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Downloading SPL Rehab
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SPL Rehab

Splunk AppInspect Passed
This has been designed to introduce a controlled step-through process for your searches and remove the pain of searching through the job inspector or search logs when your search hasn't worked as you expected. Have you ever found yourself looking at a search that hasn't produced the results you expected? Wondered why it took too long to run? When you are faced with the prospect of scouring the Job Inspector or deleting half your search to find the answers, we refer to it as entering "Rehab"!

SPL Rehab will assist you in answering these questions, displaying key performance figures in charted form alongside your search results. SPL Rehab also enables you to step through each command within a search, viewing the performance metrics as you progress and inspect key fields that are of interest to you.

Want to see your data in Field Summary form? No problem! It's just a click away. Whether you want to see your overall result count, search runtime, EPS, Lispy, Total Command invocations, or just your events as you step through. It's all in one place, on one screen, easily accessible for everyone! SPL Rehab is designed to take all the pain of a search investigation away. Transforming trips to Rehab from late nights to early finishes!



Installation is as standard for a Splunk app

Usage Instructions

1 - After running a search, open the SPL Rehab app
2 - Select a search from the User Searches dashboard. Where possible, please ensure you do so using the REST view (Loaded by default)
3 - You will be taken to the Rehab dashboard within the app the search was originally executed. The search will then be automatically executed for you using the start and end times originally used

Rehab Dashboard Use

On Load

Before any info is displayed on the Rehab dashboard, a control search is executed to generate all the performance figures. Only when this is completed will the dashboard start to show any true sign of activity.

Display Info

The dashboard can be broken into two halves. The top half shows the overall stats such as result count, timechart, and fieldsummary as well as performance stats like EPS, total duration, the Lispy, and command count.
The bottom half focusses around stepping through a search. This starts with a table displaying each search statement. Selecting a row will then display the same stats as is possible for the top half but only for a search executed up to the statement selected. Simply put, it enables you to debug your search.

Techy Stuff


There are two custom scripts packaged within the app. These are responsible for breaking out the search into statement-by-statement chunks.

Global Objects

Most of the objects within the app (4/6) need to be globally shared in order to be able to fully utilize the app. The reason for this is to enable the rehab dashboard to run within the app the original search was executed. This is so the dashboard can use knowledge objects shared at app level and therefore provide a replicated environment in which the search was originally executed

Number of Searches

The rehab dashboard has a number of searches built into it in order to function. However its worthwhile bearing in mind that these are all ad-hoc and only a maximum of 6 searches will be executed at any one time due to token suppression. Best practises such as the use of base searches have been used extensively to aid in producing a performant application.

Dashboarding Tricks

A couple of dashboarding tricks have been used to simplify logic behind the scenes. The main one being the use of hidden text fields. For a simpler example of this use, check out this great solution here

New Stuff and Support!

The pipeline for new features can be seen in trello here. Communications, feedback and support can be accessed via the #spl-rehab slack channel in splunkusergroups.slack.com. Opportunities to have your say on which features you would like to see will be available in there!

Converging Data

Converging Data are a Splunk specialist partner. We developed this application to assist our customers maximise the productivity of their environment by helping to eliminate poorly written searches. Our Splunk architects have a wealth of experience in delivering Splunk Professional Services, specialising in delivering tailored solutions specific to individual needs.

If you would like explore how we can better enhance your Splunk environment please get in touch at https://convergingdata.com

Release Notes

Version 1.2.1
Aug. 8, 2019

New Logo
New Functionality
- Show runtime per command
- Line chart of runtime per command overlaid with total results
- Time Chart of Search.log

Version 1.1.0
July 16, 2019

Add result counter to command breakdown table


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