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Admins: Please read about Splunk Enterprise 8.0 and the Python 2.7 end-of-life changes and impact on apps and upgradeshere.
TrackMe provides automated monitoring and visibility insight of your data sources, with a powerful user interface and workflow for Splunk product owners to detect and alert on lack of availability, abnormal latency, volume outliers detection and quality issues:

- Discover and store key states information of data sources, data hosts and metric hosts availability
- Provides a powerful user interface to manage activation states, configuration and quickly identify data availability failures
- Analyse and detect lack of data and performance lagging of data sources and hosts within your Splunk deployment
- Behaviour analytic with outlier detection based on machine learning outliers calculations
- Behaviour analytic with data sampling and event format recognition, monitor and detect anomalies in raw events to detect event format changes or misbehaviour based on builtin rules and extended with your own custom rules
- Create elastic sources for any kind of custom monitoring requirements based on tstats / raw / mstats / from searches to fullfill any requirements
- Record and investigate historical changes of statuses, as well as administrators changes (audit flipping and changes)
- Easy administration via graphical human interface from A to Z
- No matters the purpose of your Splunk deployment, trackMe will become an essential piece of your deployment, providing key value for PCI or compliance requirements
- Keep things under your control and be the first to know when data is not available, get alerted before your users get back to you!

Why this application?

Splunk administrators and engineers have to spend a good amount of time and energy to on-board and monitor data sources, which becomes more and more complex and time consuming with the explosion of volume and variety of data.

However, it is very frequent to realise after math that something went wrong, for some reason the sender stopped sending, an upgrade broke a configuration, a network rule was lost, an unexpected side effect of a change occurred, parsing issues are not detected...

No administrator should be informed of an issue in the data flow by the customer or the end users, this is why you need pro-activity, costless and scalable availability monitoring.

with the massive amount and variety of data sources, this becomes easily a painful and problematic activity, this application aims to drastically help you in these daily tasks.

TrackMe provides a handy user interface associated with an efficient data discovery, state and alerting workflow.

Made by Splunk admins for Splunk admins, the TrackMe application provides builtin powerful features to monitor and administer you data source monitoring the easy way!

See: https://trackme.readthedocs.io

Online Documentation: https://trackme.readthedocs.io

ITSI integration: https://trackme.readthedocs.io/en/latest/itsi_integration.html

This project is hosted in GitHub: https://github.com/guilhemmarchand/trackme

Open an issue: https://github.com/guilhemmarchand/trackme/issues


Since TrackMe 1.2.0, there are dependencies:


See instructions: https://trackme.readthedocs.io/en/latest/deployment.html

TrackMe runs on the search heads only, the only indexer level dependencies are the definition of an event index and a metric index. TrackMe should not be deployed to the indexers or any level of forwarders.

Release Notes

Version 1.2.26
Nov. 1, 2020

- Feature: Issue #186 - Data sampling - during the creation of a custom rule, its scope can now be restricted to a list of specific sourcetypes to dedicate custom rules and avoid rules overlapping issues
- Feature: Issue #188 - SLA calculation migration from flipping statuses events to current statuses events for reliable results / SLA dashboard improvements / Drilldown from SLA single percentage in TrackMe main UI to SLA dashboard
- Feature: Issue #190 - UI improvements - provide quick access to data sampling custom rules in the main data sources tab, unify trackers manual run for data sources and hosts in a single button and window
- Feature: Issue #191 - UI improvements - Load spinner at TrackMe loading stage, Spinner design refresh globally in TrackMe

Version 1.2.25
Oct. 24, 2020

- Feature: Issue #181 - Disable data sampling on demande via the UI #181
- Fix: Issue #180 - Outliers detection impacts offline data such as low frequency batched data sources #180
- Fix: Issue #182 - Data sampling - Manual run, Clear state and run sampling UI period constraint is too short for cold data sources #182
- FIx: Issue #183 - Data Sampling - number of entities to process calculation can lead to no entities being processes #183

Version 1.2.24
Oct. 11, 2020

- Feature: Issue #153 - For ITSI and timeline integration purposes, generate and store last states information as summary events #153
- Feature: Issue #141 - Enhancement - ability to search for hosts in Data Hosts Tracking by Logical Group Name #141
- Feature: Issue #148 - Enhancement: Allow 'NOT' filter for Keyword filter name: #148
- Feature: Issue #166 - Enhancement - Provides a UI feature to allow reseting the list of metrics known for a given metric host
- Feature: Issue #174 - Enhancement - Adding the timeline viz view in the status tabs #174
- Fix: Issue #147 / Issue #161 Outliers management and configuration - fixes and improvements
- Fix: Issue #167 - Issue - Pressing "Manage: manual tags" displays dialog with ALL tags in "List of current tags for this data source" field #167
- Fix: Issue #170 - install_source_checksum should not be in app.conf (appinspect warning) #170


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