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Downloading Microsoft Teams Add-on for Splunk
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Microsoft Teams Add-on for Splunk

Splunk Cloud
Splunk Labs
This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for you here.
The Microsoft Teams Add-on for Splunk collects call record data and aggregate statistics including the following:

* Call records
* Type
* Organizer and participants
* Modalities
* Start and end times
* https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/api/resources/callrecords-callrecord

* Call record sessions
* Caller and callee endpoint data
* Failure information (if any)
* Start and end times if individual sessions
* https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/api/resources/callrecords-session

* Call record session segments
* Call media used
* Bandwidth
* Packet loss rate
* Round trip time
* Audio degradation and jitter
* Video frame rate, frame loss, packet loss, and processing capability
* Device information

Refer to the "Details" tab for setup instructions.

Microsoft Teams Add-on for Splunk

This add-on collects data from Microsoft Teams including the following:

  • Call types
  • Call modalities
  • Clients used
  • Audio jitter
  • Packet utilization


  • Version: 1.1.1
  • Vendor Products:

    • Microsoft Teams user activity reports - (beta API)
    • Microsoft Teams call records - (API)
  • Splunk platform versions: 7.3 and later

  • Platforms: Platform independent
  • Visible: Yes, this add-on contains configuration


  • An active Teams Subscription
  • An Azure Active Directory application registration
  • For call records, a publicly accessible HTTPS endpoint is needed

Required APIs and Permissions

  • CallRecords.Read.All (Application)
  • Subscriptions.Read.All (Delegated)
  • Reports.Read.All (Delegated and Application)


Where to install this add-on

Unless otherwise noted, all supported add-ons can be safely installed to all tiers of a distributed Splunk platform deployment. See Where to install Splunk add-ons in Splunk Add-ons for more information.

This table provides a reference for installing this specific add-on to a distributed deployment of Splunk Enterprise.

Splunk platform component Supported Required Comments
Search Heads Yes Yes This add-on contains search-time knowledge. It is recommended to turn visibility off on your search heads to prevent data duplication errors that can result from running inputs on your search heads instead of (or in addition to) on your data collection node.
Heavy Forwarders Yes No (but recommended) It is recommended to install this add-on on a heavy forwarder for data collection.
Indexers Yes No Not required as the parsing operations occur on the forwarders.
Universal Forwarders No No Universal forwarders are not supported for data collection because the modular inputs require Python and the Splunk REST handler.


Call Records

Collecting call record data is a 3-step process:

1. Create a Teams Webhook input

Microsoft Teams will push call record header data to Splunk via HTTPS.

  • From the add-on, select Inputs > Create New Input > Teams Webhook
  • Specify a name for the webhook
  • Specify an interval for the webhook - the webhook will run continuously, but the interval will be used for a health check and restart the webhook if necessary.
  • Specify an open port for the webhook

Note: The Teams Webhook is not available for Splunk Cloud installations. Consider Azure Functions as an alternative.

2. Create a Teams Subscription input

A subscription instructs Microsoft Teams to start sending call record header data to a specified HTTPS webhook.

  • From the add-on, select Configuration > Account > Add
  • Enter a name, client ID, and client secret for the account
  • Required permission for the subscription account = Subscriptions.Read.All (Delegated)
  • Select Inputs > Create New Input > Teams Subscription
  • Specify an interval for the subscription - 86400 (24 hours) is a typical interval for this field.
  • Select an account
  • Enter your tenant ID
  • Enter the URL for the webhook created above


  • The Webhook URL must be publicly accessible and HTTPS.
  • It is recommended to use a load balancer, reverse proxy, or tunnel in front of your Splunk Heavy Forwarder running the add-on.
  • Updating the Webhook URL after creating the subscription is not supported. Please create a new subscription input with a different name if you need to update the Webhook URL.

3. Create a Teams Call Record input

The call record input uses the call record header received by the webhook to retrieve a complete call record from the Teams REST API.

  • Select Inputs > Create New Input > Teams Call record
  • Specify an interval - specifies how often the input will enumerate call record headers received by the webhook and issue GET requests to the Teams REST API.
  • Select an account
  • Required permission for the call record account = CallRecords.Read.All (Application)
  • Enter your tenant ID

Note: Teams Webhook inputs and Teams Call Record inputs should run on the same system. A load balancer may be used to scale out multiple systems.

Aggregated User Reports

  • From the add-on, select Configuration > Account > Add
  • Enter a name, client ID, and client secret for the account
  • Required permission for the user report account = Reports.Read.All (Delegated and Application)
  • Select Inputs > Create New Input > Teams User Report
  • Specify an interval for the subscription - 86400 (24 hours) is a typical interval for this field.
  • Select an account
  • Enter your tenant ID
  • Select a report period

Disabling Access

Splunk uses an Azure Active Directory application registration to access Microsoft Teams data. Access to Microsoft Teams data may be disabled from the Azure portal by modifying the Azure Active Directory application registration permissions or removing the Azure Active Directory application.


Use of this add-on is permitted subject to your obligations, including data privacy obligations, under your agreement with Splunk and Splunk's Privacy Policy.

Reporting Security Vulnerabilities


  • Jason Conger
  • Skyler Taylor
  • Robert Sisson

Third-party software attributions

Refer to the README.txt file included in this package for details.

Release Notes

Version 1.1.3
Feb. 19, 2022
  • Added max batch size parameter to the Teams Call Record input. This parameter controls how many Teams Call Records will be retrieved per interval.
  • Added check to remove call record IDs from the cache when a 404 (not found) error is returned when trying to retrieve call record data.
Version 1.1.2
July 23, 2021

Webhook handling improvements
Better handling for Splunk 7.x installations

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