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Downloading Cisco SecureX threat response - Custom Search Command
SHA256 checksum (cisco-securex-threat-response-custom-search-command_121.tgz) bc179ecc34248dcd0a72d89f56833c04728332491ad1c3131fb2e33d15232a57 SHA256 checksum (cisco-securex-threat-response-custom-search-command_119.tgz) d51035028125ca548460ae653523f8455fde59a132f12ade7ded8db6aaec08b9 SHA256 checksum (cisco-securex-threat-response-custom-search-command_118.tgz) 0df3f092a84c76bbf5315e71b5d759362b534788063ae59c91e6b4f6f2e10a01 SHA256 checksum (cisco-securex-threat-response-custom-search-command_117.tgz) 115b51c6f1cd3b5dbe58a71f5df1985d666d8505f800f92448a768ea7464078f SHA256 checksum (cisco-securex-threat-response-custom-search-command_116.tgz) 6f9f87f9a8d8286f05973f553d8d4a497b09fd196d9a8d0c1f5c2b41e2e659eb SHA256 checksum (cisco-securex-threat-response-custom-search-command_115.tgz) 0edc2d48374a3acc334176a435e125c06b41c3dba30700bcebe7cce9a5c690d0 SHA256 checksum (cisco-securex-threat-response-custom-search-command_114.tgz) 9a33408523015a68331bced12bdea44ccfd8206e0e7d5518d4831416ff38f2d5 SHA256 checksum (cisco-securex-threat-response-custom-search-command_113.tgz) 77840a37d12c18c3e5d18ed6025f77c4c3ec4a01dd552e3be4876179755f69cd SHA256 checksum (cisco-securex-threat-response-custom-search-command_112.tgz) 712757c57b86eb62c267095266fcc3af347c7f41691130ea7c70bb563bebebc3 SHA256 checksum (cisco-securex-threat-response-custom-search-command_111.tgz) cb2540acef2677235087b5c5cae5b5312b1866267a2cf81b9589500b2762d344 SHA256 checksum (cisco-securex-threat-response-custom-search-command_100.tgz) 7f2e27a464785d10a2d32293ad059315e2133e07df4950076ea7e0db88edf0f0
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Cisco SecureX threat response - Custom Search Command

Splunk Cloud
Cisco SecureX threat response Add-On for Splunk provides a custom search command allowing users to query Cisco SecureX threat response for targets and verdicts from observables within a Splunk instance.

Required API Client Scopes

When creating your API Client in Cisco SecureX threat response it must have the following scopes
- Enrich
- Inspect

Getting Started

  1. Configure the Cisco SecureX threat response Add-on by navigating to Cisco SecureX threat response -> Configuration -> Add-on Settings
    • Enter a Client ID
    • Enter the Client Password
    • Select the appropriate region (EU, US, APJC)
  2. Click Save


To get a verdict from Cisco SecureX threat response:
... | table <field> | threatresponse verdict = <field>

To get targets from Cisco SecureX threat response:
... | table <field> | threatresponse targets = <field>

To get verdicts of observables from multiple fields from Cisco SecureX threat response:
... | eval <new_field_name> = <first_field>." ".<second_field> | table <new_field_name> | threatresponse verdict=<new_field_name>

Release Notes

Version 1.2.1
July 7, 2022

Updated Python SDK version to 1.7.0

Version 1.1.9
July 28, 2021

More improvements for compatibility with Splunk Cloud

Version 1.1.8
July 26, 2021

Further improvements to compatibility with Splunk Cloud

Version 1.1.7
July 20, 2021

Added support for Splunk Cloud

Version 1.1.6
July 16, 2021
Version 1.1.5
June 16, 2021
  • Updated jQuery to v.3.5.0
  • Renamed to "Cisco SecureX threat response: Custom Search Command"
Version 1.1.4
April 2, 2021

Updated to latest Splunk SDK

Version 1.1.3
Aug. 11, 2020

Rebranded Cisco Threat Response to Cisco SecureX threat response
Added modules for Python3 and added ability use Python2 or Python3 depending on the Splunk version and settings

Version 1.1.2
March 25, 2020

Fixed problem with selecting nonexistent values
Added support for new types of observables
Fixed problem with KeyError for 'end_time'

Version 1.1.1
Jan. 29, 2020
  • Added response indexing
  • Added Dashboards
  • Added target command
  • Added workflow action to open an Investigation in Threat Response
  • Alerts uses when API client is missing a needed scope
Version 1.0.0
Oct. 25, 2019

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