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Downloading Tego Guardian - Threat Correlation and Threat Hunting
SHA256 checksum (tego-guardian-threat-correlation-and-threat-hunting_200.tgz) 051f05dde334fd9cd5f6bde4437a7b1cc1705e96d701a4098d7cc4ceecbf0be4 SHA256 checksum (tego-guardian-threat-correlation-and-threat-hunting_103.tgz) 517b8964d7788e7fb4697f4bf893c5e9e99a567a40d5d9c9bdec055c7ffe7eb5 SHA256 checksum (tego-guardian-threat-correlation-and-threat-hunting_019.tgz) 81b17426f6fd76d29f845450b96e0cc46d80eb4b08073bf3661b4b46db791d5a
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Tego Guardian - Threat Correlation and Threat Hunting

Splunk Cloud
Tego Guardian is a threat correlation and threat hunting tool powered by a threat intelligence platform to that allows security teams to find threats faster, and with threat actor data at the time of use. Using real time threat intelligence, threats are correlated and enriched so that security operations staff can make decisions faster.

Tego allows security operations teams to respond faster and eradicate threat actors in minutes rather than months. Tego reduces threat actor dwell time and decreases time to detection and remediation by identifying the threats as well as the assets affected, a benefit of being fully integrated to Splunk.

A license key from Tego Cyber Inc. is required to start receiving data from the Tego Threat Intelligence Platform. If you have downloaded Tego Guardian, please contact us or visit our website to provide your HEC token: https://tegocyber.com/splunk/

This Splunk application helps in visualizing and correlating your data with the Tego Threat Engine. This application is standalone and does not depend on any other technology add-ons.

Version - 2.0.0

Compatible with Splunk Enterprise version: 8.0.x, 8.1.x and 8.2.x, 9.0.x and Splunk Cloud.

INSTALLATION (S1 Architecture)
1. This app can be installed either through UI from "Manage Apps" or by extracting the compressed file into $SPLUNK_HOME$/etc/apps folder.
2. Restart Splunk.
3. Open the TegoGuardian app, a setup page will appear.
4. Select the indexes you wish to be searched and press submit.
5. Create a tegoguardian index at Settings > Indexes > New Index
6. Create a HEC to receive data feed from Tego: Settings-->Data Inputs-->HTTP Event Collector
7. Click New Token
- On Select Source screen, enter Name: tego_hec, Source name override: tegoguardian and then click Next.
- On Input Settings screen under Source Type, click Select and then select tegoguardian.
- On Input Settings screen under Index, select tegoguardian under Selected Allowed Indexes AND as Default Index.
- Click Review and then Submit.
Note the token value to provide to TegoCyber along with url to HEC receiver... usually https://\<yourhost>:8088
8. For each Index that will be searched, set-up a field alias for either domain, url, or hash at Settings > Fields > Field Alias. For example, dst ASNEW domain.
9. For each Index, set-up a field alias called Asset at Settings > Fields > Field Alias. For example, Hostname ASNEW Asset.
10. Enable permissions for Everyone to Read the the Field Alias for TegoGuardian. Recommended "This App Only" selection
11. Enable the 4 list_update searches
12. Provide hec token info to a Tego representative who will authorize access.

INSTALLATION (Distributed Architectures)
1. Distributed architectures will require the data inputs be deployed to the Forwarding tier and the indexes.conf be configured at the indexer tier.
2. tegoguardian index needs to be provisioned at the indexer tier (indexes.conf)
3. App should be installed on a SHC via deployer.
4. App will be split into components however if you have any questions on distributed architectures, please reach out.

Section 1: Select indexes
Select the indexes you would like to compare with the Tego threat data.

Release Notes

Version 2.0.0
Aug. 11, 2022

Performance improvements

Version 1.0.3
June 16, 2022

Performance improvements and security compliance

Version 0.1.9
April 26, 2022

Some performance improvements, bug fixes, and cloud readiness.

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