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Downloading ZenBOT-Garibaldi-Defender-Basic
SHA256 checksum (zenbot-garibaldi-defender-basic_100.tgz) b63ed5bf72bce5750b3ab1e87f9a818a51fe0e6fb228e73c2dcdf81625154f8c
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Splunk | defenderisolate command by NTT DATA
This app contains "defenderisolate" search command, which calls Microsoft Defender REST API to isolate selected device id.

Splunk | defenderisolate command by NTT DATA

This app contains "defenderisolate" search command, which calls Microsoft Defender REST API to isolate selected device id.
Syntax is as follows; question mark indicating the optional Options.

App name is ispired to:
- zen: Japanese Zen philosophy, since that NTT DATA is Japanese multinational information technology service and consulting company headquartered in Tokyo
- BOT: robot automation
- Garibaldi: Italian general, patriot, revolutionary and republican. He contributed to Italian unification and creation of the Kingdom of Italy ledding the Expedition of the Thousand. "Obbedisco" was a famous answer to its king, Vittorio Emanuele II, to obey at its commands.
- Defender: integrated technology used
- Basic: app features

Do you want to know more about the “pro” version, or need a customized version?
Please contact us: splunk@nttzen.cloud

Command Syntax

| defenderisolate <stanza> <log_level>? <testmode>? <comment> <isolationType> <id>

Options in detail

Option Type Value
stanza string stanza name inside ntt_data_defender_settings.conf in which are defined Microsoft Defender access configurations
log_level string "INFO" OR "DEBUG" (default: "INFO")
testmode string "True" OR "False" (default: "False")
comment string text
isolationType string "Full" OR "Selective"
id string text


Microsoft Defender access configurations are defined in ntt_data_defender_settings.conf file inside default or local folder

auth_url = Microsoft Defender Base URL # defult: https://login.microsoftonline.com
auth_resourceappiduri = Defender API Base URL # default: https://api.securitycenter.microsoft.com
auth_tenantid = Tenant ID UUID created on Application Permission process
auth_appid = App ID UUID created on Application Permission process
auth_appsecret = App Secret created on Application Permission process


Calls Microsoft Defender to isolate defined device id

| defenderisolate stanza="asset" log_level=INFO comment="isolate device" isolationType="Full" id="3cbb6e31c3b298fd3f523a0e1252940e0f51b3ba0"

Enable test mode call to check payload format

| defenderisolate stanza="asset" log_level="DEBUG" testmode="True" comment="isolate device test" isolationType="Selective" id="3cbb6e31c3b298fd3f523a0e1252940e0f51b3ba0"

Offical Documentation Microsoft Defender Machine Isolate API

Isolate machine API


  1. Create Application Permission on Microsoft Defender. Do not use "Delegated Permissions"
  2. On Request API Permission find APIs my organization uses and select WindowsDefenderATP
  3. Set read and write permission to Machine.Isolate
AdvancedQuery.Read.All Application Run advanced queries Yes
Alert.Read.All Application Read all alerts Yes
Alert.Read\Write.All Application Read and write all alerts Yes
Ip.Read.All Application Read IP address profiles Yes
Machine.Isolate Application Isolate machine Yes
Machine.Read.All Application Read all machine profiles Yes
Machine.RestrictExecution Application Restrict code execution Yes
Machine.Scan Application Scan machine Yes
Machine.StopAndQuarantine Application Stop and quarantine file Yes
Ti.Read.All Application Read all IOCs Yes
Ti.Read.Write Application Read and write IOCs belonging to the app Yes
Ti.ReadWrite.All Application Read and write all IOCs Yes

Splunk End User for Third Party

Release Notes

This app contains "defenderisolate" search command, which calls Microsoft Defender REST API to isoltate selected device id.
Version 1.0.0
May. 23, 2022

© 2022 NTT DATA

Release Notes

Version 1.0.0
June 6, 2022

Release Notes

This app contains "defenderisolate" search command, which calls Microsoft Defender REST API to isoltate selected device id.\
Version 1.0.0\
May. 23, 2022\
© 2022 NTT DATA

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