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Downloading Sunburst Viz
SHA256 checksum (sunburst-viz_143.tgz) 0a624c94c4b2813503d39db39cd18f0f5239216eb5c0019b47d8f866665f37ca SHA256 checksum (sunburst-viz_132.tgz) 565eca62453fd4bc968be6d2147ea3fec69c92b26cfd61fdf897249e583b174a SHA256 checksum (sunburst-viz_131.tgz) 3f3dc2e0b25405ba6af3df9531db134ebeac05c495bfa514b409c3535b0a1f8d SHA256 checksum (sunburst-viz_130.tgz) c5b143709ebf7f5bf7b4b93a0dd031d7aff24da2a71fea8192d82936e2f804d4 SHA256 checksum (sunburst-viz_120.tgz) 0dd4eff13a006604ad63c3ad3baf838bf702d8362f62730479423ded8572adcb
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Sunburst Viz

Splunk Cloud
This app is NOT supported by Splunk. Please read about what that means for youhere.
Sunburst visualization that is easy to use. Has tooltips and many configuration options such as optional breadcrumbs, label customisations and numerous color schemes.

Sunburst charts are useful for displaying hierarchical data or the volume of traffic through a sequence of steps.

Sunburst viz

Configurable Sunburst visualization that is easy to use. Built using D3. Tooltips, optional breadcrumbs, label customisations and numerous color schemes. Works in dark-mode. Sunburst charts are useful to display hierarchical data.

Copyright (C) 2019 Chris Younger. I am a Splunk Professional Services consultant working for JDS Australia, in Brisbane Australia.

Source code | Questions, Bugs or Suggestions | My Splunk apps


This visualisation expects tablular data, with any amount of text/category columns, but the last column should be the numerical value. Null or blank columns are allowed before the final column to create a more "sunburst-y" visualization.

The typical search uses stats command like so:

index=* | stats count BY index sourcetype source

Sidenote: a much faster search to do the same thing is

|tstats count where index=* BY index sourcetype source

Note that stats does not return rows when the group BY field is null. Use this one simple trick to convert nulls to be an empty string instead:

index=_internal | eval component = coalesce(component,"") | eval log_level = coalesce(log_level,"") | stats count by sourcetype component log_level

Add more fields after the "BY" keyword to increase the depth of the sunburst

Formatting options

The "Color overrides" field accepts either a JSON object (in curly braces) or comma separated pairs. For example to make sure that "INFO" values are green, WARN's are orange and ERROR's are red, set the value like so:


Third party software

The following third-party libraries are used by this app. Thank you!

Release Notes

Version 1.4.3
May 22, 2021

* Token handling improvements. New format menu option so you can set what the token will default to, when null.

* Minor bug fixes

* Fix for 7.3 to remove "undefined" messages in format menu

Version 1.3.2
July 26, 2020

* Minor bug fixes

* Fix for 7.3 to remove "undefined" messages in format menu

Version 1.3.1
Sept. 17, 2019

* Fix for 7.3 to remove "undefined" messages in format menu

Version 1.3.0
July 7, 2019

Now works in IE11 and Edge. Handles large dataset better.

Version 1.2.0
July 1, 2019

More color themes, add color overrides, different coloring modes, updated logo, better error handling


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