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Downloading Microsoft SMTP App for Splunk
SHA256 checksum (microsoft-smtp-app-for-splunk_22.tgz) ebc7481b7f4b0adadb6f83acaf1f72e32f7284765d5d631abbe5e19e4492e075 SHA256 checksum (microsoft-smtp-app-for-splunk_21.tgz) 71e448d4b522d21ed83e3f34d6bbdf0e65e775f667ec18e256ff9881ee416289 SHA256 checksum (microsoft-smtp-app-for-splunk_20.tgz) 7bac68b9be9cb24153df3b7e77bf157ff1eb1eed351f7c0514fe031e9562d6ec SHA256 checksum (microsoft-smtp-app-for-splunk_10.tgz) 4dc2b582455b1993b8dfd1443501414bac3c6a949a3f418a03aac8285362f647
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Microsoft SMTP App for Splunk

Splunk Cloud
The Microsoft SMTP App for Splunk provides easy onboarding of SMTP IIS log in W3C format and same time customize Splunk searches and dashboards for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server events. All dashboards are highly optimized for fast performance and contain custom drill-downs. This app can be used to gain analytical insights to your mail server logs. Also, SMTP server error code details are incorporated in this app.

Feel free to write to us at support@avotrix.com

The Microsoft SMTP app for Splunk, it provides custom Splunk searches and dashboards for Simple mail transfer protocol server logs. All dashboards have been highly optimized for fast performance and contain custom drilldowns. Use to gain visibility and add insights to your mail sever logs. SMTP server error codes details is also incorporated in the app.
This app also provide monitoring for SMTP logs and helps to onboard logs into Splunk with pre-existing sourcetype and monitoring stanza to extract SMTP IIS logs in w3c Format.
Here we get two type of log SMTP daily email logs and BAD email logs.

Using this App:
Enable SMTP Server log settings:
SMTP log format selected is “W3C Extended Log File Format“ as W3C Extended format is a customizable ASCII format with a variety of different properties. You can log properties important to you, while limiting log size by omitting unwanted property fields. Properties are separated by spaces. Time is recorded as UTC.
Go to link for enabling SMTP server logging https://avotrix.com/docs/How_to_enable_logging_for_IIS_SMTP_server_in_windows-converted.pdf

Configuration and Installation:
Please see Splunk's official documentation for the initial installation of the app. To use the dashboards

Deployment Guide:
Pre-requisite: This app contains monitoring stanza ,path can be edited as per specific path given by user for SMTP logs in server.
Index we are using here is Infra . Although no indexes. conf is given in package it should be made by user only while installation.
If you are using some index other, then Infra edit macro "smtp_index" for dashboard population, also edit eventype "smtp_ip" and put client_ip as per your logs
Links for eventtypes and macros used in app for modularity:

Link to lookup used for showing error code details in smtp logs:

• Single Instance
Install app here.
• Distributed deployment
Heavy Forwarder/Universal forwarder – Install app here. Enable monitoring stanza from inputs.conf (place index and add monitor path if not using standard)
Search Head – Install app here

Sourcetype details:
smtp:iis:w3c – Getting SMTP email transactions logs
ms:iis:Badmail – Getting SMTP bad email logs

On the dashboard tab, you can use a time range to filter a result as per need. Selecting a new option in this panel will automatically reload all the graphs.
The very first row gives overview of daily count of Total, Outbound, Bounced and Erroneous with a trend line. Also provided drilldwon in these panels.
Outbound Email drilldown gives us details of mail sent to some recipient with other than permitted domain.
Bounced Email drilldown gives us details of delivery failure.
Error code generated while mail transaction will get captured with issue details. Drilldown for error code time will give insights of failed mail.
Error code statistics gives statistical data for all generated error codes.

Reports - Existing schedule and triggering condition can be altered as per required
Daily report to collect Error code generated: This report runs daily on 00:00 AM and collects all the error code with details
Daily report to collect Outbound Email list: This report runs daily on 00:00 AM and collects details of all outbound email sent
Daily report to collect Bounced Email list: This report runs daily on 00:00 AM and collects details of all Bounced email

Alerts - Existing schedule and triggering condition can be altered as per required
Error code generated -Email failed: Triggers when Error code count is greater than 20, runs at every three hours
Outbound Email sent: Triggers when an outbound email sent is greater than 0, runs at every hour past 15 minutes
Bounced Email alert generated: Triggers when Bounced email count is greater than 20, runs at every three hours

Contact US
Email: support@avotrix.com

Release Notes

Version 2.2
Feb. 1, 2022

Updated dashboard queries and enriched installation and configuration document

Version 2.1
Nov. 17, 2021

Added Splunk Cloud Compatibility

Version 2.0
Aug. 27, 2021
Version 1.0
Sept. 20, 2020

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