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Downloading Event Push (DEPRECATED)
SHA256 checksum (event-push-deprecated_114.tgz) 68cf53e308168c9aa0eb373077360c26cd179ea538f6f7ce3635920c8a50a63b SHA256 checksum (event-push-deprecated_112.tgz) ffc853ffdcbc470c62c7508709f3a4ad14f2ecac1c0744898213ecfe948af652 SHA256 checksum (event-push-deprecated_110.tgz) ae2d73b1489abfb52bab170472023fc6af5ec55542e914920bb121c4a37595ea SHA256 checksum (event-push-deprecated_101.tgz) 95b8952a898bf1b24a4469a97298dba60f86ef63d3f421ccf118eda339d2845d SHA256 checksum (event-push-deprecated_10.tgz) 65b8168d740c3f13d7f9e6f6b84339b8144d9a97d3f7ec107734036cbb2f747c
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Notice: This app has been deprecated and is superseded by the Export Everything app on Splunkbase.

This add-on allows you to push Splunk search results to remote destinations. Currently supports:
- Splunk HTTP Event Collector (alert action + search command)
- Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 Buckets (search command)

Event Push - Splunk Add-On by Deductiv

DEPRECATION NOTICE: This app has been deprecated and superseded by Export Everything.

This app allows you to push Splunk search results to remote destinations. Currently supports:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 Buckets (search command)
  • Splunk HTTP Event Collector (alert action + search command)

AWS S3 Event Push Search Command (s3ep)


search | s3ep credential=<credential name> bucket=<bucket> outputfile=<[folder/]filename> outputformat=[json|raw|kv|csv|tsv|pipe] compression=[true|false] fields=<fields list>


Push Splunk events to AWS S3 over JSON or raw text. The S3 bucket can be configured in the app setup page or in hep.conf directly. It can be configured to use the assumed role of the search head EC2 instance, or up to 20 OAuth credentials can be configured.


  • Credential

    Syntax: credential=<credential name>
    Description: The name/alias of the configured credential
    Default: The credential specified in the "default_credential" setting in hep.conf will be used. This can be specified in the file by ID (e.g. credential1) or alias. If none is set and use_arn is enabled in the configuration, the assumed role of the local EC2 instance will be used.

  • Bucket

    Syntax: bucket=<bucket name>
    Description: The name of the destination S3 bucket
    Default: The bucket name defined in hep.conf, aws stanza

  • Output File

    Syntax: outputfile=<[folder/]file name>
    Description: The name of the file to be written to the S3 bucket. If compression=true, a .gz extension will be appended. If compression is not specified and the filename ends in .gz, compression will automatically be applied.
    Default: app_username_epoch.ext (e.g. search_admin_1588000000.log). json=.json, csv=.csv, tsv=.tsv, pipe=.log, kv=.log, raw=.log
    Keywords: __now__=epoch, __today__=date in yyyy-mm-dd format, __nowft__=timestamp in yyyy-mm-dd_hhmmss format.

  • Output Format

    Syntax: outputformat=[json|raw|kv|csv|tsv|pipe]
    Description: The format written for the output events/search results
    Default: csv

  • Fields

    Syntax: fields="field1, field2, field3"
    Description: Limit the fields to be written to the S3 file
    Default: All (Unspecified)

  • Compression

    Syntax: compression=[true|false]
    Description: Compress the output into a .gz file before uploading to S3
    Default: false, unless outputfile ends in .gz

Splunk HEC Event Push Search Command (hep)


search | hep host=[host_value|$host_field$] source=[source_value|$source_field$] sourcetype=[sourcetype_value|$sourcetype_field$] index=[index_value|$index_field$]


Push Splunk events to an HTTP listener (such as Splunk HEC) over JSON.


  • Host

    Syntax: host=[host_value|$host_field$]
    Description: Field or string to be assigned to the host field on the pushed event
    Default: $host$, or if not defined, the hostname of the sending host (from inputs.conf)

  • Source

    Syntax: source=[source_value|$source_field$]
    Description: Field or string to be assigned to the source field on the pushed event
    Default: $source$, or if not defined, it is omitted

  • Sourcetype

    Syntax: sourcetype=[sourcetype_value|$sourcetype_field$]
    Description: Field or string to be assigned to the sourcetype field on the pushed event
    Default: $sourcetype$, or if not defined, json

  • Index

    Syntax: index=[index_value|$index_field$]
    Description: The remote index in which to store the pushed event
    Default: $index$, or if not defined, the remote endpoint's default.


Having trouble with the app? Feel free to email us and we’ll help you sort it out. You can also reach the author on the Splunk Community Slack.


We welcome your input on our app feature roadmap, which can be found on Trello.

Release Notes

Version 1.1.4
Sept. 29, 2021

Deprecation notice. Updated dashboard jQuery version.

Version 1.1.2
Aug. 18, 2020
  • New setup page (removed legacy setup.xml)
  • Refactored the setup process for S3 credentials.
  • Removed S3 "region" setting and s3ep search command parameter.
  • Added "default credential" option for AWS.
  • Added "Use ARN" functionality to leverage the Search Head EC2 instance's assumed role (as returned by get-caller-identity).
  • Added compression option for S3 file output as a search command argument.
  • Added native credential encryption and decryption using splunk.secret, so that regular users can invoke the search commands with no special permissions.
  • Python version 3 explicitly set for all scripts.
  • Better Python 2/3 cross-compatibility.

** Special thanks to Steve McMaster for the help with the AES credential encryption/decryption in his splunksecrets SplunkSecrets code. He made special changes for us so it would work as a module within Splunk's Python environment.

Version 1.1.0
April 28, 2020

Moved configuration from alert_actions.conf to hep.conf
Added search command for HEC Event Push (hep)
Added search command for S3 Event Push (s3ep)
Added documentation

Version 1.0.1
Sept. 17, 2019
Version 1.0
Aug. 5, 2019

Initial release.

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