceec3a6d30cc SHA256 checksum (splunk-for-stocks-monitoring_105.tgz) 1ed9b1ad02e6e70f29ecdb8e9f0ef10c0bb1fa7dc6d78e69bf75a8bf8a040b26 SHA256 checksum (splunk-for-stocks-monitoring_104.tgz) 2786853760218574ebac8cd987187ff68b42fd087231a2cabec01a9fa4ed0122 SHA256 checksum (splunk-for-stocks-monitoring_103.tgz) 2265072741c8d5ee2a93525d5d4fa7a28c07961b7496b40ec6cb14763012e19f SHA256 checksum (splunk-for-stocks-monitoring_102.tgz) d16abf8f8dfbcf7a69a4f29eb2345b36b56b64de28bacc193841bd8e77945e32 SHA256 checksum (splunk-for-stocks-monitoring_101.tgz) f3bb69d07c28730029f8fb7ee926dee205c81548a369e0517522b0585cc7bf60 SHA256 checksum (splunk-for-stocks-monitoring_10.tgz) 9e434683cab44d15c267a7d635060cc673dd9a8afad2d12217c99291abc9f051
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Splunk for Stocks Monitoring

This Splunk for Stocks Monitoring App is an example of how you can use Splunk and IT search to monitor and analyize the stocks market. This app integrates a comprehensive list (6000+) of stocks' historical prices from NASDAQ and DOW JONES as well as latest RSS news from various sources. Here you'll find a collection of useful out of the box inputs, searches, dashboards and reports for the stocks of your interest.

General Features

  • Market Movers

Stocks that moved substantially or traded heavily on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq

  • Moving Average (MA) Analysis

Moving Average (MA) is an indicator frequently used in technical analysis showing the average value of a security's price over a set period. Moving averages are generally used to measure momentum and define areas of possible support and resistance.

  • K-line (K) Analysis

K-line (K) Analysis is basically Candlestick charts that are a visual aid for decision making in stock, forex, commodity, and options trading.

  • Stock RSS News

Check out the RSS news of your stock, and try to relate the frequency of these news to the unusably moves of your stock.

App Information

  • Platform: Windows, Linux, Unix


This App can be installed using Splunk's usual means of installation. Upon successful download, this App will begin fetching data from various of sources such as Yahoo in order to sync itself with the most recent stock prices, and this fetching of data can last for many minutes depending on your internet speed. First time synchronization of data can take minimum of 200MB hard disk space, and all of these data are from year 2005 up to today.


This App is not a financial adviser or broker and does not offer financial advice based on your personal financial situation or goals and shall not be held liable for any investment or trading losses you may incur by using the information provided. Stock Trading involves high risks and you can lose your entire investments.

Release Notes

Version 1.09
June 23, 2011

fixed Scripted Inputs for platform independence and protability

Version 1.08
June 23, 2011

revert to Windows based, since *nix has not yet been fully tested

Version 1.07
June 23, 2011

license correction

Version 1.06
June 22, 2011

minor bug fix for inputs.conf

Version 1.05
June 22, 2011

minor bug fix for platform compatibility

Version 1.04
June 22, 2011

updated so it can run on Windows, Linux, and Unix platforms

Version 1.03
June 22, 2011

attached copyright, and cleaned up stockrss.py code

Version 1.02
June 21, 2011

fixed scripted inputs such that Splunk would not index delisted stocks

Version 1.01
June 21, 2011

fixed minor issues with directory paths

Version 1.0
June 21, 2011


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