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Downloading Zero Networks Add-on for Splunk
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Zero Networks Add-on for Splunk

Splunk Cloud
This add-on is designed to provide data collection and field extraction for Zero Networks Access Orchestrator Audit Logs.

Zero Networks Add-on for Splunk

The Zero Networks Add-on for Splunk uses the Zero Networks Audit Logs API to fetch Zero Networks Audit logs into Splunk.

Getting Started

The Audit Logs API is for monitoring the audit events happening in Zero Networks to ensure continued compliance, to safeguard against any inappropriate system access, and to allow you to audit suspicious behavior within your enterprise.

The idea is to give Zero Networks customers the ability to query user actions in a workspace. With this API, you could:

  • Automatically feed audit logs into an SIEM or other auditing tool
  • Proactively monitor for potential security issues or malicious access attempts
  • Write custom apps to gain insights

Installation and Configuration Steps

This application can be installed an On-Prem or Cloud deployments of Splunk.

Installation Steps for on-prem

Install the TA on one of the Heavy Forwarder(s). Ensure to copy over eventtypes.conf, props.conf and tags.conf over to your search head to make sure field aliases, event types and tags for data model mapping comes through.

Installation Steps for cloud

Create a support ticket with APP-CERT reference to get the app installed on a Cloud instance OR follow the cloud-ops recommended set of actions to install non-published applications.

Configuration steps

The configuration steps are common for on-prem and cloud. Please follow the following steps in order:
1. Create a new index called zeronetworks_audit.
2. Open the Web UI for the Heavy Forwarder (or IDM).
3. Navigate to the Zero Networks Add on for Splunk from the Manage Apps Section.
4. Navigate to the Inputs tab.
5. Click on ZeroNetworksAudit input.
6. Enter the following details:
- Name (required): Provide a unique name for the input.
- Interval (required): Provide a number in seconds for the query interval. Reccommended to leave as default
- Index (required): Select the index from the dropdown list. Set the default index to be zeronetworks_audit.
- APIKey (required): Enter the APIKey retrieved from the Zero Networks portal see APIKey Generation below.
- Start Time (required): Enter the time from which to begin querying, in the format 0000000000000 (epoch milliseconds). The default has been set to 0000000000000.
7. Click on Update to save the input.
8. To check for any logs or errors, navigate to the Search tab and enter the below search index=_internal source="*ta_zeronetworks_add_on_for_splunk_*.log".

APIKey Generation - Authentication Step

  1. Login to the Zero Networks Portal
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Click API under Integrations.
  4. Click Add new token.
  5. Enter the following details:
  6. Token Name: Splunk Add-on
  7. Access Type: Read-only
  8. Expiry: 36 Months
  9. Click Add.
  10. Copy the generated token.
  11. Set a reminder to get a new token and update the app in 35 months.

Pre-requisites, FAQ and Troubleshooting

  1. Initially, the sheer volume of audit logs could be large.
  2. If a run of the add-on stopped for any reason, a checkpoint for each input will be stored, with the name ending with scrollCursor. This is an indication of an error that must have occurred in the previous run. The input can be restarted (Disable the input first and then enable it) after the cause of failure has been fixed, so it picks up the run from the recorded last successful run.
  3. Ensure not to configure the inputs from the Data Inputs section of Splunk, as this could lead to some unexpected failures.

Release Notes

Version 1.0.1
Sept. 1, 2022

Minor update for bug fix

Version 1.0.0
July 31, 2022

Initial version of Zero Networks Add-On for Splunk. This add-on will retrieve audit logs from Zero Networks Access Ochestrator.

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