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Splunk Cloud
This custom streaming search command was developed to handle JSON data sources that contain arrays of objects, which is a common problem with the JSON response from API data sources such as CrowdStrike and Google Workspace.

The command adds additional fields using the value from the provided key, and either a specific child or all children other than the key.

All versions prior to 1.0.0 will need to be installed on both the search head and search peers to function.



| array2object field=_raw path="<path>" key="<relative path>" value="<relative path>"

Paths are expressed in dot notation, including when entering arrays. For example, event[0].key needs to be written as event.0.key.


Optional, defaults to _raw
Splunk field containing the JSON data to parse.


The path from the root of the JSON object to the array. Must point to an array, and must be written in dot notation eg event.AuditKeyValues.


The relative path from the array, to the value which will be used as the key for each array item. Ideally the value of this field would be unique but the command will create multivalue fields if there is overlap.


Optional, defaults to all children except the key
The relative path from the array, to the value(s) of the new field. Typically used to set the output to a single value like "ValueString", but accepts a relative path, and all children from the path will be added.


CrowdStrike's EventStream data contains an array of objects called AuditKeyValues, where each member contains a object with the keys "Key" and "ValueString". From the root of the JSON object, this arrays path would be "event.AuditKeyValues" in dot notation.


Using the array2object command will create new fields using the value of the key for each of the arrays objects:
| array2object path="event.AuditKeyValues" key="Key"

event.AuditKeyValues.actor_cid.ValueString = "abcdef1234567890"
event.AuditKeyValues.target_user.ValueString = "brett.whynot@gmail.com"

When there is only a single value expected (key value pairs), you can specify the value path to get shorter field names:
| array2object path="event.AuditKeyValues" key="Key" value="ValueString"

event.AuditKeyValues.actor_cid = "abcdef1234567890"
event.AuditKeyValues.target_user = "brett.whynot@gmail.com"

Release Notes

Version 1.0.0
Nov. 24, 2021

Moved lib directory into bin directory, as lib is not included in bundle replication. All versions prior to 1.0.0 will need to be installed on search peers to function.

Version 0.1.6
Nov. 20, 2021

Updated splunklib to 1.6.18

Version 0.1.5
Nov. 4, 2021

Bugfix when key field was missing. Updated fixes to Splunklib.

Version 0.1.4
Oct. 25, 2021

Add support for dot paths to the key field too.

Version 0.1.3
Oct. 23, 2021

Major bug fix related to dynamic fields and Splunklib


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